Monday, October 15, 2007

New Anne Frank drama to air on BBC
Anne Frank: will be played by Ellie Kendrick.
The BBC is to dramatise the diary of Anne Frank, the German Jewish girl forced to hide from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic, in a series that will be shown across a week.

BBC1 will schedule the five 30-minute episodes of The Diary of Anne Frank - which will be made by Darlow Smithson Productions, the company behind Oscar-winning documentary Touching the Void - in pre-watershed slot early next year.

The drama will follow the scheduling model of Bleak House, which was broadcast in the same way after EastEnders in December 2005 and proved a success, pulling in 6 million viewers.
Deborah Moggach, whose credits include the recent film version of Pride and Prejudice, wrote the new Anne Frank drama.

It will tell Frank's story from before the days she was forced into hiding with her family and friends in a secret annex above a warehouse and through the two years they spent in the cramped and increasingly harsh conditions.

"The Diary of Anne Frank is an intimate portrayal of a family living through the most horrifying times but yet managing to maintain a sense of hope.

"We wanted audiences to identify with all the characters in the story - particularly Anne, who as a bright, funny, energetic teenager, today still seems entirely modern."

The BBC commissioning editor, Polly Hill, added: "Despite the horrors of the time and the ultimate tragedy of this family, Anne was a teenage girl, recognisable the world over, having to cope with the usual problems of growing up - albeit in extraordinary circumstances.
"We hope this drama will bring Anne alive to viewers of all generations."

Darlow Smithson acquired the rights to the diary from the Anne Frank Fonds, the body that administers the copyright to Frank's writings.

The Diary of Anne Frank is said to be the world's most widely read work of non-fiction after the Bible.
NWN: We can't wait to see how the film depicts the radical change in Anne Franks handwriting over such a short period. Another item to look out for is, just how did Anne Frank get hold of a ballpoint pen 'before' they were invented ? Can't wait see how they do this !


Anonymous said...

Bill Jax says...

The Diary of Anne Frank is just the sort of material we need to use as sober, calm evidence of Zionist propaganda and manipulation.

However, NWN, you shoot yourselves in the foot again by mentioning the ball point pen.

It is certainly true that sections of volume 4 were written in ball point pen, which were not available to the public until 1951, but were available to soldiers during WWII.

However, the parts in ball point pen were confined to notes made on loose leaves. These notes were most probably written by Otto Frank, Anne's father, when organising the material.

So, the ball point pen does not show that Anne Frank's Diary is a forgery.

What DOES show it is a forgery is a wealth of other material, which you do not mention. Why?

The layout of the place where the Frank family and others hid make it impossible for some of the events described to have occurred.

The behaviour of some of the 'witnesses' after the war makes them totally unreliable. I refer to their unwillingness to confirm in detail what Otto Frank claimed they saw.

The fact that Otto Frank was successfully sued in New York by a fellow jew and awarded US$50,000 for his contribution to the diary.

The form of the diary itself, which is more like a draft, containing many reworkings, of a type of novel.

The opinion that it is impossible for it to be the work of a teenager.

The long history of other literary frauds in the same holocaust vein.

It just goes on and on...yet you mention the ball point pen bit, which is so easily exposed as irrelevant.

It is always tempting to look for the smoking gun...the one killer fact that proves everything. The ball point pen is NOT it! It is a distraction from the mountain of real evidence and you should only mention the ball point pen to warn readers not to fall into the trap, but focus on stuff that is true.

I have mentioned this before and will pull you up every time you do it, NWN.

Stop spouting crap when you have the genuine evidence available! Twits!

All the best...Bill Jax

tonydj said...

A friend of mine who has worked in Syria tells me of a joke the Arabs tell.

It says that the arab nations don't need intelligence services or spies to learn when the Israelis are planning an attack. They just read the TV listings and when a programme or series on The Holocaust is broadcast they know something is coming, European or American opinion is being prepared for Israeli attacks!

Iran anybody??

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...