Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A taste of their own medicine

Socialist meeting blocked by councillor

SOCIALIST PARTY members in Debden, Essex have been blocked from organising a public meeting at Debden Park community centre on the world economic crisis.
The community centre room initially accepted the booking. However, an unnamed councillor requested that Essex Police inquire into the nature of the meeting and the Socialist Party. The centre then withdrew the room booking, saying they will not accept bookings from any political organisations.

Despite being asked, Essex Police will not release the name or political affiliation of the councillor who asked them to look into the meeting. We believe this is an attack on our democratic right to organise. (NWN Comment: Now you know what it feels like)

We deserve the right to know which councillor asked the police to look into the meeting and whether or not they oppose ordinary people organising and discussing what is happening in the world. Socialist Party members will be organising a campaign to have the name of this anti-democratic councillor revealed.

It is probably no coincidence that the British National Party has four councillors in the area. Despite this attack on our right to organise, Socialist Party members held a campaign stall in Debden last Saturday where 23 copies of The Socialist were sold.

Greg Maughan


Anonymous said...

WOW! A whole 23 copies LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, they don't like it up them, Mr Mainwaring lol lol

K said...

This is the way to do things.

I suppose the psychotic homo who lives not far from the venue and his fat Lesbian friend up in Yorkshire were too busy to do any serious political work today (or this year even?)

Anonymous said...

This is not good news for anybody but the establishment - Any legitimate political party or group should have the right to use public buildings to hold meetings.
Anyone disrupting or attacking such meetings should be severely dealt with by the police.
Democracy is not something we can demand for ourselves and deny to others.

Anonymous said...

Well done Eddie Butler!!

rs said...

Was there a reason for the reds choosing to hold a meeting in an area with BNP councillors? Why didn't they go and hold it in Bethnal Green?

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