Monday, October 27, 2008


I am English Exhibition or, Children of Albion

The 'I am English' exhibition is an art work which celebrates the great creative people of England. From the modern contemporary perspective of a destructive, degraded and 'dumbed down' present time it wishes to inspire and look toward a creative and good future. Thus by association making these contemporary people heirs and to inspire them to a greater future than they have currently given to them.

The work takes the form of three interconnected pieces consisting a large screen video projection of the faces of English people making affirmative statements about them being English. These positive statements include what they like about England, what they like about being English and perhaps who it is their favourite role model from English History. Following this a 'hall of names', or hall of heroes, famous and creative people from the history of England and then the third part an inspirational space that looks to the future.

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Anthony C Trebilcock

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Sounds interesting

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