Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ANTIFA drop Searchlight and UAF

On Saturday, 29th November, Merseyside Police protected around one hundred and fifty British National Party members from the people of Liverpool and other anti-fascists. In doing so, they allowed racist material to be openly distributed in Liverpool city centre on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. However, Alec McFadden of Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism must shoulder some of the responsibility for this horrifying turn of events.

The previous Saturday, cops arrested thirteen members of the British National Party in Whitechapel, Liverpool city centre, on suspicion of distributing racist material, namely their 'Racism Cuts Both Ways' pamphlets. This came only a few days after it was revealed that Constable Steve Bettley of Prenton, Birkenhead was a member of the far-right party, an organisation that serving police are barred from. Immediately following the arrests, BNP websites started claiming that their members had been "tortured", and linking Merseyside "thought police" to "Stalinist Communism". They then began planning a "mass mobilisation" of BNP activists to protest the arrests. A counter-demonstration was called by Unite Against Fascism and Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism, which spread quickly across several websites, including 'non-political' forums.
With the BNP expected at 11am, the counter demonstration rally began an hour earlier, on the corner of Bold Street and Renshaw Street. One of the first announcements was that the Attorney General had decided that 'Racism Cuts Both Ways' is not racist, and therefore the BNP are allowed to distribute it. This prompted Merseyside Police's decision that the thirteen arrestees were not to be charged, which Alec McFadden loudly condemned as "fucking disgusting".
There is no doubt that 'Racism Cuts Both Ways' is itself racist. The reason for this is not its title (of course it does!), but the way the text condemns specific alleged attacks by ethnic minority British residents on white people (including a majority where no racist motive has been found), offers no explanation of the behaviour, then claims this proves "there are serious problems festering at the heart of the ‘multi-racial experiment’". In other words, if some non-white people attack white people, this proves ALL non-white people are unable to co-exist peacefully with white people. Subtle maybe, racist definitely!
There then followed appeals to stop BNP chairman Nick Griffin being elected as North West Member of the European Parliament next June, a speech from Kirkdale Labour councillor Beatrice Fraenkel (a 'regeneration' bigwig and property developer who in her former life as a Lib Dem headed their Capital of Culture bid team), and some music, which McFadden interrupted by telling the crowd that "At the moment we're not doing anything", which apparently meant people should step away from the Co-operative Bank entrance. Police then moved in to get protesters onto the Bold Street pavement. "We've been given the freedom to stand on Bold Street", claimed McFadden, as if it were some kind of gain.
Shortly after 11am, police informed the organisers that the BNP had not shown up in Liverpool. McFadden bizarrely declared this "Liverpool anti-fascists 23, BNP 0", and announced a "victory parade". In practice, many of the approximately two hundred and fifty anti-fascists wandered off, as did McFadden himself, who was bound for a Trades Union Congress conference in Manchester, in his capacity as local TUC president.
The police would later protect the one hundred and fifty strong BNP contingent at St George's Plateau in Lime Street - where Griffin gave a short speech, and one anti-fascist was taken away by cops for interrupting Belle Vale candidate Pete Molloy. But at that moment they were either at or on their way to Whitechapel, the very same spot where the self-styled 'Liverpool 13' had been arrested on the previous Saturday. There they began handing out the very same racist lies, damned lies and statistics.
Very soon, the word got out, and anti-fascists came streaming back. For about half an hour, the crowd chanted slogans such as "Smash the BNP", "We are black, white, Asian and we're Jews", and "We know where you live", a reference to the leaked BNP membership list. Throughout this time, two lines of police separated the two demonstrations, and despite the best efforts of police, anti-fascist numbers were swelled by people who had been Christmas shopping.
Then, armed with a megaphone on the frontline, Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism began negotiating with police. He made some shambling comments about people having to disperse, but these were very quickly drowned out by hecklers, and chants of "No pasaran" (Spanish for 'they shall not pass') went up. Bennett seemed shaken by this indignant response, but he had another word with the senior police officer and negotiated "five more minutes". This was met with more anger from protesters, one of whom shouted "We didn't give them five more minutes in Madrid" (another Spanish revolution reference), while others denounced him as a "traitor" for holding such discussions with cops. But some began to leave, and the police's push down Church Street and back into Bold Street was inevitable.
So what lessons can we learn? Well, for a start, the police are not neutral upholders of democratically-determined laws. They lie. They cannot be trusted. They have their own interests, but they mostly follow what their government paymasters tell them to do. The Labour hierarchy has apparently decided that the BNP must be treated as a legitimate party, just like the Weimar governments did in 1920s and 30s Germany. 'Keep out the BNP' is a convenient way of mobilising people to vote Labour, even those who hate their anti-working class, pro-war policies.
To stay in his role as local TUC president, Alec McFadden has to retain the confidence of those he negotiates with. That means he must maintain a commitment to legalism, and a friendly working relationship with the police.
Weyman Bennett is a member of the Socialist Workers Party's central committee. This group claims it is in favour of revolution, but its methods are reformist, and it has a track record of taking over genuine grassroots movements and turning them into recruitment drives and paper sales. Similarly, Unite Against Fascism like to work within the system. A look at their extremely out of date and badly spelled supporters list shows many MPs (including prospective Tory Prime Minister David Cameron), and even former chief of the Metropolitan Black Police Association Leroy Logan.
No doubt this article will be posted on nationalist websites, and some nationalists will gain courage from the idea that anti-fascists are fighting amongst themselves. But the truth remains that this 'national mobilisation' drew only a very small percentage of their ten thousand members. They were outnumbered.
However, people like McFadden and Bennett are the enemies within. Because of the way their organisations are structured in relation to the working class, they ultimately uphold the profit system that breeds conflict between people of different ethnicities and nationalities.
The solution will not be applauded by politicians or establishment figures. The solution will not kowtow to hired agents of the capitalist state. The solution is working class internationalism and solidarity.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha, its nice to see the bastards all falling out with each other. NO PASARAN my arse LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Weymann Bennet is a cunt who'd be nothing without the dumb white liberals

