Friday, December 02, 2011

Free Emma West !

This afternoon occured the first demonstration, in what will be an ongoing campaign to free this poor unfortunate English mother from the grasps of our disgraceful and traitorous Establishment and Government.

This demonstration was held outside the prison this afternoon,Friday 2nd December 2011,where Emma is being illegally held.

While this blog does not support the organisation that held this demonstration, we salute their efforts in trying to offer Emma West support, and to publicise her plight and show that many many others support her views and abhor her punishment.

Well done to those that supported this demonstration today.

The nationalist movement needs to get it's 'backside into gear' and offer a lead and support to the British people. Because we, and Emma West, won't be getting any support for our political stance from the establishment traitor Nick Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin has raised the cost of BNP membership by a whopping 60% in support of Emma West.

Anonymous said...

There are several attacks on Britain First on anti-British Stormfront Britain but no one else is supporting Emma. Andrew Brons should speak about this in he EU parliament as we come under EU law.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all those people who took the time to demmonstrate. I might not be a fan of Jim Dowson but at least Britain First are doing SOMETHING.

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