Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gypsies' multi-million parking meter thefts
East European Gypsies are robbing Londoners of £multi-millions.
Why are the Police reluctant to act?
A few days ago the Daily Mail published a report about an attempt by the Home Office to persuade local Councils to put out propaganda designed to encourage the public to welcome East European Gypsies. The first part of the Mail's report read as follows> >
Ruth Kelly is ordering councils to take part in a huge 'charm offensive' on behalf of migrants and travellers.
The Communities Secretary wants town halls to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money 'combating misinformation'.
Her officials have produced sheets of pro-migrant information. But critics warned that Miss Kelly was asking councils to promote 'selective propaganda'.[Snip]
Today, Wednesday 27th June, BBC Radio 4 news bulletins announced that Westminster City Council had decided to scrap all its parking meters (which require CASH feeds) and replace them with an electronic system.In this new system, motorists must pay for a parking space either via their mobile phone service provider or by credit card at a parking machine. If they use the mobile phone method, drivers can opt to receive a text warning when their time is about to expire. The cost of the mobile phone calls & texts will be in addition to the parking charge.The cost of installing all the new electronic equipment and systems will be enormous and will obviously bite deeply into the £70 million a year which the BBC's bulletin declared Westminster's parking scheme generates to subsidise essential services to local residents.
But there was one important item of information which the BBC's bulletin neglected to mention: the reason for this radical change from a cash-based to electronic systems.
The principal reason is the looting of London's parking meters by gangs of Rumanian, Moldovan and Kosovan and other East European Gypsies.
One borough council in south London, on the basis of losses sustained earlier this year, is on target for an annual loss of approaching £500,000. Many other boroughs face a similar situation. These losses have been mounting ever since the admittance to the European Union of countries with large populations of notoriously kleptomaniac Gypsies, huge numbers of whom have made a bee-line for Britain.
If this haemorrhage of cash is not stopped, the Council Tax bill to local residents will have to be increased to protect essential services.The Police have shown scant interest in dealing with this issue, citing "pressure of other problems", and have suggested that the council cover theft 'hot-spots' with CCTV cameras. Councils have cameras everywhere but these do not assist with the identification of perpetrators who wear hoods and other disguises.
If an act of theft is spotted by CCTV 'in real time' and a call is made to the Police, they often do not bother to respond as a result of "prioritising" their time and resources. If they do respond, then they usually arrive too late. The reason for this lack Police interest is as follows: Even where arrests are made are made, the perpetrators are often teenagers below the legal age of criminal responsibility.Where adults are arrested, they will immediately pretend not to know any English, so the Police have to spend time and money finding and bringing to the station an interpreter. Thereafter, the thieves will invariably give bogus names and addresses and, upon being given bail, will disappear into the Gypsy underworld to resume their criminality with another gang in another part of London.
From the Daily Mail report, it would seem possible that the Police have also been put under Home Office pressure not bear down too heavily on the Gypsy gangs "in the interests of good community relations".
How tolerating such mass looting of municipal funds can help community relations beggars the imagination.
London's parking meters have "sophisticated anti-theft devices". These have been quickly defeated by the Gypsies.
Several of each type of meter have been 'decapitated' and taken by the Gypsies to workshops where the machines were taken apart by skilled engineers and their devices explored.
Armed with this 'research', the gangs of hooded thieves cluster around the meters they are robbing (to prevent the CCTV cameras recording their methods) and open them in a trice. Greater London has 33 boroughs, including the cities of London and Westminster. If each of them is losing £500,000 a year to Gypsy parking meter thefts, then the Council Tax payers are being robbed of £16,500,000 a year. Even if only half that sum is being stolen, it is still a multi-million pound criminal enterprise which the Police should not ignore.
The only way to close down that criminal enterprise is to deport to their countries of origin all the Gypsies who have invaded Britain with the sole intention of defrauding our state benefits system and generally ransacking our economy.London is not the only target of Gypsy criminal gangs. Remote rural villages are being terrorised.
Five years ago, as I cycled into the small village of Blakesley, Northants, I saw a Police patrol car pull away from the village shop and sub-Post Office where I intended to stop for refreshment.
When I arrived at the shop the owner, an old man in his 80s, was in process of locking up.
He kindly opened up and told me to come in and bring my bike with me.
I was surprised at this and asked him why.
He said the Police had just told him to close because a gang of Gypsies was touring the area in a convoy of vehicles and robbing shops and pubs.
The Police officers said the Gypsy children were organised to distract the shop-keepers while the adults helped themselves to alcohol, cigarettes and other high-value items. In the case of Post Offices, they jumped over security grills and stole cash.Any attempt at resistance was met by threats of violence.
During working hours on weekdays, these villages are often deserted, with only a few old folk about.
In ten minutes the Gypsy convoy arrived.
A group of men, women and children gathered at the door, rattling its handle and tapping on the window. The shop-keeper pointed to the "Closed" sign and waved them away. They protested noisily for a few moments, but when they saw him pick up the phone, they slunk off, snarling with disappointed rage,.
Why were the Police merely touring the county warning shop-keepers in lonely villages to close down their business for the afternoon?
Why was that convoy -- and many another like it -- not apprehended, its occupants photographed and finger-printed and then escorted to the nearest Channel ferry?
WHY do we have to tolerate this Gypsy menace?
by Martin Webster

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You got to put up with it cause European countries were given a lot of guff about their 'discrimination' and 'unfeeling racism'. The moralists are going to be sooo happy when they encounter the Vlach Roma. What a wonderfull oportunity to help the downtroden personally! And soon will come the oportunity to live with the Albanians!

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