Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Toben court appearance 17th October 2pm

The next hearing in this case is at 2pm on Friday 17th October listed all afternoon.
Dr Töben is currently in HMP Bedford. Our solicitor will be speaking to him on videolink Thursday at 2pm.

On the 10th October the matter was listed s2 Extradition Act argument, that is, an argument to discharge proceedings on the basis that a legal challenge of the validity of the warrant, in that it is insufficiently particularised, and if unsuccessful a bail application.
The magistrate refused to hear our defence barrister, saying she would hear only the bail application.
The defence did not find that sequence for conducting his case in his client's best interests and after taking instructions that hearing and bail application was moved to the case's next date which is for this Friday 17th October at 2pm.



baz said...

Contrary to the universal declaration of human rights - our enemies would imprison this man for what he says.

If they are able to get away with this - we are destined to be the next victims.

The next inevitable step:

They will imprison us and our children ....FOR WHAT WE THINK.

Persecution of this gentleman is not justice, it is STATE TERRORISM!

In my opinion, any man prepared to watch this happen without joining in the fight to prevent it, has been purchased by the system.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman is currently remanded in London:

Dr Gerald Frederick Toben XS9993
HM Prison Wandsworth,
PO Box 757
SW13 3HS

He is permitted Postal Orders, (made payable to The Governor, HMP Wandsworth.)

I am sure he would appreciate messages of support.

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