Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest news from the Chris Jackson camp...............

leadership challenge on target. Last few signatures now being collected !


Pete R said...

Good news all round.

Whichever faction in nationalism you belong to, opening up the debate within the BNP can only be a good thing.

The poison has been building up and festering for too long.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jackson or any other leadership contender will have to do a lot more than just collect 100 or so signatures.

There are at least 3 major hurdles to gaing the leadership of the BNP:

1) the 100 or so signatures
2) a majority of party members voting for him

are just the technical, visible hurdles.

Any candidate successful in the above must also

3) gain physical control of key documents and records, ie membership lists, ex membership lists, accounting records, bank account documents including mandates, lists of suppliers and records of past agreements with them.

Without these, any successor to Griffin will find it difficult to establish control of the party. All his efforts will be directed to maintaining the day to day business of the party and not to increasing its support. Expect Griffin to exploit such chaos by loudly wailing that the new leader is incompetent and should be replaced at the next opportunity.

Where are all these key documents and records? Who keeps them? Is there a BNP HQ with all these documents under safe lock and key?

I doubt it.

They are all under the control of Griffin's clan and they will all go walkabout if Griffin loses.

Chris Jackson and any other leadership contender also needs to raise the money and spend it NOW preparing for a legal injunction against Griffin & Co removing or not immediately handing over ALL documents relating to party business.

It will be too late to apply for such an injunction after winning the leadership contest and after discovering the documents are not there.

That application must be made immediately the election is won and enforced immediately. Any delay, even of 15 minutes or so in handing over EVERYTHING must be immediately followed by another application to the court.

This is expensive, BUT...the costs can be recovered from Griffin PERSONALLY.

That is a big club to wave at a man concerned with money.

Does Chris Jackson have the nerve to stare Griffin down in such a poker game? By constantly raising the stakes until Griffin cracks?

We shall only see that if Jackson wins.

However, having read the blog about Griffin sending Tony Lecomber to address a meeting and then appearing from behind a curtain towards the end, only to give in to the demands of that meeting, I reckon a large rabbit could stare Griffin down.

Sorry Nick, but if you want to be leader, you must LEAD....ie do what is necessary yourself and not send others to do things you dare not.

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