Thursday, December 01, 2011

Man raped by two men

Is that not newsworthy ?

It's rather like the analogy for news that 'dog biting man' isn't newsworthy, but man bites dog is . All rape is a despicable crime, but the raping of men is extremely unusual isn't it ?

Well it's not considered newsworthy enough in the Rochdale,Lancashire area.

Well not according to the ROCHDALE OBSERVER and the MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS as neither 'newspaper' has mentioned it.

Certainly websites of both papers contains no mention of this heinous crime. Of course that hadn't anything to do with the race of the perpetrators in this case had it ? Two black men are sought by Police.

Both of the above newspapers are owned by the liberal/left GUARDIAN Newspaper Group and both are well known for their pro-immigrant bias.

A man was raped near Rochdale town centre, near the railway station, last Monday evening and not one of the local newspapers reported this news story.

Conspiracy theorists might suggest the reason why these two papers declined to run with this story. We just argue that these papers have an agenda, and that agenda does not run with or support the British people.

If the BBC hadn't mentioned this story, no-one would have ever heard about this truly appalling crime.

It might also be worthy of note that Rochdale has a very large Asian population but almost no blacks, until very recently.

Of late there has been a number of these so called asylum seekers starting to be thrown into the town, especially onto the Falinge estate, resulting in national headlines about the huge percentage of unemployed in that area.


Rochdale police hunt two men who raped man

A 32-year-old man was raped by two other men as he walked along the street in Rochdale on Monday afternoon.

Greater Manchester Police said the man was attacked near Halfpenny Bridge, between Oldham Road and Richard Street, at 17:15 GMT.

One of the men said something to him and he was assaulted after turning to walk away from them.

Both men are described as black, around 5ft 6in tall (1.65m), of medium build and with short hair.

Det Con Dave Gill, from Rochdale CID, said: "Incidents like this are rare and I would like to reassure members of the community that we are determined to find who is responsible for this horrendous attack."

Police have appealed for witnesses.


Anonymous said...

Stop Immigration Start Repatriation

Now! Typical of the Zionist press

not to print this story.

Anonymous said...

So the police have appealed for witnesses but the local newspapers haven't covered that police appeal ?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chief Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs: 'I believe our method is friendlier.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the police are bothering with this as homos can only ever be victims of prejudice and can never be criminals.

They bought some ham... said...

Some years back the ROCHDALE OBSERVER gave a Mothers Day prize and award to a bloke dressed as a woman.

The prize included a meal for 2 to the Crimble hotel and restaurant.

The 2 gay men that won the prize had a spiffing time.

The Observer were aware and no this isn't a joke.

Anonymous said...

Paul Flynn MP in 'anti-Semitic' remark row.

Final Conflict said...

Surely it's not "rape" to the Islingtonistas or Chipping Norton Set, it is "spreading harmony to the unwilling."

Positive discrimination in action.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian sees the rape of a White Man by two niggers as cultural enrichment.

Anonymous said...

Blacks rape měn in jail aswell .remember that black that raped 43 old ladys they are dirty scum. Millwall

Anonymous said...

Jew papers never report crimes on british people , if a jew man was raped ,you would soon know about it. Like the war ,poor jews,never say thanks ,wake up britian the press are run by scum jews

Anonymous said...

BBC Keep the black crime quite, but only reports on "white racists" keep the whites in the dark ...J

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