Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama's team to stop the BNP

Barack Obama's web strategists have been brought on to support a UK campaign 'to counter racism and fascism'.

Blue State Digital, the consultancy behind Obama's online success will work with The Hope Not Hate campaign.
The campaign was founded by Searchlight, an anti-British National Party (BNP) organisation.

The web strategists will help Searchlight work to stop the BNP winning a seat in the European election. They have already invited thousands of people to join the campaign online.

The company is working on providing tools for Hope Not Hate's new website and will be developing messaging, emailing and fundraising campaigns.

Blue State Digital, which has offices in New York, Washington, and Boston, opened a London office in December 2008. The office is run by London director Matthew McGregor, who has worked for political campaigns including Livingstone's 2008 mayoral bid.


Not that we particularly like Mr Griffin, or his ideas on Europe, but if he wishes to use their services the link is below. They have also helped

London Mayor Ken Livingstone (Is this the Searchlight funder?)
European Council on Foreign Relations
Open Europe Coalition
Wine and Spirits Trade Association


Anonymous said...

I wonder which political party and Unions are funding this...

Anonymous said...

The cheek of it!

Anonymous said...

Merseysiders urged to ‘stand up to hatred’ to mark Holocaust Day

MERSEYSIDERS are being urged to stand up to hatred to mark this year’s National Holocaust Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

BBC 'regrets' Moyles Auschwitz joke
Jan 21 2009

The BBC has expressed regret over jokes by DJ Chris Moyles about Auschwitz concentration camp and gay singer Will Young.

The 34-year-old DJ told listeners on his breakfast show that he had gone to film in Ireland as part of research into his family history for the BBC1 series Who Do You Think You Are?.

He said: "Unlike a lot of the Who Do You Think You Are? shows I didn't go to Auschwitz ... pretty much everybody goes there, whether or not they're Jewish... they always kind of end up there, you know, if they just pass through on their way to Florida or something."

He also joked about Young, celebrating the singer's birthday by singing to the tune of his song Evergreen in a camp voice. He warbled: "It's my birthday, gonna wear my new dress tonight."

Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Poland, was the largest Nazi concentration camp, and more than a million people died there, around 90% were Jewish.

Moyles' remarks on Tuesday came as the national commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day is due to take place in Coventry on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said no complaints had been received about the Auschwitz joke but there had been five complaints about the joke cracked at Young's expense.

She said: "Anyone who listens to the Chris Moyles Show will know he has an irreverent style.

"However, we regret that on this occasion his comments were misjudged and we are speaking to Chris and his team about them."

Anonymous said...

'Israeli nukes threaten world'
Tue, 20 Jan 2009 19:31:47 GMT

Medics said they found traces of depleted uranium being used on some Gaza victims.
An Iranian diplomat says the Israeli crimes committed against Gazans should alarm the world about the threat of Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Geneva-based Iranian diplomat Ali-Reza Moayyeri said Tuesday that Israel's extreme measures against Gazan civilians should bring world attention to the threat posed by Tel Aviv's stockpile of nuclear warheads.

“No word can do justice to the extent of Israel's war crimes in the Gaza over the past three weeks,” said Moayyeri.

Although Israel neither denies nor admits of possessing an atomic arsenal, former US President Jimmy Carter has described Tel Aviv as the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

Moayyeri said that Israel's refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its nuclear weapons program should be the cause of serious concern for Middle Eastern countries.

Tel Aviv has so far refused to join the NPT or submit its nuclear installations to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.

Norwegian medics in Gaza said on January 4 that traces of depleted uranium on Gaza victims suggested that Israel used the illegal weapon in its war on the impoverished territory, which houses some 1.5 million Palestinians.

The Exposer! said...

I' don't support Griffin, but ask yourselves this: If Griffin is so pro-Zionist why is the Zionist Jew Gable & the Zionist controlled Labour Party pulling out all the stops to stop the BNP????

Anonymous said...

These "third party" anti-democracy movements must be exposed - I suspect that tax-payer's and trades unionist's funds are being incorrectly (and illegally?) diverted to pay for this campaign.
The electoral commission continue to turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ive heard ketlan ossowski will be working for obama @ $350,000 per year as counter surveillance uk officer and will undergo plastic surgery and tactics training.

