Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chris Barker on duty in 1977, Armagh, Ulster, protecting joint female RMP, RUC and UDR personnel.

In memory of Chris Barker

14th.September 1957 - Friday,29th.June 2001

Murdered by a gang of savage negroes in Sheffield . The savage negroes included major Sheffield drug dealer and convicted rastafarian robber, Calvin Johnson, and his prostitute half /sister, Melonie Telita Ellis.

New evidence that has come to light, shows that 'at least' two more savage negroes were also involved in the robbing, beating and subsequent murder of Chris.

Chris had major mental problems associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) or as they used to call it, 'shellshock' or 'battle fatigue'. Chris had served with the 2nd. battallion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers including at least THREE tours of Ulster in the mid 1970's. This is where he contracted PTSD. It was not picked up by the MOD till January 2001. Chris received no specialist treatment which he should have received due to his Army service and his mental problems associated with PTSD.

Corrupt South Yorkshire police -

The corruption in this case goes to the very top of that police force including it's Chief Constable Merredyd Hughes who is another totally incompetent Police Officer, through DCI Sturgess, who lied on oath. To total incompetents DS 148 Andy Jarman and DC 140 Martin Quinn. Jarman and Quinn interfered with witnesses such as Bob York of BARCLAYCARD Fraud office.
They 'messed- up' and then all the South Yorkshire police were interested in, was 'covering up their incompetence', from the Chief Constable downwards.
The police said it was a murder inquiry, but lied to the Courts. Due to the police's gross incompetence these savage negroes got away with all and every charge: robbing, assault and eventually murder . It took the police over 10 weeks to question any witnesses.
HM Coroner: Christopher Dorries, pointed out to the Police, in Court, that "they had cleaned up the crime scene". The police themselves failed to spot that. DUH !
Thus, both the criminals AND the police were involved in a cover-up.
The IPCC were not interested. Probably Chris was the wrong colour.

Chris had been a National Front local election Council candidate and a national steward for the National Front.
South Yorkshire Police 'cocked- up' the Yorkshire Ripper case, and the more devastating Hillsborough disaster where the Police were a major cause of many,many people, losing their lives.
The family have a £10,000 reward for info on the negro scumbags leading to an arrest. Please contact this site...........


Anonymous said...

RIP Chris

Anonymous said...

Armagh was very bad at that time. Many fenian bastards.

Anonymous said...

I remember Chris from the NF in the 1970's when we were both young lads. Spent many an "interesting" time in and around Moston cemetary.

RIP Chris


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