Monday, December 29, 2008

Griffin launches EU campaign on Facebook!

Actualmente preparándose para
Oficina:European Parliament and Westminster
Estado :United Kingdom
Distrito:North West Constituency
Partido:British National Party

Nick Griffin ha actualizado su perfil. Ha cambiado los siguientes: Actualmente preparándose para, País, Sitio Web, Sexo, Fecha de nacimiento, Ciudad de origen, Ideología política, Actividades, Sobre mí, Información laboral, Información académica, Correo electrónico y Teléfono
Información detallada
Sitio Web:
Situación sentimental:
Casado/a conJacquie Griffin
Fecha de nacimiento:
Ciudad de origen:
Ideología política:
Political Campaigning.
Sobre mí:
Nicholas John Griffin was born in Barnet (1959) and was educated at two Suffolk private schools: St Felix School in Southwold and Woodbridge School. Griffin's childhood provided him with a firm foundation on which to develop his political ideologies. In fact, he attended a National Front meeting when he was merely 15 years old.Griffin studied History and Law at Downing College, Cambridge wherein he established the "Young National Front Students" society. He eventually graduated with a lower-second-class degree in History with Law and a boxing blue. In September 1999, Griffin was elected as head of the BNP. He embarked on a campaign to make the party "electable" by taking it away from Tyndall's agenda. These changes included an emphasis on the need to dismantle multiculturalism, which the BNP claim has a destructive influence on both immigrant and British culture. This realignment was designed to position the BNP alongside successful European Nationalist groups, such as the French Front National.
Información laboral
British National Party
Período de tiempo:
septiembre de 1999 - actualidad
Información de contacto
Correo electrónico:
0871 0500232 or 0871 0500 233
"You're a true gent Nick. You always have time for people and you are clearly loved within the party. 2009 will be a seminal year for the BNP and I'll be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and all members of the BNP family. Bring on the Euro Elections! Nick Griffin MEP....take a bow Sir!"
"Always a pleasure Nick and the nation will one day stand shoulder to shoulder with you. A true gent and the intrests of the british people close to his heart."
"we must rid ourselves of the scourge & take our country back ..........."
"Great Nick!!You must to be a European MP next year!identitario (great info Blog of Chile) .."


Anonymous said...

He's just doing what Obama did, but why choose the foreign facebook and not the English one?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the Jew Barry Bennett having a drink with Griffo?

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is going to have an up hill struggle in his bid to win a seat in the Euro Parliament. The Irish Millionaire Declan Ganley has just lauched his pan-European anti-Euro party Libertas, there is Ukip and number of smaller parties also standing on June 4th. If Gri££in manages to win, God help the Racial Nationalism movement. Incidentally I saw his recent Christmas message video, he has spent a fortune on his home. That bastard make a very good living from members subs and donations!

Anonymous said...

No nationalist should fight the Euros

Anonymous said...

I see Griffin is claiming a lower second degree, in fact I'm sure he only got a third.

Any Cambridge student with a 2:2 or better can, after 5 years, upgrade his Bachelor degree to a Masters on payment of £5. This is something almost all Cambridge students do, so Griffin would be claiming (quite correctly) a Masters degree if he had obtained a lower second.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they refer to him as a "True Gent" LMFAO

Griffin really has got it made LOL LOL

What a bunch of sleep walking idiots

Anonymous said...

Eh! Il est un menteur et un voleur ...

Anonymous said...

That peter stafford from Liverpool bnp was caught licking G£i££ins Arse

behind blue eyes said...

'I see Griffin is claiming a lower second degree, in fact I'm sure he only got a third.'

Yes but he's got a Ph.D in Lying, Deceit and Superficial Charm!

Shouldn't he be on FaceCrook?

RS said...

Peter Stafford, the teenage Scouser, posts on British Democracy Forum under the pseudonym of blueblood1920.

He comes across as an inexperienced and somewhat naive nationalist who licks Gri££in's boots.

Anonymous said...

What about 'The Disappeared Ones'?

All those good nationalists ejected from the BNP by Griffin since 1999 with the members told they were spies and saboteurs who had been quietly dispatched.

Anonymous said...

Yer David Joins and John Walker both senior Officials and now Sacked

Anonymous said...

peter stafford is a slimey little teenage prick.

Peter S said...

Look at you slimy prick hiding behind Anonymous, I am a teenager and what? Something wrong with that? Do you guys hate the youth now?

As for the facebook group it is in English you retards.

So why don't you guys keep doing what you do best, wanking to pictures of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

The way Gri££in manipulates the membership is typically Maoist.

Doublethink and endless 'plots'. The person who yesterday was a good party man is today declared to be a 'long term enemy of the people', conspirator', 'cow demon', etc.

Siege mentality anyone?

Anonymous said...

Some people think Dave Joines was a hard working activist, on the day Joines got the boot, look what document appeared on the net, quite supprised no one has worked this out yet :-)

Brunley bin man said...

Joines was/is an arsehole !

He slagged off good nationalists like Dave Jones when a motion to elect Chris Jackson was overturned.

The vast majority of North West BNP officials voted for Jackson to be the new North West Regional Organiser.

Griffin made himself the NW Regional Organiser which is contrary to the BNP Constitution.

brunley bin man said...

How long has this person Peter Stafford been in the movement ?

Five minutes ?

Anonymous said...

Semenal new year, more like.

Fucking thieving fat cunt

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they refer to him as a `True Gent'....

Don't panic, a translator made a typing error, the letters `g' and `e' were accidently substituted for `c' and `u'

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...