Thursday, December 04, 2008


The British National Party have sparked a new row by advertising Golliwog dolls for sale at its Christmas party.

A flyer sent out by the party this week advertising a Christmas quiz and social evening set to take place at Ore Community Centre in Old London Road on Monday night. Alongside the time and details of the festive bash was a line advertising a wide range of Golliwog merchandise on sale and it is this that has caused the most outrage.The dolls are seen by many as racist but in recent years have been used by the far-right as a symbol of political correctness gone mad. The term was first used in Florence Upton's 1895 book The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and subsequently picked up by Enid Blyton, who included a Golliwog in her Noddy books. Since then Golliwog has been seen by many as a derogatory term for a black person. Just last year a shop in Rye was criticised in The Observer for selling Golly dolls and the news the local BNP will be flogging the dolls alongside St George crosses, Union Jacks and BNP regalia has sparked a host of angry complaints. Chris Laverick, who recently organised a Love Music Hate Racism gig in Hastings, was one of many who was appalled. He said: "I understand the BNP is selling Golliwog dolls at there events. They clearly think that is amusing. That shows us that underneath their new image of suits and respectability there is still the racist and fascist thug that we remember from the 70's and 80's." Hastings MP Michael Foster was equally outraged. He said: "I am surprised a community centre is dealing with an extremist group such as the BNP. "What is more outrageous is the fact they are provocatively selling Golliwogs as a perfect Christmas gift." Councillor Jeremy Birch, also condemned the BNP. He said: "This just confirms that this is a racist organisation. "By selling these dolls as Christmas presents they are basically saying they are a party just for white people. "I am also disappointed that a community centre meant to be serving local people has agreed to let an extremist group use its facilities." A spokesman for the Ore Community Centre confirmed the BNP used the hall on a monthly basis, paying £15 an hour to do so, and that they "had never had any problems with them". However, the source added they would be holding a committee meeting to decide whether it was appropriate to let them continue to do so. Nick Prince, the leader of the local BNP, defended the decision to sell the dolls. He said they also sold Golly fridge magnets and a range of patriotic toys such as teddy bears with England flag t-shirts on.He said: "Golliwogs are traditional toys which pre-date teddy bears by five years."People have a choice whether or not to buy them. If they offend people then they should not buy one."There is huge demand for Golliwog toys. We have actually sold out but we will be getting more in stock."What do you think of the BNP's decision to sell Golly dolls? Are they even racist? Should the community centre be letting the BNP hire the hall? Leave your comments below


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behind blue eyes said...

This story will make you laugh:-

Row as golliwog dolls go on sale near slavery museum -
'A shop a few yards from Liverpool's slavery museum has sparked anger by selling golliwog dolls.

The controversial dolls, which were mainly outlawed after a storm of protest in the 1980s, are on display at Wizzard, part of the Albert Dock complex.

Officials at the International Slavery Museum, also based at Albert Dock, described the dolls as 'shocking' and called for them to be removed from sale.'

Full story at -

Anonymous said...

There is a report on the BNP web site of a school cancelling the Christmas performance (nativity play I think) because of the Muslim festival of Eid.

After receiving protests, the school reinstated the Christmas performance, but postponed it to after 1st January 2009.

Perhaps we should compare the public outrage over the sale of 'golliwogs' of these PC worthies to their deafening silence over the cancellation of a school nativity play?

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

I note the newspaper has cancelled comments. I wonder why........

Anonymous said...

Despite theirrational, oversensitive reaction of hysteria from the race industry; Gollywogs are a part of childhood imagery.

Just like the colourful characters in the Rupert Bear novels who are called "coons" (and look just like coons really do).

In the USA the national Rifle Association declares that it will not part with its rifles unless someone prises them from their dead hands.

Here in my provincial part of England which still respects and values English culture, English traditions, and all aspects of England's heritage; I have passed my Robertson's jam GOLLYWOGS to my childrten to enjoy.

So FUCK THE RACE INDUSTRY. Gollies were not even thought of as figures synontmous with the urban coon, the Somali knifemugger, the useless unemplyable black retards invading Europe - until that is, theRACE INDUSTRY in effect, dictated that the Gollywog has human rights and thatonly it (therace industry) can decree what gollies want for their wellbeing.

The race industry has done more to destroy 'race relations' than any entity in human industry.



Jonathon Wilks said...

I've always thought of gollys to be fantasy toy I never even viewed it as human. If children toys are human shouldn't we bann all dolls. Doesn't the barbie depict women as sexy sirens and GI joes as thugs out to kill? Or what about baby dolls are we encouraging possible future pedofiles if we allow anyone to play with them? England you have gone mad with political correctness and it is very sad to see how your country is sliding into oppression because your people have lost their identity.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...