Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

Here's the BBC Headline that now is making the rounds: Zimbabwe Running Out of Bread

(I enclose the full BBC article below, at the bottom)

Oh, come know you want to say it. Come on.......

Here, I'll say it for you. In fact, I already said it - and more than five years ago, at that:

Let Them Eat Cake!

Let Them Eat Cake
by Edgar J. Steele
August 11, 2002

Marie Antoinette, much-reviled "last queen of France," wasn't really as bad as so many said at the time of the French Revolution in the mid-1700's. She never said, "Let them eat cake," in response to complaints that the people had no bread. In fact, it was her maid who remarked that Parisians had so little food that the scrapings from the bottom of a bread pan would be a feast. That became twisted into the classic phrase of perfidious indifference so well known today.

Yes, she was a wastrel and an adultress, but her husband, to whom she was married at age 15 by her Austrian Empress mother to cement relations between Austria and France, was both impotent and fat. Somewhat telling of her character, when she followed her husband to the guillotine during the French Revolution, her last words were an apology to her executioner, when she accidentally stepped on his foot.

I bring this up merely to employ that infamous phrase with regard to the starving people of Africa, particularly South Africa. Not because I am insensitive, but because I wish to highlight the folly of the welfare mentality.

Two days ago, Brian Williams, the MSNBC anchor now slated to replace Tom Brokaw as NBC's network news anchor, penned an article entitled, "The struggle to survive in Malawi," a small country near the southern tip of the African continent. He attributed the rampant starvation there today to "years of bad harvest, erratic weather and the devastation of AIDS." He notes that these conditions are becoming typical throughout Africa.

But, as is so typical of the controlled media today, Mr. Williams neglected to note that this famine has been self-inflicted. He didn't say a word about how the vast farms of Zimbabwe, nee Rhodesia, in particular, which fed so many Africans until now, have been lain fallow. Because it is the black Africans doing it, you see.

Zimbabwean farmers, so productive that they had been supporting far more than the population of their own country, have been removed from their farms, if not killed outright, due to the racist policies of their black government rulers.

"Kill the Boer, kill the farmer," a phrase first uttered by ANC member of Parliament Peter Mokaba, is the mantra now shouted aloft by crowds of blacks at all manner of public meetings and demonstrations. The South African Human Rights Commission notes that this slogan is not hate speech, but merely a manifestation of "the constitutional rights to free speech."
More than 1,300 Zimbabwean farmers and farm workers and their families now have been murdered by roving bands of young African blacks, while authorities have stood by and literally watched, in what is nothing more than "ethnic cleansing," a euphemism for genocide.

The remaining white farmers are unable to leave their country because other countries, notably the USA, erect impassable immigration barriers to whites, while allowing a flood of nonwhites across their borders.

You don't hear about the carnage in Zimbabwe because it is politically incorrect to note the murder of whites by blacks anywhere in the world today. Zimbabwe President Thabo Mbeki calls the execution of white farm owners and workers, "the final stage of the revolution." Final because, presumably, they are now running out of white people to slaughter.

In the article referenced above, Brian Williams states that, "donations keep these people alive. The U.S. is the single largest donor, but there is only enough food to feed 500,000 people, just one sixth of what they need." Touching, indeed, but not nearly the whole story, as we see by bringing in the South African connection.

And, of course, those TV commercials depicting the fly-ridden, emaciated black children of Africa fail to note that these kids would be well fed if the white African farmers had been left alone.

Let them eat cake.

I know, those kids didn't kill the farmers and slaughter the livestock and cut up the farms to squat on and eat the seed corn in the sheds and so on, but there is a limit to those for whom I will feel responsible. Just now, we have malnourished children in America, for example.
African blacks, both those in government and those in the death squads, are responsible. They have killed their golden-egg-laying goose and have nobody to blame but themselves for today's lack of food.

Let them eat cake.

Of course, we in America who were so instrumental in driving whites out of political power in Africa must shoulder some responsibility, too. However, all the American liberals formerly so adamant about boycotting companies doing business with South Africa have morphed into neoconservatives and now care only about killing the enemies of Israel (including hundreds of thousands of Arabic children). They certainly show no concern about the murder of white children in Africa.

Now we are expected to feed Africa, though that continent possesses the most verdant soil in the world which, if cultivated properly, could serve as breadbasket to the rest of the human race.

Just as we have created a welfare class in America, which will persist so long as we continue the handouts, and which is an undeniable magnet to hordes of illegal immigrants, now we are expected to extend that mentality to other countries, as well. It isn't working here. It won't work there.

They wanted total self determination. Now they want all whites killed or driven from their countries while we open our borders to them.

Let them eat cake.

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the unbeliever said...

the africans are getting nothing less than what they deserve. we should leave them to starve as they dont want whites involved with their countries.

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