Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tony Lecomber - the grass !

Thank you for your e-mail headed "Lecomber Grass".
Most people believe that Tony Lecomber runs the "" web site.
Despite his expulsion from the BNP, Lecomber still acts as Griffin's message-carrier and propagandist.
It is also widely believed that it is because of this work that Lecomber continues to be paid cash-in-hand gratuities by Griffin (from BNP funds) even though he has been expelled from the party.
You might be interested in the two e-mails (the second is by way of being a P.S. to the first) which I have received recently from one of M'Learned Friends.
I have been told by other contacts that Griffin is now anxious to expel Eddy Butler from the BNP, even though he is the BNP's elections expert.
It seems that after Butler was attacked outside Loughton Tube Station by Lecomber (who tried to disguise himself with a mask which Butler pulled off in the tussle).
Butler was only persuaded not to go to the Police by Griffin promising to expel Lecomber and to categorise him as a "Proscribed Person" via the BNP Organisers Bulletin.
Butler submitted to Griffin the terms of that Proscription Notice.
In the event, while Lecomber was expelled, Griffin tore up Butler's Proscription Notice.
Instead, Griffin issued a very mild statement saying that even though Lecomber was now no longer a member of the party, he is "a genuine nationalist" and so was NOT a Proscribed Person. Griffin added that BNP members were therefore free to associate with Lecomber on a social/private basis.
Butler erupted at this and had a blazing row with Griffin so intense that Griffin is seeking a way of expelling him.
As I see it, the same people who are patronising and protecting Griffin (right-wing Zionists and media Neo-Cons first and foremost, but also, I think, the Police and the Whitehall 'Establishment') do the same for Lecomber.
John Tyndall was of the view that Lecomber was "turned" by the Special Branch during his last jailing. As you will see below, my contact reports that many believe Lecomber got a very light jail sentence after beating-up a Jewish teacher at a Tube station.
He already had one previous conviction for bomb-making and would normally have gone down for quite a long time.
Recruiting political people serving or facing long stretches is a long-established Special Branch method for adding to their army of informants.Sometimes these people end up becoming full-time salaried snouts who get a handsome monthly retainer, plus expenses, plus -- if they have been on the job for a decade or more -- a four figure gratuity when they come to the end of their informing career. All such payments are tax free.
This is what happened in the case of Peter Marriner, the long-term informant for the West Midlands Police Special Branch., who was featured on the "True Spies" TV series of a couple of years ago.The film-makers did a bad job (deliberately?) of obscuring Marriner's identity.
Marriner not only spied on right wing groups but also, when that scene was quiet, spied on the far Left from within the Labour Party in his capacity as a Labour Party constituency agent in Birmingham (a fact not mentioned in the programme).
The Police and other elements of the Whitehall 'Establishment' such as the Home Office like the direction Griffin has taken the BNP.
They like:
(1) No more marches and demonstrations and public meetings which attract the attention of the Red 'Rentamob' and which "provoke" riots which could spark of major racial conflagrations, with which the Police could not cope and which would require the Army being deployed in support of the civil power.
(2) Acceptance of the the multi-racial society. Griffin declared on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme that "repatriation would be unfeasible and inhumane". (This is another potential burden lifted from the shoulders of the Police. At the moment, even individual illegal immigrants can avoid being compulsorily repatriated by throwing a tantrum in the airport!) In the same interview Griffin accepted inter-racial breeding by saying that Britain can take "a little salt in the soup".
(3) As a consequence of the fundamental ideology shift set out above in (2) Griffin has directed the focus of the BNP membership away from opposing ALL immigration and rejecting the concept of a multi-racial society, towards an anti-Muslim campaign, which newcomers to nationalism and the more stupid among the BNP membership confuse with a principled and logical racial-nationalist position.
These people never ask: If Zionist-Jewry is entitled to insist that Israel be "a homeland for the Jews", why cannot the indigenous British demand that the British Isles be "a homeland for the British"?
The British 'Establishment' is committed to the American / Israeli / Neo-Con project which has inflamed Muslim opinion world-wide provoking Muslims in the UK and elsewhere to resort to terrorism.
Zionist-Jewry and the Neo-Cons happily exploit this situation (helped by Griffin and the BNP) by seeking to demonstrate to the Gentile 'lumpen' that "the West", in fighting side-by-side with "brave little Israel" against the "terrorist Muslims", is engaging in the age-old "Clash of Civilisations".
The horrendous terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing by which the state of Israel was created and by which it is sustained to this very day is all ignored, of course.
This is the screaming injustice ignored by "the West" for decades which has impelled outraged frantic Muslims down the terrorism path.
Have you read Griffin's outpouring expounding the Zionist line on the "Clash of Civilisations" posted on the BNP web site a year or so ago?
It could have been drafted by Melanie Phillips or Danny Finkelstein.
I have it on file, if you would like to see a copy?
Israel and "the West" are the good guys in the white hats, while the Muslims are the bad guys in the black hats.
Is this what used to be referred to as "simple patriotism"?
I am copying this e-mail to a few entities in my Contacts List who share an interest in these issues.
From: [snip]To: Martin Webster Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2007 10:21 PM

