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The repetition must begin with some words quoted in these pages in our March 1999 issue of SPEARHEAD.

They come from a report in The Express newspaper published on 18th February of that year, and they read:-

'Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organizations. The Express has learned that intelligence officers will infiltrate far Right groups such as the British National Party.
'Other officers will tap telephones, open mail and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organizations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.'

I believe that we must constantly keep these words in the forefront of our minds if we are to make sense of what has been happening to our party in the near six years that have followed. And it is perhaps the right place and moment for a further quote:-

'More recently, as the National Front declined to a mere rump, the British National Party (BNP) has been seen as more dangerous. By the early 1990s MI5 had successfully recruited or turned several agents inside the BNP.'

These words come from a book Defending the Realm, by Mark Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding, published by Andre Deutsch in 1999. I have no way of ascertaining the sources of the writers' information, but I have to presume that they carried out considerable research into the workings of MI5, the establishment's main internal security service, and would have had no reason to invent their claim. They are almost certainly no friends of the BNP and would not have made it to do us any favours.

This aside, the claim gives all the appearance of fitting logically into the picture of what has been happening in the party. Taken in conjunction with the words of the Scotland Yard spokesman reported in The Express newspaper, they present a scenario that should at once sound loud warning bells and enlighten us as to what our enemies are doing.

For myself, I can see no rhyme nor reason in the conflicts we have had in the BNP without such forces at work – and this applies not only to our party but to other nationalist organizations, past and present, where similar internal trouble has been constantly visible. In one case, in the National Front in the 1970s, I was able to observe the same pattern: recurring internecine quarrels and splits, which seemed to break out not when there was organisational and political failure but at the moments of greatest success, when in theory morale should have been high and unity at its strongest. JT

NWN : Nick Griffin launched his filthy coup in early 1999. The above describes Griffins illegal takeover of the BNP for the state. Griffin is state.


Anonymous said...

More bent coppers in the pic.

Anonymous said...

Anyone worked out why Griffin has invited Edmods on to the AC yet?

Anonymous said...

Deviating slightly, has anyone had a look at the Thurrock BNP Blog? What a disgace, on the home page is an Isreali blue Star of David with the words "We support Israel" - State or not, that about sums up Griffin's BNP.

A man in the know said...

I disagree that Griffin himself is State. Despite his failings he is genuinely politically minded, has a vast knowledge of world affairs and is extremely resourceful.

He has howveer allowed his vanity and greed for money to be used by elements who are definitely in the pay of HM Govt. The prime suspect has to be Simon Darby, a man with no political intelligence whatsoever has a senior civil servant as a partner (very few have actually seen her but she does exist, no you wont see her at RWB or any other event) when ordinary teachers and health workers are hounded out of their posts, has no means of income yet lives a grand lifestyle in a country house, drives a gas guzzling Volvo estate. He once shared a house in Cannock with known State asset Andy Carmichael. He is a rubbish organiser and was a crap councillor - all of which point to his lack of interest in politics and the community style politics in particular which the BNP has been pushing for years. He is a fraud, a phoney nationalist and number one suspect for ZOG's man in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Things have changed radically since the Express article.

As everyone in the BNP in the
1990s knew, the state's objective was to close it down or make it impossible to function. That made things clear. People at least knew where they stood.

Now it it to nurture a eunuch since it's plain nationslist ideas are not eradicable and gaining currency and need an outlet - especially under the openly sub Marxist Labour.

That confuses new nationalists who imagine they are making progress under Griffin. He is only too happy to take the money and leave them under that illusion.

At worat, the idea is that people should believe pressure from the BNP vote will make the big parties take on board the degree of nationalism most of the public want even if it does not get any power. The ideal managed protest vote.

When the Tories get in things will tend to return to the 1990s.

The public will be gradually disabused of the idea that Cameron will change anything. In six years or so Labour will say why bother electing the Tories. It should now be clear to you voters they are a pale shade of us.

Nationalism will then be seen as a big threat to the Tories since if they can't be relied on to change much where do you turn?

All the more important to spread the message. The BNP is currently largely a sham suiting the current convenience of the state. said...

Griffin may not be (or have been) state. But read "BY WAY OF DECEPTION" re. Mossad. These people use others vanity, greed and sexual pecadillos to switch them (knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly) to do their work.

Griffin's vanity, greed AND secxual pecadillos are ALL well known and partially documented.

The BNP has gone from being an anti-Zionist organisation to a pro-Zionist organisation in all but name.

2 + 2 = 4.

people can point, counter argue, smear, muddy the waters etc.


The BNP and its leadership have been switched, and the BNP is now a Neo-Con supporting party (in a two steps forward one step back way).


Anonymous said...

If Griffin has invited Richard to join the AC the reason would seem obvious. To neutralise Richard by making him appear one of Griffin's gang. Classic NG tactic.

RE will be perfectly aware!

Anonymous said...