Anonymous said...

As an allotmenteer I'd just like to say


ANTIFA are a bunch of idiots, all mouth no action.

Anonymous said...

"The solution will not be applauded by politicians or establishment figures. The solution will not kowtow to hired agents of the capitalist state. The solution is working class internationalism and solidarity."

Ooooh, will we see some V for Vendetta tactics? Can I load the antifa onto an underground train and ram them into the Houses of Parliament, pretty please.

Anonymous said...

that was a pack of lies the bnp out numbered the reds easily .also we did not need protection from them wankers .we could have gone through them for fun if we were inclined to

Anonymous said...


'SQUASH' the bastards lol

Anonymous said...

Look at what the silly arses at UAF are up to

"On Monday 1st December M.C.A.R.F, Searchlight plus members of Liverpool Black Leader Forum have arranged to meet senior Merseyside Police after the President of M.C.A.R.F. made a complaint against Police handling of Saturdays Anti-Fascist Event. That meeting will take place this week.

An Early Day motion will go to Parliament on Wednesday from Merseyside M. Ps asking the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider their position on the BNP leaflet which in the view of the Black Leaders Forum, M.C.A.R.F, and Anti-Fascist Activists will increase both racial tension and increase racial hatred.

Merseyside has always been a Fascist Free Zone and it is the intention of its citizens to maintain that position.

The spectacle of Merseyside Police protecting the Fascist BNP while they walk through the streets of Liverpool City centre distributing openly racist leaflets is an outrage, and must never be repeated. Our diverse community, The Trade Union Movement and all democratic people must ensure it never happens again"

Ah didums, UAF don't like democracy in action. If at first they can't find people guilty, try try again.

Anonymous said...

"Liverpool Black Leader Forum"

Do you think they understand or see the irony in that? Shall we start a Liverpool White Leader Forum? If this country states we should all be equal then we should start up WHITE ORGANISATIONS

Anonymous said...


antifa blah blah blah said...

All antifa seem to do in this country is talk and blame everyone else for their inability to carry out the threats they make/ At RWB it was all becasue of the police, at Liverpool it was the police and all the other anti 'fascists' who stopped antifa. Maybe its really all down to the fact antifa uk are hopeless dreamers incapable of anything other than being keyboard warriors. Do they really think the police will let them go where they like and do what they like? Its laughable. So are antifa.

By all accounts at RWB antifa would have beem pulverised by the bnp if it wasnt for the police. They need em more than the bnp.

