Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is 'Lord Francis Playfair' Mark Cotterill ?

This guy seems to have rather a lot of input with the yanks on their forums. He also lost the password to the nationalist group he posts in, in the USA. The password was filched by anarchists in Bolton, Lancashire. The anarchists of course trashed their website which pissed off Muadib/Wayne.

This blog insists that any 'senior web spouters' must have their 'bone fides' checked by senior nationalists in the movement.

We mean bloody hell, the moderators at Stormfront UK are a bloody joke. Charlie Schmid, Andy Robertson and some berk from Ulster/Red X Knight /Kerr?.

Just what is the record of these nerks ? And they are moderating major nationalist players in the UK ?
Playfair seems to be wishing to be the new mod of VNN. He is also becoming more and more pro Griffin.
VNN UK is a damned disgrace at the moment, and not worth even visiting.


Anonymous said...

Get a grip, and get a dose of reality.

Playfair is not cotteril, not pro-griffin, and not trying to be mod at VNN, he has his own forum FFS.

What a stupid post.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Then what are his 'bone fides' ?

We are getting sick to death of anonymous herberts writing on the web.

PM if you wish.

We are in the middle of a Party leadership campaign, and the yanks have not been too friendly with me, banning me, for no reason from VNN and Stormfront.This has also happened to many other British nationalists, but I use myself as an example.

Stormfront banned me as I was a supporter of nationalist legend JOHN TYNDALL.

I was also a member of that nationalist group you mention, I used the name WOMBAT. After it went pearshaped I tried to re-join. Guess what ? I received no reply and was not allowed to rejoin.

Plus FP hates Martin Webster as does Cotterill. He deleted a post I made on that forum.

If FP is NOT Cotterill, then who is he ?

Also, just how did the Bolton anarchists filch the password of that forum ?

Cotterill lives some 10 miles from Bolton or he did.

What a stupid post you made anonymous !

NorthWestNationalists said...

Also, just looked at the blog details/info.

There are quite a few yanks having a look at this blog searching for FRANCIS PLAYFAIR.


PF is pro Griffin in their posts.

Wotan said...

Hey `anonymous` or should I say `lard` Playfair, the similarity between your past and that of Chi Chi is remarkable.
Either you are Chi Chi or you are purely an online entity. Which is it?

NorthWestNationalists said...

We rescued this post from the dustbin. I don't know why as it contains threats from some stupid yank !

PB puts his nationalist record against anyone.

Read on folks.........
Sent : Saturday, June 23, 2007 9:45 AM
To :
Subject : Re:Your blog

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Then what are his 'bone fides'?
What are yours?
All I see is gossip and bullshit
Anonymous herbets?
He uses his name, so how can he be cotterill, and how does that make him
FFS his details were spammed by SF
Where's anonymous or cotteril in that?
Just found that thread, he told the truth, Webster tried to be clever, so
he slapped him down.
I'd be anti-Webster if he tried to get clever with me too.
and check that post, it shows again he ain't cotterill.
What part of the facts are you struggling with?
As for the rest, what the fuck has it got to do with FP?
It's a stupid post, and I found it through google, which means he probably
will to.
I doubt he'll be pleased when he finds a blog bullshitting and gossiping
about him, especially when you say he is pro-griffin.
How is that being pro-griffin and the current bnp?
Or what about this:
"I'm not Nick Griffins biggest fan, far from it, and he wouldn't be my
choice to lead a party.
I have genuine reasons for that, which I'm quite willing to share with
How is that pro-griffin?
Your post is just bullshit and stupid from first to last.
You also ask about yanks looking at this blog, so you're feeding them that
bullshit and gossip?
Would it be yanks like this?
Seems like your bullshit is spreading.
I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when the source of the bullshit is
traced, because it seems all you are doing is feeding rats and enemies
with crap.

Wotan said...

There is no Francis Playfair, `Lord `or otherwise.
A search of the registration of births records will suffice to show this.
His name appears in no other records. He is a fictitious Internet identity concocted by Cotterill who never uses his real name to post on the Internet these days and yet we all know he is never off it-like Playfair.
His background in the USA and Canada are identical and the people he has met.Both have the same sickly and pompous air and both bear grudges against any who dare to oppose them.
If Playfair is not Cotterill then who the hell is he because noone has ever heard off an offline Playfair. Is he merely an Internet lard arse? Or should that be `lord` arse?

Anonymous said...

Playfair is a fraud. Having donde time inside for a drugs related incident the ageing 'nationalist' washed up on Wayne's site.

'Anonynous' is wrong in that Playfair does not have his own site, and never has. He has jumped into bed with the monstrous didact(the self styled 'Teacher' or 'Muaddib' in the cod-islamic language of the novella 'Dune').

Muaddib is Playfair's spirit guide and damp squib, as anyone who has read the old jewbaiters one-song forum will find.

The name Playfair appears with monotont on all forums where he is satisfied that none are allowed to challenge him or Maud'dib. Francis and Maude being the 'Hinge and Brackett' of the US WN scene, two old bags singing the same hackneyed tunes to each other in a self-love duet. As a result they both wear glasses. All that wanking y'see.



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