Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr. David Duke Exposes the new Zionist-doctored U.N. report meant to move us to war against Iran

Is Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons? The Big Lie Again!

A recent article by Fredrik Dahl of Reuters unintentionally exposes the next Big Lie to create a war for Israel. A war with Iran, whether from Israel, the U.S. or both, would of course be a catastrophic war that would far eclipse the incredible destruction of the Iraq War. The Iraq War which was launched on the big lie that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It did immense damage to the Iraqi people and also to the over 300,000 Americans who have endured traumatic brain damage, horrific injuries, or death. It has also cost trillions of American dollars in direct costs and trillions more in a huge spike of oil prices that caused enormous economic damage to the United States and the world.

The Zionists through their enormous clout in politics, international finance and media are working hard to create another catastrophic, unpatriotic, treasonous war based on new lies. The first war was led by Jewish extremists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and a host of Zionist warmongers collectively called Neocons. They just as well should be called Ziocons. For they are Zionists and con men. I say the Iraq war was criminal and treasonous by U.S. law because it was nothing less than treason to send American troops into a war that caused hundreds of thousands of them to lose life or limb, for a lie. To send Americans into battle in a war that ultimately harms America and is for a foreign power is nothing short of treason.

I dared to travel the nation and the world to say there were no weapons of mass destruction. But, it turned out I was right, and even a government study proved that all of the so-called weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed by 1995, 8 years before this war.

Of course, even if Iran had weapons of quote, ”mass destruction,” such cannot justify a massive war anymore than America’s weapons of mass destruction would justify a massive bombing of our cities and an invasion that would leave a million dead Americans. The Israeli government committed terrorism against us in the false flag terrorist attacks on American facilities in Egypt, and the murderous attack on an American navy intelligence ship in international waters, causing a total of 173 American casualties and killing 34.

Now we are coming closer to a more horrific war that will lead to more terrorism and hatred across the world. But, the Zionist Jews of Israel and NY and Washington and London can’t get support for a vicious attack on Iraq without creating the lie that Iran is threat to America and Europe. So our Zionist-handled, Goldman Sachs-financed president says no option is off the table, even to point of bombing nuclear power plants which would have horrific ramifications similar to Chernobyl or Fukashima. To justify that carnage they must make the big lie that Iran is going to turn their non-existent weapons on Europe. Before they make that lie they first they have to manufacture evidence that Iran is building an atomic bomb.

So, the U.N., whose highest echelon, of course, is overwhelmingly controlled by the Security Council and ultimately by the United States, has been dispatched to set up the new big lie that Iran is building a bomb.

The Report by the International Atomic Energy Agency which is to be released shortly, is being set up as a reason to go to war against Iran. But listen carefully to the wording of the Reuter’s news story.

The lead off of the story says quote,

(Reuters) – The U.N. atomic watchdog is set to issue a report this week with detailed intelligence pointing to research and experiments in Iran to develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs, Western diplomats say.

That sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it, “a report with detailed intelligence pointing to research and experiment to develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs. But, this statement is so meaningless. It doesn’t say Iran is developing any nuclear bomb but is doing research that could develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs. So that could include practically anything, such as having physics instructors at their universities and training them. Learning about nuclear power which the reason why they have nuclear plants to begin with, that could also develop technology and skills for weapons, etc. This argument could be used if Costa Rica developed a nuclear power plant.

One has to read deep into the article to find the source of this very speculative claim.

Finally the heart of the new big lie comes to light. In a section subtitled “Where does the information come from,” it says and I quote,

It has not named the countries which have supplied the data, but it is widely believed to come from the United States, its European allies such Britain, France and Germany as well as Israel, and through the agency’s own investigations.

Oh, it’s intelligence from the United States, the same Zionist agents who are actively trying to destroy the Iranian regime because it opposes Israel. It is driven by the same inordinate Zionist influence prominent during the Iraq War, the same Zionist intelligence network that went before the world with its step-and-fetch-it, Colin Powell, reading the Zionist prepared lies about Iraq’s later proven to be non-existent weapons of mass destruction. But ladies and Gentlemen, have no fear, the UN report is based on intelligence from Britain, home of a Jewish Pac is just as strong as AIPAC is here, and France, which has a Zionist Jew as President, and of course, a main source of the intelligence is also supplied by Israel. We can really trust Israel, which is seriously planning a strike on Iran even a possible nuclear strike on Iran, sure we can!

We can’t be intelligent if we trust one line of any of this intelligence!

Just remember folks. Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and allows inspections.

Israel will not sign the NPT and Israel allows no inspections of any of its huge arsenal of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Israel threatens Iran with horrific attacks.

Iran does not threaten Israel, by saying, unless Israel dismantles the Atomic weapons it already has, Iran will attack.

If Israel attacks Iran, and if America supports Israel in such an insane endeavor, such a policy is nothing short of treason to the American people and treason the true interests of every American loyal to America rather than Israel.

-David Duke

NWN : There is a podcast with this report on the above link on David Dukes website.


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