Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nick Griffin to stand in Thurrock at the General Election ?

According to Simon Darbys blog, Herr Griffin will stand in Thurrock. What is wrong with Oldham, Keighley or West Bromwich this time ?

At least he will not be around in the North of England, he has caused enough problems up here as it is.

But beware good East London folk. Wherever Mr.Griffin 'lays his hat' ...........he causes trouble , strife and general chaos.

We wonder who decided 'his lordship' would stand in Thurrock ?

Also, will Thurrock get any help and funding from BNP HQ funds ? We bet they do.

As an example; when Griffin stood in the West Bromwich by-election, he even spent money on a leaflet just for Asians, among extra party monies he allows himself when parachuting into the best vote areas.


Anonymous said...

Obvious. These days the BNP is getting better votes in the London area.

Anonymous said...

Phew! That's a relief then. We all predicted after a careful analysis of the voting percentages and other factors that the Bloated Bastard would stand in the East Midlands. I can now sleep soundly in my bed knowing that vile creature will be laying is greasy golden egg in East London. Come on chaps, we need to raise a fund for the poor people of Thurrock who will have to suffer his verbal incontinence from now until the General Election.

Anonymous said...

NG surrounds himself with yes-men:

bernie the bolt said...

reasonable video clip here..
'borrowed' from another forum!!
too bloody true though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip bernie the bolt. YouTube video made into new post. *thmbs up*

one who knows said...

When the BNP get better votes somewhere else, Griffin will impose himself there too.

He never gets invited to stand in any given area he just invites himself.

Anonymous said...

The late Derrick Day would have strangled Nick Griffin.

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