Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 27th

January 27th is Holocaust memorial day
People should attend these events in peaceful demonstration with
banners and billboards which read


Anonymous said...

Spread all possible utopian theories so as to bring the people into a labyrinth of impractical ideas.

Henry said...

What Holocaust?

Do you mean the murder of 64 million Soviets by the Ashken-NAZIS?

We know when they came up with the Six million figure, it included 4 million at Auschwitz and 280,000 at Dachau - But Auschwitz is now down to less than one million Jews with Dachau down to 24,000 and of course there are many other examples of the alleged figures always being reduced downward, never raised.

Demographic studies show that between the dates when the 'holocaust' occurred and in the areas where the Nazis were active, of that Jewish population, 900,000 would have died in their beds of natural causes, even if there had been no war. These 900,000 have always been included in the fable of the Six million.

So, by adjusting the Six million in relation to just the three examples given above, the total would be reduced to just under 2 million.

Most people who've been brainwashed by the media et al, would say that 2 million dead Jews is still a holocaust, but is it possible that even more survived?

And where might they have gone?

Read this:

In 1981 the American Jewish Committee, which is the organisation that issues the Jewish population data that's generally used by the media, said that there were about 5.5 million Jews in the USA.

However, another Jewish organisation which had life and death responsibility for treating 'Gaucher's disease' which is regarded as a "Jewish" illness caused by their breeding habits, and who would have been using far more precise data, given the importance of their work to Jewish well being, was calculating their research on the basis that; the Jewish population of the US was approximately 8 million Jews, and not the 5.5 million claimed by the AJC!

Whose data do you trust?

The Jewish scientists working at Mt Sinai Hospital, or the American Jewish Committee which is in the business of promoting the myth?

The article can be viewed here:


Jews do not cook the books when Jewish lives are at stake.

Kevin Hughes said...

I was driving through an area of Birmingham when i noticed one of those electronic signs at the side of the road.
The message highlighted was the Holocaust memorial day.
I immediately called B'ham city council and asked them what Holocaust they were referring to,could it be the Holocaust in Gaza ?
The person agreed with me and it was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

By Mark S. McGrew

The photo in the article shows that there is nobody standing up to shake hands with him and some have their backs turned to Obama


Obama can hardly be described as Russia's friend

Russia and Ukraine find compromise to finally solve gas crisis
Obama's first presidential dance

We know that Obama is a liar about so many things.

The question of whether or not he is in fact, a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to be President of The United States of America, has no importance anymore. The question of eligibility has evolved far beyond that simple question, with such a simple solution, that Obama refuses to provide. The government of Kenya has put a Gag Order on his family not to talk to reporters.

What we don’t know, what there is absolutely no proof of, is his place of birth, his true father or his mother. Without a verifiable Birth Certificate, none of this, including his actual date of birth can be proven or believed.

He shows no loyalty to America and in fact publicly displays his contempt for America . On, you can type in the search bar: “Obama refuses to salute flag” and see a video of him refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag and acting as if he is making a point that he has no respect for the American flag.

Michelle Obama is just as arrogant and insulting as the man she calls her husband and has not been a lawyer since 1993 when she was put on inactive status by court order. The State of Illinois says so on their website. Click here then on the top right click on “Lawyer Search” and then type in “Obama” and you’ll find her.

In Hawaii , you can read here: United States Marines and Navy servicemen have no respect for Obama. In an ABC News story, Sunlen Miller says, “ The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up”.

The photo in the article shows that there is nobody standing up to shake hands with him and some have their backs turned to Obama. If those people, trying to enjoy their meal in peace, had thrown their food in that stinking bum’s face with disgust, ABC News could have reported it as, “The soldiers were so overjoyed to catch a glimpse of their Commander In Chief Elect, that like true Marines, they all chipped in to share their Holiday meal with

Richard Chadfield said...

History is, unfortunately, full of holocausts. There is no unique holocaust. Should one people attempt to claim that their holocaust is ,in someway, unique what they are really saying is that they are special and that their sufferings are more important than the sufferings of other peoples. This is ,of course, a racist sentiment. As I said history is full of holocausts. Here are just a few from our own times. The holocaust of the Christian Armenians circa early 1900's.This holocaust was ordered by the Otterman (Turkish) government of that time. This government is known in history as the 'Young Turks'. I have uncritically accepted that the 'Young Turks' were Turks. However, I have recently read articles that indicate that the 'Young Turks' were Jewish. Does anyone have any information on this matter? Then we can go on to the holocausts planned and executed by the communists. (Let us remember that the founder of Communism , Karl Marx, was Jewish. How many people were 'holocausted' by the communists? Stalin boasted to Chirchill that he (Stalin) had had forty million killed. Stalin's butcher in the Ukraine, where approximately seven million Gentiles were killed, was the Jew Lazar Kaganovich. Now to more recent times. The Chinese communists re-revolution of the 1960's was repoted as killing six million (that figure again) people. When Cambodia was ruled by the communists Pol Pot administration (late 1970's early 1980's if I remember correctly) one third of the then Cambodian population (about 2.5 million) were murdered. Are the above events holocausts? If not why not? Skiping on we come to the holocaust of the Palestinian people. They have lost their homeland, they have been consigned to exile or to bantu enclaves or to the concentration camp call Gaza. Have the Palestinians been holocausted? By my understanding they are the victims of a holocaust. Now dare I make a politically incorrect obsevation? This is just a fact to ,hopefully, start some questioning. By the time the second world war ended some ten million Germans were dead. Did the Germans suffer a holocaust?
If we are going to set aside one day each year as 'Holocaust Day' let it be in rememberance of all the holocausts and all the dead victims of all the holocausts. Their numbers are in the hundreds of millions.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said... (Very SICK BASTARDS )

Henry said...

