Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rochdale BNP Organiser telling lies AGAIN !

PETE:-I have been told by KB that the problem with you being at the Rochdale meeting is simply that you are proscribed and that if you were admitted it would give Griffin & Co. the excuse to sack him, and that would be the endof the new unit.
This item may be worth quoting.
It is from Rod Liddle inThe Spectator (latest issue):-"There is one single thing for which the BNP is known -- and that is its antipathy to immigration. Its leader has said he wished Britain could be'all-white'. Everybody knows this. Even the most disadvantaged,jelly-headed, white, trailer-trash cretin in Burnley knows that the BNP is a racist party. As one Burnley woman voter said of her Asian townsfolk the following morning, 'I want them out. I'm sorry. I'm a bigot.'
The BNP succeeded in Burnley BECAUSE it is racist."
Precisely -- and words that Master Griffin would do well to digest.
(Friday, May 9, 2003 6:13 AM)
NWN: But KB has said that it is PB's fault, as he won't attend meetings and help in elections etc.
Its all PB's fault he has always said .
But he told JT something else, being the liar he is.
Just as he said Chris Jackson was not standing for the BNP leadership, on Stormfront recently, and the ITP pulled him up on his lies .

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