Monday, December 08, 2008

Blair has bred a generation of career cops, says Ghaffur

SCOTLAND Yard's top echelons have come under fresh attack from the senior police officer at the centre of a race battle with former commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

Tarique Ghaffur accused "career policemen" of being "serial fraudsters" more interested in management than traditional policing.

The former assistant commissioner left the Met with a £280,000 pay-out in return for dropping a race and age discrimination claim he brought against Sir Ian.

But in an article in which Mr Ghaffur launched a savage attack on his former boss, he also claimed the top levels of Scotland Yard had been damaged by his regime.

Mr Ghaffur, who was the country's highest ranking Asian officer, accused his former boss of being a "terrifically arrogant man".

He said: "He has bred a generation of officers who, like him, are focused on fulfilling performance targets.

"This new breed of career cop secures one job and then immediately starts plotting their next promotion - they are nothing more than serial fraudsters.

"Sadly those who are simply too busy saving lives and solving crime are overlooked."

He claimed that under Sir Ian, Scotland Yard had become bogged down with systems, processes and procedures.

"Instead of being visible in our communities, we were all in meetings."

Mr Ghaffur said Sir Ian was guilty of two things: "First, that he transformed the Yard into a corporation, almost too busy running itself to fight crime; and second, he politicised the force, putting it in the pocket of New Labour."

He also warned that the security budget for the 2012 Olympics needs to be doubled if it is to be safe from terrorist attack. Mr Ghaffur said he was sidelined from the job after challenging the £600 million that was originally allocated for security, describing it as "patently plucked out of thin air". He said he believed the budget should actually be £1.2 billion.

NWN: People are only just finding this out ?
'Career cops' have been around for quite a few years.
Martin Webster brought out a small bulletin which was delivered to several thousand police officers in the Metropolitan police, in 1995, called 'TOMORROWs JOB'.
This issue has been covered by this blog many months back including the leaflet.


Anonymous said...

Its a disgrace that people can claim bogus victimisation. That is why insurance companies have thebled there costs to the tax payer. A bloody disgrace. Stop all bogus claims.

Colin Aughty

Anonymous said...

Blair has bred a generation of career cops, says Ghaffur.

Well why does thiss tosser of an asian plod who only made it to the top because he licked the right ars'es and the top plods licked his arse on the way up to the top just to make this mud man feel at home now sod of back to INDIA.
But of coarse back in india he will just be low life who licked white mens arse's to climb to greasy pole.
Alex Spindo

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin Fan said...

Isn't Colin Auty spelt Colin Auty????

Can't you remember how to spell your own name?

Tartarus said...

Don't worry about it. We get all sorts of people on here claiming to be who they're not.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin fan ?

Has Nick Griffin got a fan ?

Even his Mum hates him sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love Nick.


It always amazes me that those who can not build thier own countries,are immediately geniuses when thier feet touch our shores,is it our air or our water that can transform a backward savage into a first world supercop?

Anonymous said...

That's a good one coming from a copper who got promoted through ethnicity and played the race card at every opportunity to line his pocket!

Anonymous said...

It's certain though that 'top cops' are clones from the Labour Party, and are politicised.

They are more interested in rubbish like those spurs fans chanting anti-gay slogans at footie matches, rather than keeping our streets safe.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...