Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Tram woman' remanded in custody - worse crime than murder says British State and controlled mass media.

It is quite clear that this woman and her son are the ethnic minority in this area of London and while this site does not condone her choice of language, the totalitarian state have gone OTT in this case by remanding her in custody till the 6th.December.


While this lady obviously has problems, and she is probably too inarticulate to express them properly. She only said what a great many British people are thinking here in the UK. We are not allowed to express our views that our Country, the United Kingdom, is being purposely flooded with immigrants, and we are not supposed to have contrary views against that imposition.

Only this last week a judge said swearing at the Police was not an arrestable offence, though this blog would suggest it should be so.

While this woman has been put in jail, 2 'youths' who are being questioned over the death/murder of an old lady in Oldham, have been bailed.


This state sponsored 'reign of terror', backed up by the controlled 'mass media' in this country against anyone who voices any form of opposition to their social engineering experiment of pro-PC multi racialism, must be fought and stopped and pushed back.


Anonymous said...

World safe again - Tram woman is in jail.

Anonymous said...

Britain has obviously become a place where one can no longer speak one's mind without fear of prosecution. This situation is reminiscent of Soviet Russia (look how long that lasted).

Anonymous said...

Oh just read the Jewtube comments!
Most of them are up in arms and are glad she was arrested. The hypocrisy and follishness is unbelievable! I can't help but feel that whites deserve to perish after reading those comments. Arrested for this when murderers and paedophiles are released, and the public support this! Madness!

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful to lock her up for abusive langauge.

Take out the swear words and she said very little wrong.

I'm afraid the time is coming for a different course of action.

Anonymous said...

Bradford says NO to the BOD.


coady said...

she was right, i agreed with her 100%, take out the swear words though, i admire her

Henry said...

Emma is using the same epithets that Chaucer, Marlow, and Shakespeare used in everyday life and if they were good enough for those stellar wordsmiths then they're good enough for me.

I don't care if these woman lack Griffin's Oxbridge refinement, they have fire in the belly not fine wine and slow-roasted pheasant.

Women like Emma West are the daughters of those ancient yeomen who pummeled and cleaved the perfumed knights of France and are now rising from their slumber: so get out of the way Chairman Griffin because the fishwives of England will drive their menfolk into those battles that you have long sought to deny them.

God bless the worn and ancient women of Britain: the filthy bile they spit from their mouths is but the lifeblood of our kin and from it may yet come our salvation.

In keeping with our Saxon vernacular I say: Fuck off Elizabeth, Queen of Spades: Long Live Emma, Queen of Diamonds!

They bought some ham... said...

There isn't anything racist in her outburst.

She doesn't use words like 'wogs or niggers' for example, which are now deemed racist if white people use them. Though not if black people use those words, which they do, often.

And as the main story says, it was only recently that a judge deemed the swearing at police is NOT an offence anymore punishable by arrest.

This case should be thrown out of Court, but it won't be.

Our country is now so unstable that a chance remark(s) like this can bring it to the verge of civil war and destruction.

Anonymous said...

The immigrant lover who got tram woman into jail is called Kelly Hollingsworth from Brixton.

There is a picture of her and her black partner on the NWN forum here;


Anonymous said...

The person who posted the video is
Kelly Hollingsworth
20 Sisulu Place

Anonymous said...

Let's look at some facts. Emma West had a spinout on a tram because she felt overwhelmed, threatened and demented by the amount of non-Whites on that tram, in her neighbourhood and in the country. British tradition allows for women to mouth off generally if they feel their quality of life, and that of their children is being eroded. Yet, to me the specific, graphic and violent retorts by people in reaction was sickening. Many Blacks posted videos and comments about how they would have 'smashed, raped or shot' Emma if they had been there, despite her gorgeous child's presence. Threatening behaviour and threatening to kill and inciting others to violence are very SERIOUS crimes that far exceed a rant. Who will arrest these thugs and who will give them lessons in 'cultural values and sensitivity?'...They must at, the very least, be warned that overreactive rage leading to smashing a woman into submission is NOT the British attitude towards women. Each time a White woman/man or girl/boy is attacked by one of 'our new immigrants', people like me become more and more 'racist'...such a weasel word that--those Marxists are not known for originality or individual expression! That's why they squash people like Emma. We use "Thought Control" and PC enforcers in Britain to beat Emma and others into submission, thank you very much! The fist-waving thugs will discover that for themselves soon! Is their an education fund for OUR Emma's children? I suggest 30 pounds per family.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...