Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Richard Edmonds on the Advisory Council ?
What is going on here ?
Is this true ?
Richard was a target for the Griffin dirty tricks a few years back, to rid the BNP of RE.
The methods were crude usage of swastikas on peoples arms, that were stood with Richard. They even imposed swastikas on people at Florrie Rost Van Tonningens home where Richard was present at a dinner. The result, Richard was given a warning by the BNP.
Richard asked for help to many at that time, such was his fear at being 'booted out' of the BNP via a kangaroo court such as JT later suffered.
Then John Tyndall was 'hounded out' of the BNP by Griffin and his henchmen, not once, but twice !
Since John Tyndall died, Richard has hardly associated with the so called 'hardliners' if at all. He has however been out and about promoting Griffins weak BNP.
Griffin has not been purging nationalists from the BNP since the year 2000, to now change his mind.
Will Richard Edmonds explain his views, because many are very suspicious of his actions in being allowed to re-join the AC.
What the hell is going on with this development ?
What are your views ?


Anonymous said...

Fool & arrogant hypocrite that about sums RE up. At one time he commanded a lot of respect now he is a joke who has badly let the memory of JT down. And then there is his close friend Bob Gertner, but that is another story.

Anonymous said...

No, Edmunds isn't working for the state, he's being used by the one eyed bastard from Welshpool.

He thinks he can con Edmunds into telling others that all is well in the BNP. But, Edmunds is no fool.

Anonymous said...

Joe Owens

09 October 2008 07:38

Is that a public threat, Joe? We'll leave it here in case you act upon it.

Anonymous said...

Who said RE hasent been associating with hardliners? get your facts right.
The very fact that RE is now on the AC gives us a voice!
Some people just see negativity and sell out in any positive move. Still im sure all the doubters will be out on a paper sale or leafletting and promoting the cause at the weekend! Dont think so.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmunds ia an honourable man and is no friend of Gri££in. He has been working hard not for Gri££in, but for the party he has put so much into to. I believe he is part of the advisory council, to put his influence across in the BNP. Gri££in is trying to use him, but Richard is far to clever for that.

Halifax Loyal said...

To even suggest that Richard Edmonds is selling out his principles, shows you for what you are!
This man has taken more knocks both physical and emotional over the years and still remained true to our noble cause.
He remains loyal to the BNP and he is better off on the inside helping to steer the party on course than sitting on the outside sniping.
Isn't it better to have Racial Nationalists on the AC??

K said...

Richard Edmonds has more dignity in his left testicle than half of the morons who call themselves "Nationalists".

NAP said...

Edmunds is a joke figer in the movement now. JT must be spinning in his grave to see him grovel up to Griffin now. Very sad. In fact almost as sad as that would-be-gangster who posts on here too!


Anonymous said...

R.E is my friend.
How dare people maske unfounded acusations,i see that they do not reveal themselfs as always they are anonymous.
WORDS FOR THIS "ANONYMOUS" LOW LIFE ESCAPE ME it is easey to hide behind a word it shows you have kno guts to name yourself it is obviosley that you are low life who represent the low life of that small antarage that suround the low life of the party.

I name myself ,now name yourself i dare you !
Keith Axon.

toffee said...

Griffin's keeping his enemies close by having Edmonds on the AC. Griffin is hoping that this will send a message out that all is well within the party. Edmonds will be allowed to put his point across at the AC, but no AC member has any power as Griffin has the final say. The AC is full of yes-men, Edmonds isn't so he won't last long - just look at all those who have went before him. Nobody should look too much into his place on the AC as he's only there to serve Nick's purpose.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds is an honourable and decent gentleman. His services to Nationalism past and present are beyond reproach and I can only think him being a member of the Advisory Council is a way of him helping and influencing the BNP. He would not let himself be used by Gri££in, as he is far to shrewd for that.

Anonymous said...

Then why did Griffin get rid of JT but NOT Richard Edmonds ?

God there are some bloody idiots in the movement.

Anonymous said...

No Owens, you tell us if RE is state, you claim to be the only one who can according to you, because that is all you do!

Anonymous said...

The revelations about gunman Joey Owens led the police to warn me personally that they had picked up intelligence that my life was in danger.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has only brought Richard Edmunds back because he needs the help of those who he's alienated by his purges in getting elected to Europe next year. We all know Griffin is ONLY interested in enriching (forgive the expression) himself. If he makes Europe, he'll dump the party - if he doesn't, he'll dump RE. This whole move is a sop to the hard right and it's a pity RE doesn't appear to see that.

As for Joe Owens, he's an idiot. He could have crucified that dickhead Lecomber by giving a statement to the police but chose not to. Why? Who the hell knows. He didn't seem averse to speaking at length with Larry O'Hara or Lancaster Unity. Why not the police? O'Hara's state anyway.

Anonymous said...

