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The Jews were up in arms when Rome said the Latin - or Tridentine - Mass could be freely said, because of the 'Easter prayer' for the conversion of Jews.
One prayer was used to attack the whole Christian ethos and a liturgy used for a thousand years plus. This Cardinal says that the traditional prayer 'will probably be altered' for fear of the Jews -- just as the disciples hid in a room 'for fear of the Jews'-- when, as he says, Jews see nothing wrong in the worst possibly blasphemies against Christ and his mother, as well as obscenities and hatred against all gentiles and especially Christians.
When we hear, in the mainstream media, that Jews still refer to Christ as a 'bastard' it is the Cardinal who mentions this who is being controversial! Now THAT is Chutzpah!]:
Call for Jews to stop calling Jesus a bastard
By Ben MartinLast Updated: 12:14am BST 06/10/2007
A senior American cardinal has asked Jews to reconsider descriptions of Jesus as a "bastard" in exchange for a softening of traditional Catholic prayers calling for Jews to be converted to Christianity.The controversial comments, by Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago, concern a prayer said during Easter celebrations by the small number of parishes or priests who celebrate a particular form of Good Friday mass.
Those version of Good Friday prayers calls for the congregation to pray for Jews to be converted to Christianity.But Cardinal George said this prayer should be amended to ensure it did not offend Jews."I suspect (the amendment) probably will be (made), because the intention is to be sure that our prayers are not offensive to the Jewish people who are our ancestors in the faith," Cardinal George said in an interview with the National Catholic Reporter."We can't possibly insult them in our liturgy … not that any group has a veto on anybody's prayers, because you can go through Jewish texts and find material that is offensive to us.
But if we're interested in keeping the dialogue strong, and we have to be, we should be very cautious about any prayer that they find insulting.
"But this should mean that Jews, in turn, consider amending their own religious texts, he said."It does work both ways. Maybe this is an opening to say, 'Would you care to look at some of the Talmudic literature's description of Jesus as a bastard, and so on, and maybe make a few changes in some of that?'"


Anonymous said...

Heresy !

NorthWestNationalists said...

NWN cannot express our anger at this stuff.

Anonymous said...

On Stormfront Jack Black has started his „A HISTORY OF THE JEWS“.

In it he also quotes parts from the Jewish Talmud and comments from prominent Jews. Well worth reading. Last night he added part 4 of the series.

I quote:
“Much of The Talmud, as regards the stance it takes against those of non-Jewish origin, is a work of hatred. The Rabbis, who compiled it over many centuries, instruct the reader how they may best practice this hatred. Interesting that it should serve as the legal code of a people whose leadership likes to pose as opponents of hatred. Communism and Zionism were both born of this book.

The Talmud, not the Torah or the rest of the Old Testament, is the most consulted authority by Orthodox Jewry.”

Another example...

“In his 1982 book, The Friars and the Jews. The Evolution of Medieval Anti-Judaism, Jeremy Cohen says:

The Jesus of The Talmud... is mentioned as condemned to wallow eternally in boiling excrement... When forced to admit that one Talmudic passage mentioning the crimes of Jesus and his execution did indeed apply to the Christian Jesus, Yehiel still emphasized that The Talmud was not responsible for maintaining this opinion among Jews.”

the unbeliever said...

christianity is a jewish religon anyway

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax says....

"the unbeliever said...
christianity is a jewish religon anyway"


Just because something is Jewish does not make it either good or bad.

If you want to judge Christianity, consider what it says...'love your neighbour as yourself'.

And who is 'your neighbour'?

None other the jews...the despised Samaritan.

What is wrong with Talmudic Judaism is that it is the written record of several centuries worth of sustained intellectual effort to show that the basic law of human decency - treat others as you want them to treat you - does not apply to Jews.

We may think it obvious today, but at the time this basic law or moral concept was revolutionary.

You can apply an easy test.

If the law is complicated, can it be just?

Of course not, because then only the more intelligent could understand it and it is no crime to be less intelligent.

On the one hand we have 2 simple, crystal clear commandments from your God (which is really only urging people to love virtue more than selfish interest).

On the other hand, we have a gigantic body of intellectual sophistry...all of it trying to prove how something utterly hateful is somehow the Talmud.

Of course it is else can you prove the earth is flat or that selfishness is somehow good? Except by interminable, convoluted intellectual acrobatics?

Which is just?

The simple commands of Jesus, which can be understood in an instant or the Talmud, which requires months of reading and years of study?

Don't waste your time reading the Talmud to find out, just apply the simple test mentioned above.

All the best...Bill Jax

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