For Richard Chadfield:

Yes, you are quite right about the Young Turks.

Turkey has complex Judeo-types whose power base was once centered in the secret society's and Masonic lodges of Turkey and Salonika. In Salonika, Jews of differing types formed 75% of the population and they came to dominate the "The Committee of Union and Progress."

The crypto-Jews came from the followers of the false Messiah Sabbatai Zevi and were called Sabbateans, but today are known as The Donmeh (to turn.)

Many spoke a language called Ladino, which is a Sephardic language that developed in the Judeo-Spanish world, in the same way that Yiddish developed in The Ashkenazi sphere. BTW, did you know that "Ashkenazi is a middle Hebrew word meaning "German?"

Finance for this revolutionary movement was supplied by the bag man known as " Alexander Parvus" His real name was: Israel Lazarevich Gelfand.

He then acted as middle man between The Jewish German banker Max Warburg and Lenin. Trotsky (Bronstein) Lenin's partner in crime, was funded by Jacob H. Schiff, of the New York banking House: Kuhn, Loeb & Company.

Max Warburg's brother Paul, was Schiff's brother in law and partner, with another brother, Felix Warburg, being Shiff's son in law and partner.

A very good read on this and one of the best resources is Christopher Jon Bjerknes' book:

"The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians"

You can read it on line here:

Also, here's a link to interviews with Christopher Jon Bjerknes and a US Armenian community.

I hope this helps.

Get in touch if you need more information on anything else to do with the Jewish problem.

Final Conflict said...

Someone just slagged off NWN in the comments on the FC Blog.

Quite why they couldn't just come here to do it was a bit weird.

This blogger - a West Country female with a blog called RED SQUIRREL - is clearly a BNP activist.

Her blog is plastered with SUPPORT ISRAEL and I'M BACKING ISRAEL with sole raison d'etre of the blof seeming to be to attack Islam (yes, even as the Ron Sandler caused Credit Crunch bites and our troops are sacrificed in needless wars).

This seems to be the way the BNP is focused.

If you had placards saying "remember Gaza" the BNP would denounce you as "Muslim Lovers" just as we were similarly attacked for putting a Palestinian flag on our blog which links through to

Sad to say the BNP really are "the most Zionist Party" [as affirmed by the Board of Deputies].

The evidence is there for all to see.

The BNP has joined the Mindbenders!!!

That's where the money is dontcha know!

Free Thinker said...

OK, Revisionism apart. The Germans did not exactly like the Jews. You don't expect people to believe these were holiday camps do you? So say you prove just 100,000 or so perished, maybe less, then what. What changes anything for us in 2009 as Nationalists? Is it, "oh now we see the Nazis were not so bad after all, therefore everyone will stop calling the BNP racists, nazis" etc. Whats the point to all this revisionism debate.

Anonymous said...

"What changes anything for us in 2009 as Nationalists? "

Why support Israel, what do you hope to gain? I thought Griffin wasn't bothered by this war, so why all the pro Israel bullshit from the BNP? Everyone knows Griffin hates Jews you sucker. Our point is Griffin is not only lying to the voter, but lying to his members to. He's a conman.


The point of revisionism is to establish the historical truth,and the impetus is provided by the re-instatement of the inquisition,where any opinions contrary to the orthodox point of view is hysterically condenmed and its proponent is imprisoned for daring to hold those opinions,does this sound like freedom or democracy,what hope is there for future advancement and progress if the mind is forced to limit its reasoning capacity and confine itself to dogma,which exists purely as a weapon of totalitarian political control?

Henry said...

Free Thinker said:

"Whats the point to all this revisionism debate."

Free Thinker,

When you talk about 'revisionism". I have little doubt that you are referring to the alleged event in history called the 'The Holocaust" - Am I right?

Some people seem to think this thing, this 'crime', is a benign historical event that like all other such events, comes around only once a year to be remembered on a memorial day, and is then quickly forgotten about untill next year.

However, anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear; a 'Free Thinker' if you will, can see, hear and smell, the hideous rotting truth that is evident in every sphere of our life.

The fact is, we have, applied against ourselves by others, a monstrous destructive instrument of change that has damaged our culture, perhaps beyond repair, and if allowed to continue, will eventually destroy the white gene through an already advanced genocide being waged against us by means of stealth.

This destructive instrument is cloaked in the many legends of the 'holocaust'. Our children are spoon-fed them at school, we cannot escape them in the media, and yet, we are not being allowed to examine this 'holocaust' and peak behind the cloak, for fear that we might discover exactly who is behind this destructive change which seems to concern you so much, as a 'Nationalist'.

Freedom to think is worthless, if you choose not to put it to good use.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the angel of death

"Israel is one of the world's leading arms exporters but does not detail the contents or value of its trade with individual countries."

Richard Chadfield said...

Thanks Henry for your very useful info.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...


I think see means GINGER TWAT

Anonymous said...

Well done, Kevin.

Should we gain political power, we'll legally deal with all the judicial and political bastards involved with your incarceration, and deport the lying foreign bastard who started it all.

Happy New Year to you and yours

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...