Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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Burnley Dynamo said...

Glad to see this has been public at last. It goes to show just how far back the silly power games were going on. One thing Chris Jackson may have put his name to it but it was Simon Bennett who wrote it and they made sure when it became known that he was the author that he was 'allowed' to go in 2003 when again asking for help and support after the branch got 6 councilors elected and one re-elected. He tried to get funding for an office (for a second time) and guidance from HQ. This was refused as Burnley couldnt be treated any differently from any other branch in the words of J. Brayshaw the then Treasurer and in his spare time wrecker of branches. Bennett left completed bewildered and set about looking after his soon to be born son, rebuilding his business and paying off his debts built up whilst building up Burnley BNP with Smith. On the whole he didnt leave on bad terms and did help out now and again after that. But his attempts to get back involved in 2006 when vetoed by David Shapcott who didnt want him back despite most of the councillors wanting him back. He carried out Griffins orders (who wasnt happy he and the leadership had ben crticised back in 2002 constructively mind you) when required even if it was to the branchs detrement who are now down to 4 councillors and not looking likely to gain any more in the near future. Hopefully Jackson will win and bring an end to this sheding of talented people like Bennett and Smith and others around the country who have been forced out.