Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vigilantism - the way forward ?

Have we to go backwards to go forwards again ?
The law abiding are suffering every day. The police seem only interested in their pensions.
Is there a need for a police force ?
Have they outlived their use ?
If so what will we replace them with ?
Replies please;


Anonymous said...

replace them with white mans stick !

Anonymous said...

Given that Britain is one of the most tightly policed countries in Europe, with CCTV cameras in every major street, advanced DNA technology that can identify you from anything you touch, security services that manage to infiltrate not only local branches of nationalist parties but also things like UKIP and Fathers for Justice (not to mention creating Internet entities such as the New Right to snare the unwary), I think that the vigilante approach is just a tiny bit on the unwise side.

The emphasis should be on prevention rather than cure. Do what I have done -- move your family far away from the cities, if you can, and live where crime rates are still low. Get proper protection for your home. Learn how to defend yourself and the far harder art of how to walk away from trouble. Teach these things to your family.

And if the worst comes to the worst and you fall victim to crime and cannot obtain redress through the courts, then remember the words of Sun Tzu: 'to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.'

This, I think, is the most sensible approach to the crime problem. We do not have the resources to solve it at any other level, nor is it likely will we be able to acquire such resources within our lifetimes.

D Michael

NorthWestNationalists said...

We need only look at the way they were also used in the Miners strikes in the 1980's to see that the Police often become politicised by the Government.

Their cap badges pledge loyalty to the monarch - not to a political party.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Policing is only a fairly recent phenomeneon. Has it been a success or a failure ?

Not too long after the Police force had been inaugurated, they had a serious failure with the Jack the Ripper case.

Arthur Conan Doyle developed his SHERLOCK HOLMES serials due to Police incompetence in the Jack the Ripper case.The public went mad for the Holmes newspaper stories.

We haven't progressed much have we ?

Anonymous said...

Police = Labour Party in uniform.

tonydj said...

Dear D Mitchell, I agree with your points with the reservation that we can't all move from the cities.

Given the examples you quote of security service infiltration, cctv, DNA etc one must ask "Who are these things aimed at?" since they have clearly failed to hit the criminal.

They are clearly aimed not at enforcing the LAW but at maintaining ORDER.

I have the absolute right to protect my life, property and that of my loved ones. In the past this was taken for granted. The state withdrew this right BUT IN RETURN PROMISED THAT IT WOULD PROTECT ME.

It has clearly failed in that duty and has broken it's promise.

(Interesting historical note. Dictatorial powers fall not when they are over dictatorial but when thay fail to 'deliver the goods'. Thus the Communist bloc fell when poverty was state induced (Rumania) or the state provisions were crap compared to what the West had (East Germany). Compare with Franco's Spain which lasted until the death of that fine patriot in 1975.)

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