PorkyPrimeCut said...

The BNP has no need to get drawn into any confrontation with any reds of whatever variety, whether UAF or Antifa, its unecessary and will set the BNP back. People dont vote for parties that are trouble - look at the NF.

The reds will try and goad the BNP but why bother responding, nothing will change the fact that even if, and its a big if, the BNP get outnumbered 5 to 1 on a demon, the BNP will always outnumber red councillors 50 to 1.

Let the BNPO fight elections and the reds fight amongst themselves. The BNP has outgrown any need to angage reds, they are an irrelevance. The BNP has other targets - elections.

Anonymous said...

you see there is something that can unite us all .we are all on the same sige after all .our hatred of the red scum

Towards A Higher Man said...

If antifa demo started at 11am, then why did they not stop me filming at 11.35am?

Joe Owens


Towards A Higher Man said...

Is this the antifa on church St? God help us. Ha Ha.


Joe Owens

Anonymous said...

Is this the antifa on church St? God help us. Ha Ha.


Joe Owens

02 December 2008 18:05

Ha ha a bunch of inadequate brainwashed numpties. They'd shit themselves if a nigger ever pulled a gun on them. Nice film

The Ballot Box Counts said...

Just leave the reds to lie about how many turned out for them, its of no matter, its how many turn out and vote that ocunts - and the BNP wins that contest time after time. It owuld cos the reds dont stand.

If the BNP gets drawn into street demo confrontations it will undo the good the BNP has done by avoiding them.

Anonymous said...

"Is this the antifa on church St? God help us. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4O7EUpqGB-Q
Joe Owens"

God help them more like, Im a wimp but even Id fancy my chances with that load of rubbish. And why are they all so ugly. The women are dogs, the blokes unkempt pussies. It was them that needed the police Id reckon. They can shout but it is always empty vessels that make the most noise.

If theyre so 'hard' why did they not try and break through the police lines, looks like they were grateful to get pushed back, maybe thats why they didnt exactly put up much resistance.

If thats antifa they must be the laughing stock amongst their euro counterparts

Anonymous said...

Why do Pakis keep telling us what to do, and why are we taking it?
Anindya Bhattacharyya should fuck off back to its own country.

"Unions and activists beat back the BNP
by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Troubles are piling up for the fascist British National Party (BNP) in the wake of last month’s leak of a list of the organisation’s members and supporters.

Some 12,800 names and addresses were posted online on 18 November. Now trade unionists and anti-fascist activists are combing the list to reveal BNP members in their workplaces.

In Lisburn, Northern Ireland, a branch secretary for the Nipsa union was outed as a member of the party. Like many trade unions, Nipsa wants to expel ­fascists from its organisation.

A ruling last year at the European Court of Human Rights upheld the rights of the Aslef train drivers’ union to kick BNP members out.

One Nipsa official commented, “If you’re a member of a racist party such as the BNP, you clearly have no right to be a member of Nipsa and you shouldn’t be employed by the civil service.”


The UCU and NUT education unions issued a joint statement last week outlining their view that “espousal of BNP policies” was “incompatible with membership of our organisations”.

The statement read, “Racism and fascism are the antithesis of the aims of education which strives for the liberation of every learner’s potential.”

It called on the government to “give consideration to making membership of the BNP incompatible with registration as a qualified teacher or lecturer”.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has produced a model motion for trade unionists calling on their unions “to campaign for the removal of BNP members in public services”.

Despite its recent setbacks the BNP remains intent on capitalising on the economic crisis by stirring up race hatred against Muslims, refugees and migrant workers.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has announced his intention to stand in the North West England constituency in next May’s European elections.

In 2004 the fascists won 6.1 percent of the vote in this seat, while the UK Independence Party (UKIP) won 11.7 percent.


Many campaigners warn that the collapse in support for UKIP could see some of its vote hardening up and transferring to the fascist BNP. This dynamic helped the BNP gain a seat on the London Assembly earlier this year.

Trade unionists and anti-fascists around the country need to act now to make sure their unions are signed up to Unite Against Fascism’s campaign to kick Nazis out of public services and block the BNP’s plans to grab a European parliament seat."

baz said...

I am certain that these are mainly the gullible children of the middle classes. They have never experienced hardship or hunger in their limited life spans.