Anonymous said... (THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL)

behind blue eyes said...

I' don't support Griffin, but ask yourselves this: If Griffin is so pro-Zionist why is the Zionist Jew Gable & the Zionist controlled Labour Party pulling out all the stops to stop the BNP???

These quotes say it all:-

"The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web - it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel and at the same time demonises Islam and the Muslim world. They are actively campaigning in Jewish communities, particularly in London, making a lot of their one Jewish councillor, their support of Israel and attacking Muslims."
Ruth Smeed, The Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The editor of BNP newspaper Freedom, Martin Wingfield, wrote on his blog recently: "There has been a growing dialogue between senior members of the Jewish community and the BNP and today there are an increasing number of Jews campaigning for the BNP and feeling very comfortable with their political choice."

"The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.

The anti-Semites shall be our best friends."
Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

Its all about divide and conquer utilising the controlled opposition of the 'robot right' and 'robot left'.

Anonymous said...

So they also worked on Livivngstones 2008 Mayoral election bid - he lost!

Not that good then are they?

Anonymous said...

I' don't support Griffin, but ask yourselves this: If Griffin is so pro-Zionist why is the Zionist Jew Gable & the Zionist controlled Labour Party pulling out all the stops to stop the BNP????

Because the one eyed bastard hasn't grovelled enough quite yet, but as you know Gri££in has given an interview to an Hebrew language Isreali newspaper Maariv recently, stating he detests anti-Semites. The Yids are waiting for this piece of shit to completely sell out before letting him on board, just remember the pro-Zionist Daily Mail gave Gri££in's Euro election bid a boost on 10th of Jan, they are working on him!

Anonymous said...

Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard ketlan ossowski will be working for obama @ $350,000 per year as counter surveillance uk officer and will undergo plastic surgery and tactics training.

He needs plastic surgery, the ugly bastard. He is so ugly that it is difficult to tell him apart from that fat hairy dyke Garside.

Anonymous said...

Blue State Digital appear to be bulls**t merchants of the first magnitude. Here's a quote from their website at
"With our social points system, your users accumulate community karma by participating online."

'Community karma' - this may be all the rage in California, but somehow I don't see it catching on in British West Cumbria.

Perhaps the No-Hope Haters should remember the definition of a consultant: "Someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time then tries to sell the watch back to you." But I suppose by calling Blue State in they have admitted just how incompetent they are.

Of course I don't mind them wasting their money on whatever they like, but what I object to is them wasting MY money. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm funding this taqiyya-fest through my tax-payments.

But no matter how much money they throw at the project, it won't do them any good if they're trying to prove the impossible. You could spend billions on persuading people that a triangle has four sides, or Gordon Brown was a financial genius, and still no-one would believe you.

To be succesful Blue State have got to persuade the British people that:

(1) Immigration is beneficial to them.
(2) Immigrants are at least as law-abiding as natives.
(3) Islam is NOT a threat.
(4) Massive immigration does NOT result in environmental degradation, housing shortages and overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

The Jews will only pretend to take Griffin on board - and largely privately -while they destroy and dump him.

PTR said...

Very unlikely that Ken Livingstone would have had anything to do with funding Searchlight.

Even before his recent anti-Zionist controversies, Livingstone and Searchlight had a long history of antipathy.

Livingstone first became an MP by ousting Reg Freeson, a former Searchlight editor, from his safe Labour constituency in Brent.

Anonymous said...

Tee-Hee, greetings.

Did you hear Bernard Manning's slant on the Lholahoax, it goes like this:

One of my relatives died in Auscwhitz ..... he fell out of a guard tower.

Anonymous said...

EXOSER, you've got a point: but could be to make Griffin look like a good nationalist while he takes the BNP nowhere.

However, If Griffin died and the BNP was leaderles,s disillusioned indegenous voters will instinctively gravitate towards a nationalist party. And that the BNP is the best known of nationlist parties, is why the gains the BNP is making is now down to the electorate being fedup with the other political parties, so are now flocking to support and vote for the BNP.

Its a shame Griffin and his brown-nosing acolytes will benefit in the BNP's gaining popularity

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