Saturday, December 03, 2011

BNP says support Emma West and be expelled

"The demonstrations in support of Emma West are being organised by a ponzi scheme masquerading as a political party whose leader collaborated with the Marxist BBC when it attempted to smear loyal nationalists. Any BNP members found attending or supporting these demonstrations in any way will leave themselves open to expulsion from the party."

The above quote was made by the so called 'Derrick Day' over on the BDF forum.

This scumbag is either Nick Griffin himself or his 'bumboy' Patrick Harrington.

The irony is, the late real Derrick Day (pictured above with the microphone) would have 'punched the lights out' of both Griffin, all his paid security, and Harrington together, and with one arm tied behind his back. He was a real hard case.


Anonymous said...

Thats just Gri££in trying to cause splits in the nationalist movement again.

Anonymous said...

Typical Griffin.

And he and the BNP are doing what exactly for Emma West ?

Anonymous said...

gri££in being a mep could do more then most other nationalists to help this woman. but gri££in is a lazy fat bastard and a possible state agent he will do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Griffin can't afford to expel any more members , no wonder he has put up the membership fees

Anonymous said...

This is now the calibre of the average BNP member ! Bimingham organiser Paul Hickman is the bitch known as IC1MALE sounds like he's turned into Griffins bitch.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in's new irresistible Ponzi offer - pay by direct debit £500 a year not to joint the BNP - or else Martin Reynolds will be force-feeding you some of his smoking hot bum pies.

Fly on The Wall

Anonymous said...

Who gives a toss what the BNP say. We are all expelled anyway - who gives? People have moved on whether it be to smaller parties or campaign groups.

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?