RE has done more for the Nationalist Movement than all the trolls on here put together. And by 'trolls' I don't mean the decent people both inside and outside the BNP.

K said...

I suppose most would rather be murdered by Owens than raped by the steroid dwarf based in Essex runs with the British Paedophiles Party

ES said...

'K', you wanna watch your arse cos if I find out who you are you won't look too clever in a gimp suit bent over with a ball in your mouth.

Anonymous said...


You ain't big and you're obviously not too clever.

Anonymous said...

Watch it K, ES will hit you with his handbag.

ES said...

Why not put a name to the comments?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Richard will now be tainted by Griffin. It won't be long before Griffin does another of his gaffes.

(Richard was called the mosted anti-semitic person in the UK by Searchlight.)

That is a shame for RE.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong being anti-semetic? I say fuck all jews, they're the bastards causing world financial meltdown, and make no mistake the kikes will be making and milking trillions from Zog countries, that being most of the World. Hope Russia comes to its senses and sends a flock of nuke missiles to land on the knessit while all the kikes are sitting, planning on their wet dreams of world domination.


Anonymous said...

Garside's saying on Lancaster that RE is being set up, and that's probably near the truth.

The visceral years-long hatred Griffin and Edmonds nurture for one another is not of the kind that melts into unalloyed love overnight - or even over years. There is too much history, too much distrust for that to be in any way a realistic prospect. Griffin knows full well that Edmonds would depose him this instant if he could do it, and Edmonds knows full well that Griffin's dearest wish is that Edmonds should follow his political master into the grave at the first convenient opportunity.

We heavily suspect that sometime before the EGM these two irreconcilables made some compact, and that the instigator was Griffin. For whatever reason, the idea suited both men, but neither of them will have engaged with it for the benefit of the other.

I think Richard should keep as far away from Gri££in as he can.

Anonymous said...

It's also very interesting that Richard Edmonds had very unkind words aimed at Chris Jackson and his followers, for opposing the Griffin EGM counterproposal.

RE supported the so called compromise.

ERGO RE supported Gri££in.

Curioser and curioser !

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Val Tyndall thinks about all this ?

Anonymous said...

10:14 AM, October 09, 2008

Antifascist said...
'Is this going to be a series?'

Yep. Next part comes out at the same time as Issue 500. ;-)

'What's happened to the images over on the right of the page?'

There's a problem at Zen apparently, where all the images are stored. They'll be back soon. Hopefully...

ZEN INTERNET is based in Rochdale and owned by a chinaman Richard Tang.
Zen Internet is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Rochdale in Greater Manchester, England.

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[edit] Market position

The ONLY nationalist who uses ZEN is .........SIMON DARBY !

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bob Gertner has converted Edmonds to Judaism, if so they should both fit in rather well with the Griffin clique.

Anonymous said...

RE is 100% genuine. Unfortunately, he is also naive and will probably be no match for Gri££in and his MI6 chum, Arthur Kemp. Gri££in is just using RE to try and give himself some credibility. The fact that Gri££in feels the need to make this gesture is a sign of WEAKNESS. Accepting the post is a mistake as it buys Gri££in time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree RE is genuine & Naive too. It is obvious that Griffin wants him so as to appear he is pissing out the tent rather than in it.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Kamp shits shimself....

taken from David irvings website;

After fifteen years: Clive Derby-Lewis, assassin of South African Communist chief Chris Hani, may be freed Oct 15 - Outrage on Far Left | Steven Friedman (right) a "political analyst," says presidential pardon is not a right

David Irving hates Kemp too, and no doubt Derby-Lewis will have some things to say about 'happy Arthur'!

Anonymous said...

There must be some people in South Africa who have the goods on Kemp. How to find them?

Mr Potter said...

We should not judge Richard Edmunds harshly as only he knows himself the real reaons for joining the AC at Griffin's behest.

True, that Griffin is feeling less stronger than he did pre-December and that Griffin is only acting in the best interests of HIMSELF. He is a a true Machieavellian who seeks only to glorify and enrich himslef and his own family of "trough-snouters".

And although RE may be acting with best interests of the Cause it is Griifin who has all the aces.

But RE has more right than any of us to make his own decisions having lived and fought nationalism well before most of us took up the flag. A decent and honourable man of ethics and conviction, RE stands high above most of us and does not deserve the kind of negative criticism and hostility from friends that he has so far received. We need to allow RE to make his decisions and to act in accordance with his huge integrity and experience and come to his own conclusions and goals in his own time.

Anonymous said...

Owens is back on stormfront as pure rage.

He promised to never come back.

He is at it again me me me me me, as if he was anything in the movement.

He was a cheap thug that's all.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think Richard Edmonds recovered from a severe beating behind the Welling bookshop in 1993 by AFA.

RE was beaten with iron bars about the head.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...