Monday, June 25, 2007

Celebrations ! Latest news in the BNP leadership challenge.....

Latest news from the Chris Jackson camp is that all the 100 signatures have now been collected, plus quite a few more in reserve.

One rather sad fact to emerge was that quite a few BNP members were frightened, yes, frightened, to sign Chris Jacksons nomination papers even though they supported his nomination in principle. This is just another example of just how bad things are under Nick Griffins despotism and nepotism.
The BNP should never rule by fear !


Anonymous said...

If Chris Jackson wins...he will have so much to do.

If Chris Jackson wins...he will not only have to gain physical control of the party, he will also have to investigate and clean up the mess within the BNP's finances and now the mess that is Solidarity.

Has anyone else seen the latest reports on the Lancaster UAF blog about Solidarity?

In the comments section of their latest blog is an allegation that the constitution on the Solidarity web site is not the same as the constitution given to the authorities to register Solidarity as a union.

If this is true, it shows either crass incompetence by the general secretary, Patrick Harrington, or deliberate deception of the members and supporters.

This is just incredible.

If the BNP is to have any future, it cannot tolerate such behaviour or be associated with those that do.

I would suggest that Nick Griffin be called to account over this fiasco. It is no good him saying that Solidarity is not part of the BNP. The BNP is associated with Solidarity, supports it wholeheartedly and broadcasts news about its internal affairs on the BNP website. Furthermore, it is public knowledge that Patrick Harrington and Nick Griffin worked together in the past in another nationalist party and probable remain good friends.

Anonymous said...

Good news and Griffin must surely be a bit miffed about it. You should join in the attack on Solidarity too, just to help Chris along by showing how Griffins trickery and placemen couldnt run a pissup in a brewery. One of the red blogs has got a lot of information on the current situation including a letter to themfrom one of Solidaritys bosses. What the hell is going on???

Anonymous said...

Please see below the latest 'bulletin' from Lancaster UAF about Solidarity.

It includes an email from Mr. Hawke of Solidarity 'putting a few things straight'.

Compare his account of what happened with the account that appears on the BNP's website.

Someone is lying and it probably is not Mr. Hawke.

Depressing stuff, but this may just help bring the whole house of cards down around Griffin's neck.
Following all the fuss around the BNP's fake union Solidarity and the two articles we produced over the past few days (here and here), we have now received an email from Solidarity Vice-President Tim Hawke that attempts to put the record straight(ish). We provide the whole thing to keep you up to date with the apparent chaos that surrounds anything the BNP organises or Nick Griffin gets his sticky little mitts on.

Dear Sir / Madam

I have recently been informed that the internal activities of our union have been brought to your attention.

Since the events have been aired in public, may I set a few issues straight. On the 20th May 2007 during an Executive Committee Meeting in London, Mr Potter (who is in my opinion a man of great integrity) expressed his deep concerns regarding the financial clarity of the accounts. Mr Harrington refused to provide the accounts in details, even though the requests for these went back a month or more and so stated that he would begin the process of an investigation. Harrington refused this but I agreed. The minutes will confirm this – there’s your quorum 2-1 approved

On the 3rd of June Mr Potter requested that I to attend a Special Executive Meeting in Liverpool (such meetings do not require a quorum within the constitution) and Mr Harrington was suspended. A member with considerable union experience and who has been a member since Feb 2007 (the Membership and his membership card number will confirm this) agreed to head the Investigation due to his impartial status and was chosen as the Acting General Secretary, however he has made it clear that he would abstain from voting on any issue regarding Mr Harrington and that he views his role as temporary.

Regardless of the hype, myself and Mr Potter have driven this union with the genuine intention of fighting for the workers of this country who are being exploited on a daily basis, the rich poor divide is widening but the current unions (in my opinion) have neglected that struggles that I personally witness regularly onsite,

Our core 6 principles of opposition are totally genuine to me, and Mr Potter if you consider his actions. Union corruption is a terrible act of betrayal to members and I hope that you would support our activities in combating this. Be assured that the concerns are serious and that I would fight for the ending of any corrupt organisation to prevent it from spreading.

With regards to the BNP, it seems that Mr Harrington has extremely close links with its chairmen and have hatched a takeover plan before the investigation is complete – a possible sign of guilt? During the many months that I took off work to advance this union, I met many decent BNP members including Mr Potter and would hope that it was understood that most members are good people just wanting what’s best for their nearest and dearest.

Once the investigation is complete we should all know more, but the certification office are investigating due to our contacting them, however if others wish to do so then they have our full support.

Yours truly,
Tim Hawke
Vice-President of Solidarity

P.S. A members bulletin will be dispatched shortly informing them of the situation, what a shame that this could not have been done in a more professional manner

Although we clearly will not agree with Mr Hawke over the integrity of Solidarity or anyone involved in it, we thank him for emailing us to let us know the current situation as he sees it.

One point that we think is worth making is that it's our belief, based on advice we've received from a couple of different and trusted sources in the past few days, that by refusing to hand over the disputed accounts, Harrington is apparently acting illegally.

We wonder if Solidarity is considering any legal action to obtain these accounts before the BNP forces an Extraordinary General Meeting and puts a stop to any investigation, which it certainly will if given half a chance?

Anonymous said...

This is all appalling. The Bnp are in a good position at the moment with NuLab handing them potential victories on a silver platter and all this financial skullduggery and manipulation is just throwing votes away. griffin has to go before he kills the nationalist movement all on his own

Anonymous said...

How can Griffin rule by fear as he is a soft b'stard ? He couldn't fight to save his life.

Anonymous said...

If Jackson wins, the first thing he should do is call in outside financial auditors (and then probably the Fraud Squad).

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