Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poofters Paradise

Merseyside Police is top employer for gay staff

Merseyside Police has been named as one of the top employers for lesbian, gay, bisexual staff by a leading national gay rights charity.The Force was ranked 8th out of 317 organisations who featured in Stonewall's 'Work Equality Index' this year - the first time the Force has entered it.The Index has been running for the past five years and is the definitive national benchmarking exercise for showcasing the UK's top employers for gay, lesbian and bisexual staff.Organisations are scored across nine policy and practice areas designed to sample workplace culture.The areas included answering questions on the level of support available to staff, the work of the Gay and Lesbian Support Network and how well the organisation engages in community events such as International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) and Gay PRIDE.Independent consultant As part of the process an independent consultant also visited the Force and interviewed managers and staff about the proactive work and how successfully policies were put into practice.Assistant Chief Constable Helen King said: "This is a tremendous achievement in the first year we have entered the Index. "It is a tribute to our staff and community members who have helped us in our work to be an employer of choice for lesbian, gay and bisexual people."We will continue to work with our staff and community members to build on this success in enhancing our workplace and building positive relationships to improve service delivery"Strong message Tracy O'Hara, chair of Merseyside Police's Gay and Lesbian Support Network, said:"This result sends out a strong message to our staff and our community that Merseyside Police is an inclusive, diverse workplace where individuality and difference is embraced."Homophobia remains within our society and Merseyside Police continues to be part of the fight against it."We strive to be the best police force in the country and this is yet another indication of our commitment to achieving this goal."


Anonymous said...

Why do you even have to declare what sex you are in the work place?

Do people go to work to fuck?

Anonymous said...

This result sends out a strong message to our staff and our community that Merseyside Police is an inclusive, diverse workplace where individuality and difference is embraced."



Anonymous said...

I bet Griffin is delighted. He'll be joining the police once he loses out in the european elections lmao

Anonymous said...

"Why do you even have to declare what sex you are in the work place?

Do people go to work to fuck?

13 January 2009 21:02"

Very good point, and homosexuals will one day discover that they are their own worst enemy.

What does being homosexual in the workplace get you anyway? A chair with 5 legs, or extra holidays or something?

Why does anyone need to know wether you're homosexual or heterosexual? And, if you're homosexual why do you get special treatment?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, any police officer who campaigned against homosexuality would be accused of homophobia, and one who referred openly to homosexuals as perverts would be hauled up in front of a disciplinary board. Even then at times rightly feared British police have been cowed by the constant barrage of gay propaganda.

Anonymous said...

In addition to proselytising homosexuality as gay, the Organised Homosexual Movement has coined an epithet, homophobia, which like racist or anti-Semite is the modern day equivalent of branding somebody a witch. In 1997, an American psychiatrist wrote that: “In 1970, homosexuality was an illness so dangerous to the commonwealth that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service was charged with excluding homosexuals from entering the country...Today, homosexuality is a normal life style; disapproving of it is a mental illness called 'homophobia'...” (4)

Anonymous said...

Its really scary that anyones sex should matter in the workplace. I'd like to echo the poster above

"Do we go to work to f*ck?"

Anonymous said...

Gay NH bishop to offer prayer at inaugural event

Jan 12 09:43 AM US/Eastern

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The first openly gay Episcopal bishop will offer a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial at an inaugural event for President-elect Barack Obama.
The selection of New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson for Sunday's event follows weeks of criticism from gay-rights groups over Obama's decision to have the Rev. Rick Warren give the invocation at his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Warren backed the ban on same-sex marriage that passed in his home state of California on the November ballot.

Robinson said last month the choice of Warren was like a slap in the face. In an interview with the Concord Monitor, he said he doesn't believe Obama invited him in response to the Warren criticism but said his inclusion won't go unnoticed by the gay and lesbian community.

"It's important for any minority to see themselves represented in some way," Robinson told the newspaper for a story in Monday's editions. "Whether it be a racial minority, an ethnic minority, or in our case, a sexual minority. Just seeing someone like you up front matters."

