Friday, October 19, 2007

Sheffield : murdered lad a 'churchgoer' ?

No he wasn't , he was yet another gangsta !

Just like Jessie James in Moss Side, the 'mass media' trot out the usual garbage about these feral gun toting blacks.

In this case according to the media, he was a 'churchgoer'.

According to the media they are usually would be brain surgeons or followers of Mother Theresa and the Sisters of Mercy in Calcutta.

Yet again, if we look a little closer, we see that the murdered lad Jonathan Matondo was nicknamed the 'venemous' , El Diablo and the 'General' !

The General ?

Here is an example from the Sheffield Star;

Boy shot dead "was churchgoer"

A TEENAGER shot dead in a Sheffield park was a churchgoer who had dreams of becoming a priest, it has been revealed.
The 16-year-old, named this evening as Jonathan Matondo from Burngreave, was gunned down in a recreation area on Nottingham Cliff yesterday.A post mortem examination revealed he died from a single gunshot wound to the head.In an emotional press conference, his uncle Armand Vibila paid tribute to a "wonderful, funny boy" who regularly attended church.

He said: "He was only 16, much too young to die. He was such a good boy and so funny."This should not happen in our community, this should not happen to my Jonathan."

And Rev of his local church Jack Kinsiona, said he "could not understand who someone would want to hurt Jonathan".He added: "Jonathan was a great person. He had been to my church on many occasions and he had told me 'I want to be a preacher', to which I said yes."

Chief Supt Jon House, district commander for Sheffield, said he was confident the police would be able to make arrests "shortly" but he asked for anyone with information to contact them urgently.

But if we read the messages/comments, from his friends in the link above, we see all the gangsta niggah sub cultural nonsense being spouted. Just as we had with Jessie James who was yet another innocent gangsta.

We don't have a gun problem, we have a black problem !


Anonymous said...

typical !

spinball said...

Whats that knife all about ?

Anonymous said...

The media doing its best to keep us whiteys in the dark till its too late.

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