Saturday, October 27, 2007

Racism worse crime than murder say reds !

Racism worse crime than murder say reds !

According to the zionist/communist 'Searchlight' centred LUAF, my comments are worse than the murder of my late brother.
Their story though, admittedly, was quite sympathetic. Much more than many of the arsewipes in British nationalism.
I thank them for their humanity.
Unfortunately, we have much of the scum of the earth in white nationalism. Just check out VNN UK for most of them plus the Tommy Williams group. These scumbags issue threats on the web every day, and have done for years, without Police intervention.
I have had to change my phone number due to menacing calls from;
Tommy Williams -Sheffield
FYC/Simmo - Oldham
Jock(?) Shearer - Oldham
Griffins pervert bodyguard - Leeds
Adrian Brooks / Kruger - Manchester
and a number of others which BT have recorded. These are all Griffins central players. Just using 141 does not beat BT you pricks !
We also have the unfortunate scenario of the intellectuals of British nationalism doing feck all.
Just what is Richard Edmonds doing for example ?
Then we have Pete Rushton with Eddy Morrison and the drunken thug/idiot and incontinent Pete Williamson from Brighton. Rushton has a first class honours degree from Oxford. So why is he trashing friendship to be with these nazi wannabes ?
Both Edmonds and Rushton need to get a grip - pronto !
When we have the singing, castrato crook, Griffin. Running the show. We ought not to be allowed to run our own Country.
For my own part, this board will be having a radical think, and a definite change of policy.


jack from rochdale said...

Shearer charges Rochdale BNP to act as a bouncer. He gets £30 a meeting. That is why he loves Griffin.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I believe that is true jack !

Anonymous said...

Is this the start of another Griffin-sponsored campaign of intimidation?

Anonymous said...

Just about everyone who loves Griffin is on the payroll. Nuff said !

Anonymous said...

Sid Williamsons pissing incident
was when he helped himself to John Woods booze so much he pissed himself on the sofa.

If that is how Sid repays friendship bollox to him I say.

Anonymous said...

Brooks won a fake winston churchill competition once.

Anonymous said...

rushton is well dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Rochdale BNP :

We have paid Jock Shearer on many occasions . He is one of Griffins security team.

Siegfried said...

I have to disagree with the comments about Rushton and Edmonds.

Rushton has been expelled from the BNP and is doing his bit the best way he can. He makes excellent speeches and write one of the best magazines going at the moment 'Heritage and Destony'. John Tyndall once said "If Peter Rushton is a spy I wish we had 100 more like him.'

As for Richard Edmonds he has devoted over 30 years of his life to his beliefs and is out every week leafleting with Croydon BNP as well as speaking at branch meetings up and down the country. He is still in contact with Valerie Tyndall and was the only Nationalist present at JT's funeral. The platform he shared with Sid Williamson (not to be confused with Tommy Williams) was after a pro Zundell demo in London, which was open to all Nationalists. If you speak to people about Richard you will realise he is one of the most respected men in British Nationalism.

BPP member said...

Despite what you think about the BPP they work very hard and are sincere in their beliefs. I attended their first AGM in Leeds and was impressed by their passion and how hard they were working with little resources and little money.

I have spoken to alot of old timers in the BNP and they agree that the BPP resembles politically the BNP of the early 1990's, whereas the BNP today resembles the Tory party of the 1950's.

Do not believe the rubbish written about Eddy Morrison and Sid Williams, by the reds. They don't strike me as a drinking club or a Hitlerite sect, they strike me as a brave and dedicated group.

NorthWestNationalists said...


Then you will no doubt know that I have myself spoken at wnp/BPP meetings.

My 'beef' is with Morrison who told lies about me, saying on the web that I had threatened to burn his house down.

This was posted all over the internet by Pete Williamson.

Errrm, I know that Morrison lives in a flat !

Morrison can be a congenital liar, for example; he said his mother had died a few years back, on the web. In fact, she hadn't died then at that time. Is that NOT sick or what ?

As far as Williamson......the guy is just an hypocrite, liar and whatever else you wish to acclaim.

The BPP is going nowhere under these two.

If you still wish to support them then do so !

NorthWestNationalists said...

RE is indeed the most respected nationalist in the UK, that is why I am so frantic about his non-activism.

I have known Richard personally since about 1980.

It is just not good enough to say he is going out leafletting for the BNP.

He could be a conduit to rid the movement of the low lifes such as Griffin, but he chooses not to do so.

We have focussed on RE to try to get him to 'take up the challenge' and lead us, even if only temporarily, to win the movement back.

At the moment, all we can see is yet another copy of the old Oswald Mosley dinners in remembrance.

It's not good enough !

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