Monday, November 07, 2011

BNP Court Disaster: Nick Griffin Loses Another £45,000, Faces Bankruptcy Order in Excess of £100,000

Nick Griffin and the British National Party leadership have been plunged into their worst legal crisis yet with the Court of Appeal’s decision today that all further rights to appeal in the “Decemberists” case have been refused.

This means that the BNP leader and former deputy leader Simon Darby are now directly liable for what will be a six figure sum in costs.

This morning in Court 74 at the Royal Courts of Justice, Lord Justice Ward dismissed Mr Griffin’s and Mr Darby’s application for leave to appeal in the Griffin & Another v. Smith & Others case.

The BNP leader’s counsel, Mr Carpenter-Leech, accepted that the end of the road had been reached.

Lord Justice Ward expressed pity for the barrister who had drawn the short straw of having to represent Griffin and Darby: “You’ve done very well. I’m unimpressed, I’m afraid. It’s not your fault.”

He concluded: “None of the arguments are substantial enough to give a realistic prospect of success. I see no realistic prospect of success and I dismiss the application.”

The £45,000 which Mr Griffin and Mr Darby were forced to put up as a deposit into the court as a precursor to the appeal, has been forfeited.

The court will now, over a period which will last around three months, determine the final costs against Mr Griffin, which in December 2010 stood at around £111,000.

The final bill will be well in excess of this figure, over and above the £45,000 which has already been paid in.

The total amount owing has been compounded by the idiotic manner in which Mr Griffin and his “advisors” have continually sought to delay the proceedings.

Mr Griffin and Mr Darby have been ordered to pay interest on the final amount at a rate of 8 percent back dated to the date of the original order, which was granted in December 2010.

The “delaying tactic” has therefore unnecessarily added several thousand pounds to the bill.

Failure to pay the final bill will result in a bankruptcy order being made against Mr Griffin, Mr Darby and the British National Party. Should such a situation arise, the party would be put into administration under a court-appointed official, and would, in all likelihood, cease to function.

This is not the only disaster which is about to strike. A renewed employment tribunal hearing in the “Michaela Mackenzie” case starts today, as does party staff manager Adam Walker’s criminal affray case in the North East. Neither of these cases are likely to end in a positive outcome for the BNP.

NWN: And the walls came tumbling down !


NWN Admin said...

The once and future bankrupt!

The porkers biggest fan said...


That is the answer

Anonymous said...

I bet Griffin has assets of over £500K stashed away, money that he has squirrled out of the party over the years. But the question will be what is more important 'his' money or the BNP.

If it is money that is more important to him then it is obvious to all what his motives have been all these years.

Pongo Wentworth said...

The money Griffin has stashed away will keep him in the style he has got used to since living on the fat of the BNP.
Griffin paid many visits to Croatia with sadie Graham looking at Property so no need to guess where Griffin will end up when he does a runner. I bet the restaurants in Croatia cant wait! Griffins binge eating will soon boost the economy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"And the walls came tumbling down"

Another blast on the trumpet is needed.

The Decembrists and others who have won against Griffin need to get their money...and then apply to the court to stop Griffin using BNP funds to pay them.

Any member of the BNP can do this, but the Decembrists will have £100,000 or so in their legal war chest.

They can support their claim by showing that Griffin acted purely for his personal interest when he expelled them and not for the interest of the party and its members.

So, Griffin must pay their costs out of his personal pocket.

These costs amount to £100,000 - 150,000.

The cost of suing Griffin to make him pay this sum personally will be in the same order, if Griffin defends the suit.

So, Griffin could be faced with a bill of up to £250,000 personally.

The Decembrists could agree to let Griffin off if he resigns and hands over everything to, say, Andrew Brons.

The Decembrists have stared Griffin down successfully over their court case.

They can do so again.

Anonymous said...

Normally the press would have had a field day with this. Not a mention anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The War Clouds Form over Iran.

Anonymous said...

Attack On Iran Means WWIII

Anonymous said...

Who is this idiot that posts using the name Joefrom Bradford ?

Sounds like a real numbty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Who is this idiot that posts using the name Joefrom Bradford ?

Sounds like a real numbty.

11 November 2011 19:50

He is just some gobshite with a computer.

He doesnt exist in real life though he did say he lived near Swindon which is a long way from Bratfurt.

Probably a red posing as a nat.

Anonymous said...

Im sure the state will pick up the tab....the job is now done!

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...