Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Mail caught lying again!

The headline reads:

Hidden from Hitler: The toys a little boy packed away as war loomed

It was more than 70 years ago when young Dewi Rowlands began packing his favourite toys away.

Perhaps, with war clouds gathering over Europe, he feared Hitler and his men might get their hands on them.

Into his toy box went a train set, tin soldiers, a clockwork flying machine called an autogyro and a cork gun, along with wooden figures, games and letters of the alphabet.

There they remained hidden - a time capsule containing everything a small boy needed in the days before TVs and computer games - until after Mr Rowlands died at the age of 77. Even his wife Brenda knew nothing about them.

Once, when she asked what was inside the box - by this time installed in her husband's garden shed - he declined to say and she never asked again.

But more than a year after Mr Rowlands died in late 2006, her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box. She said: 'Inside was a train set, helicopter, soldiers and wooden farm and zoo animals, all from the 1920s and 30s.

'It was amazing. I also found a tin containing marbles, broken toys, nuts and bolts - just the things which might have been found in the pockets of a boy during the 1930s.

'For some reason Dewi did not want me to open the chest,' recalled Mrs Rowlands, 70.

'Years ago I remember him saying "just leave it" and I never questioned him. I never thought about it until I was clearing out the shed.'

The chest was lined with newspaper from 1937, when Mr Rowlands, aged eight, started hiding away his collection.

The couple, of Aberystwyth, Mid Wales, had no children so she has loaned the toys to the town's museum where they are on display for the Xbox generation to see.

'It is an absolute treasure, showing the childhood of a boy growing up in the 1930s,' said museum curator Michael Freeman.

'Some of the toys were a bit damp and mouldy but most of the contents were in good condition and you just cannot put a value on them now.

'We are extremely grateful to Mrs Rowlands for lending us the toys for this special exhibition.'


Here are 3 responses to the article.

He put his toys in a box two years before war even broke out - He didn't 'hide them from the Nazis' at all.
- Tom, Middlesbrough, UK, 23/1/2009 15:04

What a wonderful find!
- Kay, Cheltenham, England, 23/1/2009 15:02

I dont see how a toy helicopter could be in a toy box packed before WW2, as there where still only in development at the end of the war, therefore no child would have a toy one
- AA, Liverpool, 23/1/2009 15:00


Anonymous said...

Never let lies stand in the way of a good story....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More lies from the Mail

"She was on the look-out for men with tattoos and, it was said, when she spotted one with a design she particularly liked, she had him taken to the infirmary to be put to death by her lover, the camp doctor, with an injection.

His skin was then stripped to make a lampshade. In her house on the edge of the camp, one prisoner alleged, the light switches were made from mummified human thumbs."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What have these posts got to do with the original item? This just makes NWN look silly.

Oh, and it refers to an autogyro, not a helicopter. Several German warships had them.

Anonymous said...

AA you fucking thick twat, who, other than you, mentioned `helicopter'? The toy is an autougyro, dummy ... wakey wakey and try to keep up, you're giving scousers a bad name.

As already pointed out to you autogyros were succesfully flying before WII

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