The words quoted Are Also in an addition as, "I AM AIMING TO BUILD COMPREHENSIVE COMPUTER FILES ON THE COUNTRY'S ACTIVE RACISTS AND THEIR RELATIVES AND ASSOCIATES the words of the chief assistant commissioner of the met's race relation unit, Mr John Grieve.

Spearhead issue no 361 march 1999 front page of the above with JT'S caption.

And We all know the consequence's of the past 9 years of the purges and caricature assignations of those who could see the plot ,well our predictions are manifest now for all to see the folly of their mistakes in not believing JT and others as the N.J.G arse licker's are now regretting the day that they supported this loathsome piece of detritus.
Keith Axon.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds on the A.C. I do not know ????.
Keith Axon

Anonymous said...

Thurrock BNP Blog. yes thats very strange in such a prominent position as well. Why should a British nationalist be supporting any foreign country. Where is the flag of St. George on that site? What gimps there are in the BNP these days, shocking. I predict that Griffin will have his own column in either the Daily Express or the Daily Star within 12 months - more so if (God forbid) he becomes a MEP.

ex-AC member said...

"Anyone worked out why Griffin has invited Edmonds on to the AC yet?"

It's called appeasement or controlling your opponents. A clever move by Griffin to defuse criticism that he doesnt have a broad church of opinion around him. He can say look I havent got a bunch of incompetent fawning lackies about me anymore. Richard is a man of sound intelligence and ability to persuade might back fire on old one eye.

Anonymous said...

I've just had a look at the Thurrock Patriot Blog, are these idiots completely brain dead.

The answer is probably YES!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If such control is exercised by the state it works on the "dictatorship" structure of the BNP. If regions can become more self-funding and autonomous such state interference does not affect them.
Donors wishing to contribute to projects using large amounts of capital might do better to get involved with and fund regional projects - Truth trailers rather than Truth trucks!
Responsibility for expensive mailing projects could be broken into manageable regional chunks and revenue used locally. This would allow members to have more control over the direct use of funds.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone worked out why Griffin has invited Edmods on to the AC yet?

05 October 2008 06:29"

Yes, because Griffin hopes Edmunds will go forth to the hardliners, and sing his praises of transparency, and that all is hunky dory. He's also hoping it will prevent Jackson from challenging again. Griffin, is scum, nothing short of execution, is good enough for him.

Anonymous said...

"Griffin's vanity, greed AND secxual pecadillos are ALL well known and partially documented."

So are his and Darbys destruction of blossoming regions.


Care to bet that Stoke/Leicester will be smashed by the one eyed bastard next? The BNP is not a political party, its a Griffin business.

Preston Paul said...

So why are the two Sheffield drug pushers and nazis supporting Griffin?


or money?

rs said...

How easy will it be to reclaim the BNP from the Zionists? Something I have noticed is that an increasing number of new BNP recruits are Zionist liberals who joined because they hate Islam. Such people are often chavs from south Essex that have no real interest in nationalism.

Anonymous said...

The future position for the BNP,
waite for it wait for IT just waite will you do not be inpatient,now here it is YOU BOOTIE'S AND NOBS.


Anonymous said...

The triuble with the BNP of today is that there is no ideology. Most new members are just skin colour racists, don't like Pakis etc. To them Jews are white & therefore they are easily manipulated by Griffin & Co. Also, Nick Gerri of Thurrock Branch is a Jew, so I suppose they have to keep him sweet. Does anyone know who runs the Blog or who the Thurrock Organiser is?

Anonymous said...

Every time a breakthrough is made it is thrown away because fools and cranks are put forward.

East Mids doing to well, so lets blow it up!

Places like Walsall should have a strong BNP showing but idiots like ASBO James Bugler are put forward (on purpose?)

No, only this kind of ineptitude can be deliberate

rs said...

It's an issue of religion rather than race. These Zionist chavs from south Essex would hate to live next door to a nice and pleasant white English Muslim family but would probably be happy to live next to a West Indian family dealing drugs and blaring rap music and an Indian Hindu family stinking out the place with curry.

Anonymous said...

Stoke needs watching for signs of sabotage by the Griffin gang.

People need to see the pattern and understand that it is a pattern not isolated unusual incidents.

Anonymous said...

Not just Walsall - the West Midlands should be very fertile territory for the BNP. It is probably the worst performing region in England out of all BNP regions. Why is this? IS this coincidence that the RO is the BNP's deputy leader who doesnt even live in the region but lives in Wales where he can advise Griffin more closely?

Anonymous said...

Preston Paul said...
So why are the two Sheffield drug pushers and nazis supporting Griffin?


or money?

05 October 2008 17:49
Hey Pete are the two groids that watched your brother die in a pool of his own piss supporting Griffin now LOL .

You sad grassing bastard the lies you tell will catch up with you one day .

no hugs or kisses for you , you yellow toothed maggot hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Aren't the Griffinites a sick shower of shit after that last post ?

Anonymous said...

Its that sick druggie Griffinite Dave Howard from Sheffield that sent that;

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