Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The BNP Accounts saga goes on and on !

Have the BNP accounts issue, got anything to do with what Gordon Brown might do in the very near future, and that is, to call a General Election ?

This could effectively destroy the BNP, if that is so.

Morale is bad now but a General Election campaign or to put it more correctly, a non campaign by the BNP if a General Election is called will be disastrous.

The Euro elections are not for a good while.

We at NWN, have said that Nick Griffin has been running the BNP down since early 2001.

We see no reason to alter that view !


Anonymous said...

I know that something is going down because I've been contacted by several journalists over the past few weeks seeking an interview.



Anonymous said...

I love Caradocs posting on SF

Griffin quoted from last months ID

"... take a brief look at a couple of the Big Lies emanating from the Nutzis and their Marxist allies:

The first is that the party's 2005 accounts reveal a leadership 'living high on the hog' with £63,215.09 * supposedly spent on five star hotels and jet-setting luxury. The detailed breakdown shown below, blows the trouble-makers' pitiful lies out of the water. ...

Nick Griffin, Chairman's Article, 'Identity', September 2007"

Then we have the BNP accounts signed by Griffin at the EC site

"Fuel . . . . . . . . . . . . £30,005.93
This includes the party's monthly literature run, Nick Griffin's average 40,000miles a year on speaking engagements and a host of other milage-eating but essential journeys by key personnel;

Accommodation . . . £6,901.70
This includes the frequent use of cheap motels by staff on the long journeys already mentioned;

Entertainment . . . . £7,687.49
Made up largely of RWB costs such as marquees, displays, and fireworks, costs at the Trafalgar Club Dinner, buffets at all-day events such as planning conferences and Advisory Council meetings, and looking after guests from the Front National and other overseas groups with which we need co-operation;

Meals . . . . . . . . . . . £963.32
Less then £100 per month and including, ironically, several with individuals who have gone on to complain that these figures are too high;

Room hire . . . . . . . £1,522.40

Subsistence . . . . . £4,010.25
The incidental expenses such as motorway services and snacks which go with the huge amount of travel outlined above;

Travel . . . . . . . . . £8,816.00
Rail/Taxis/Air the year in question several important visits to the USA, which later brought back in donations to the BNP, Civil Liberty, and Solidarity sunstantially more then their total cost, and thus clearly benefitted the Nationalist cause as a whole. It is also cheaper at times for staff who need to be in London, for example to meet the Electoral Commission or lawyers, to travel by train and taxi rather than by car.

RWB toilet hire . . £3,305.00

TOTAL . . . . . . . . £63,216.09 *"



the unbeliever said...

fuel cost are £70 for every 200 miles. i know as im a delivery driver and go to london every day from manchester

Hercule said...

"fuel cost are £70 for every 200 miles."

So 30,000 miles should cost around £10,500 according to my calculations.

Anonymous said...

"the unbeliever said...
fuel cost are £70 for every 200 miles. i know as im a delivery driver and go to london every day from manchester

11:46 AM"

The lit run takes place once a month and Griffin claims his expenses from the branches where he speaks. It would be cheaper for the BNP to use another source of delivery and to get a cheaper Chairman.



Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add, that if Royal Mail delivered the literature to the branches on the assumption that each branch takes 50 papers and 20 magazines, which they don't. It would cost the BNP just under £6,000 a year but as the branches currently pay the p&p to HQ it costs HQ nothing. So, summing up...

Griffin claims his travel expenses in cash from the branches when he speaks and you're all being ripped off on the lit run as the BNP already take a profit from the printing process before the branches make a miniscule profit at their meetings.

Royal Mail charge £9.35 for a 5kg parcel taking 3 days to deliver.

All other members get nothing for their petrol costs and they do the majority of the work.



the unbeliever said...

the fuel costs to london AND BACK from manchester in a van are £70. so its actually 400 miles not 200 as i originally said in my previous comment. so the travelling xcosta are even more of a pi**take than before

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