20 years of BBC Bullshi* and multi-culti programming, with all negative items associated with government policy filtered out of the news.

If you had not experienced the all-white UK of the 1960s, would you believe anyone who told you that this country was utopia ..........before immigration?

Anonymous said...

The BNP in the 1990s saw the light about trouble in the streets which does not harden support but makes nationalism look like it brings trouble instead of solving people's problems.

It's very worrying that this issue is rearing its head again. You have to fear that a few well-meaning hotheads could set things back.

behind blue eyes said...

Ye gods, the archetypal middle class trustafarian student bellend collective were mobilised and ready for action that day. Not half.

Tristan and Lucinda helped to clear the Fascists from the streets and then went for a veggie burger and vegan milkshake at the Lenin Was A Mass Murdering Jewish Commie cafe.

Ronny Webster said...

This falling out has been going on for some time. One group http://manchesteruaf.blogspot.com/
Who Lancaster are trying to close down, are calling for Ketlan to Go and even have a petition to get rid of him accusing him of promoting fascism.

Anonymous said...

"This falling out has been going on for some time. One group http://manchesteruaf.blogspot.com/
Who Lancaster are trying to close down, are calling for Ketlan to Go and even have a petition to get rid of him accusing him of promoting fascism.

02 December 2008 23:37"

They've only got 8 signatures LMFAO

The REDS are dead. Long live Labours Fascist Capitalist State.

Hahahahaha, the morons don't even know what's running the country!

Anonymous said...

"Tristan and Lucinda helped to clear the Fascists from the streets and then went for a veggie burger and vegan milkshake at the Lenin Was A Mass Murdering Jewish Commie cafe.

02 December 2008 21:25"

Lol, nearly died laughing after reading that.

Anonymous said...

UAF are bashing Weyman Bennett LOL

"Weyman Bennett couldnt punch his way out of a paper bag. Once again he has proved his treachery.

Shame on the Liverpool Police for giving the BNP the profile and the ability to have the headline grabbing Reclaim the streets line.


Anonymous said...

"Weyman Bennett couldnt punch his way out of a paper bag. Once again he has proved his treachery."

A nigger let them down, what's new?

Anonymous said...

The far left always fight amongst themselves, both when thingfs go right and when they go wrong.

The first victims of Lenin's revolution were...other leftists perceived to be a threat to Lenin.

When things go wrong, they start blaming each other.


Because none of them are really concerned for others, like the 'oppressed proletariat'. They are entirely self centred. Their opinions are therefore no more than an advertisement of their moral prowess.

Two thousand years ago, a man warned of those loudly wailing in the temple.

"I'm so terrible, yet I don't mind telling everyone so, therefore...I am so good, you see."

This loudly professed self hate manifests itself as denunciation of one's own class, or country.

But it is not genuine remorse at one's own wrong doing, but an empty claim to moral superiority.

They never admit to personal wrong doing, only the wrong doing of a group of others, like a social/economic class or a race or nation.

Loud declarations that "I am ashamed to be British" for example are in fact a loud declaration that "Because I so fearlessly shout my shame in my own race, look how good I am really".


They need our pity and understanding.

Their weakness also needs to be understood and exploited.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Straight from the horses mouth ... LABOUR IS USING [and protecting] THE BNP.

Awkward when even the Reds can see it, isn't it?

Holloway's Brother in Saltash said...

"ANTIFA drop Searchlight and UAF"

So where does that leave NWN's?

I guess youll stay with Gable coz its safer. Fucking red cunts!

Anonymous said...

"ANTIFA drop Searchlight and UAF"

So where does that leave NWN's?

I guess youll stay with Gable coz its safer. Fucking red cunts!

You'd just love what you say to be true, but don't worry you'll wake up, we all do in the end to discover Griffin is the enemy of every nationalist who gave money and worked hard. You're not immune you know, and Griffin will get rid of you in the end.

Anonymous said...

It think it's wrong to underestimate Antifa. They are mostly the old AFA hardline lot and Red Action types. The lot in the videos are just middle class students, Antifa on the otherhand are very nasty bastards who are capable of dispensing violence and although we can beat them, we can't shrug them off as nothing. They're not the UAF or anything like that, they are something far more sinister.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...