Subject: From one of my covert sources . . .
Griffin seems to be getting rid of his old Executive Committee, and forming a new invisible one, incorporating;Arthur Kemp; Tony Lecomber; Patrick Harrington; Simon Darby; Lee Barnes.
This inner circle is nothing to do with the EC, but the real people that Griffin shares ideas with.
As the EC can get rid of the Party Chairman by a two thirds majority if they wish, rumour has it that Griffin is moving to abolish the EC.
Doc Russell had a heated argument with Arthur Kemp about Tony Lecomber. Kemp told him he was a useless fat old fucker who should just go away.
This was the real reason for his departure, and not because of Doc's first wife being Polish.The general feeling amongst the (ever growing) anti-Griffin crowd, is that Griffin wishes to use the European elections to put all the party's resources into fighting the best seat.
Griffin hopes to get elected, whereby he'll be on £250,000 a year tax free + expenses + pension. After five years, he would then be in a position to switch parties if he so wished (ahem), and then possibly retain his seat for another five years. Chaiow for now,
From: [snip]To: Martin Webster Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2007 10:36 PM
Subject: ps.It's an interesting thought that of those on this list, Arthur Kemp has been named by Gaye Darby-Lewis (wife of jailed South African patriot Clive Darby-Lewis) as a South African police spy, Simon Darby (who lives a comfortable middle class life style without visible means of support, and claims to be in business while working virtually full time for the BNP) is probably a career MI5 agent, while the late John Tyndall suspected that Tony Lecomber had been "turned" by the British state during his second spell in gaol (when he received a remarkably light sentence for attacking a Jewish school teacher). Lee Barnes is completely insane, while Patrick Harrington is nominally the leader of another political party (the Third Way)!====================================-----Original Message
-----From: joe owens To: resistance Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 3:00 PM

Subject: Lecomber Grass
Strange how Lecomber never made any newspaper headlines or TV documentaries?
Joe Owens


Anonymous said...

Exactly what do these 2 emails actually prove?

They are both just allegations and might well be true, but Webster provides no evidence to back them up.

Lecomber got a light sentence. So what? How many times does the judiciary hand out ridiculously lenient sentences?

The fact that Lecomber got a lenient sentence is evidence only that the judiciary is blithely carrying on handing down pathetic sentences from its ivory tower.

Had Lecomber got a heavy sentence initially, which was then reduced on appeal...well that might be more interesting.

To give readers just a small insight into the perverse leniency of the judiciary, consider the black man whose leg was blown off during the London bus bombings. He was about to be used as an icon of how multicultural Britain bravely faced the terrorists...until one of the victims came forward to denounce him.

Years previously, he had led a gang of youths who raped two women up to 40 times...FORTY TIMES!!!

Aiding and abetting an offence carries the same penalty as personally committing the offence. He led the gang and was present throughout and was found to be their leader. So he could have been found guilty of nearly 70 counts of rape.

The maximum sentence for rape is life imprisonment.

The maximum sentence is reserved for the very worst cases.

So what did Justice Cocklecarrot hand down?

8 years.

One wonders what goes through the demented imagination of a judge who considers such a case of rape as not the very worst of its kind.

Perhaps the torture of the victims would need to be involved?

But that is no excuse, as then there would be 2 separate charges, rape and assault.

So, what would make the rape alone worse, for which the maximum sentence would have to be reserved?

It is difficult to imagine. Yet the judge managed to do do many of his colleagues throughout the land on so very many occasions.

So Tony Lecomber got a light sentence...yawn.
All the best...Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Lecomber should have been looking at 10-15 years.

Anyone who tries to downplay this is either a fool or something worse.

Anonymous said...

Griffin doesn't give a damn about anything in the UK. What he's really after is a seat on the incredibly lucrative Euro gravy-train.

There's a good chance that once he's got that, he'll switch sides to the Tories and then have a second bite at the cake, finally retiring as a millionaire.

Joe Owens said...

I never posted you an email about Lecomber, so how did it find it's way to NWN?

Joe Owens said...

How did NWN receive an email from me about Lecomber, when i never sent them one?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...