Clark Stevens, a spokesman for the inaugural committee, said Robinson was invited because he had offered his advice to Obama during the campaign and because of his church work. When asked whether Robinson was included to calm the Warren complaints, he said Robinson is "an important figure in the religious community. We are excited that he will be involved."

Robinson, 61, said both Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden will attend the event, and Obama is expected to speak. As for himself, Robinson said he doesn't yet know what he'll say, but he knows he won't use a Bible.

Anonymous said...

"It's important for any minority to see themselves represented in some way," Robinson told the newspaper for a story in Monday's editions. "Whether it be a racial minority, an ethnic minority, or in our case, a sexual minority. Just seeing someone like you up front matters."

Is that a fucking joke? Ethnics and Poofs dominate in music, sports, movie and TV. Give us all a break and fuck off down a dark hole. I'm sick of having it all rammed in my face. If we're not careful being heterosexual will be added to the bad list of being white!

Anonymous said...

STRAIT-LACED cops have expressed "concerns" about frisking some prisoners – because they're TRANNIES.
Officers in the London borough of Lewisham have apparently told top brass they do not want to 'shake down' people who have had a sex change.

The prudish police claim it could be against their religion.

But ex-top cop Brian Paddick has blasted them for trying to shirk their responsibilities.


The former Deputy Assistant Met Commissioner – who was Britain's most senior openly gay policeman – said: "As far as I know there's no religion that says you can't search trans-gender prisoners is there?"

Speaking on his honeymoon in South Africa, the I'm a Celebrity star, added: "This just shows that there is still descrimination and sexism in the force."
("OH CHASE ME AM COP")lmaoooooo.

Anonymous said...

A COP with a severe speech impediment is still a rookie after FIVE years.
The probationary officer, thought to have a severe stutter, has repeatedly failed passing-out exams because of his difficulty talking.

The disability means he is not allowed out patrolling the streets and cannot deal with the public.

Instead, he does admin duties at a police station in London on his full £30,000-a-year salary.

But ex-Met commander John O’Connor demanded yesterday: “Why on earth was he ever employed?

“We should seriously question whether he should be in the police. He may be a decent and intelligent person. But his physical impairment means he cannot communicate properly with the public — that means he can’t operate as a police officer.”

Normally cops spend two years on probation before qualifying as a constable.

But the trainee, in his late 20s, has been given a special extension by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tim Godwin.

Because he comes from the Caribbean, he is also entitled to extra help routinely offered by the Met to all its ethnic recruits.

Former Flying Squad boss Mr O’Connor added: “It was racist to offer him a job as a policeman in the first place. It was terribly cruel because he has no real chance of making the grade with a disability like that.

“This is political correctness gone mad and you wonder how many other trainee PCs out there cannot get through their probation.

“I have never heard of anyone being on probation for five years.”

Last night the Met confirmed the rookie was still on probation and that the normal period was only two years.

A spokesman said the force had a legal obligation under the Disability Discrimination Act to make “reasonable adjustments” to help those with disabilities.

Anonymous said...

Drunk judge suspended for kissing lawyer and swearing in court
A drunk judge had to be escorted from court after kissing a solicitor, swearing at an usher and insulting a prosecutor while "fortified" with brandy, a disciplinary tribunal has heard.

Anonymous said...

Do people go to work to fuck? ..

Generally not, but the Merseyside police do, they work overtime to fuckup all thats decent and honest in Britain .. `fuck crime, lets victimise innocent people as they are soft targets and its easier than chasing criminals'.. rumour has it that the Merseyside's Chief Cuntstable has been designing and modelling new-style uniforms for his male officers, one style is the standard-looking blue-serge trouser but with the fly tailored arse-side, the other style is a blue-serge mini-skirt edged with pink frilly lacework with an arse-side automatic spring-open split to accomodate amorous shirtlifters queer for handling officers truncheons ..Oooooooh, show me your nice big nightstick sailor .. Ooops, I mean officer ..

Anonymous said...

I'd never thought about it before, but its true, why do they need these vocal bodies within the workplace. As you say "Do people go to work to fuck?" No, they don't, and unless you ask someone their sexual orientation you'd never know. Interesting post, thank you

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