Saturday, June 16, 2007

The BNP supplied labour and materials free of charge to help the renovation of Griffin's property.
So, the BNP as an organisation can register an interest in Griffin's property when it is put up for sale.
You do not need to have anything in writing (though it obviously helps) about your interest.
Any member of the BNP can, as a member, register the BNP's interest.
Any solicitor will guide you through it and it is simple enough.
What it means is that Griffin will have to go to court to contest the registered interest or negotiate with the person registering thaty interest.
In court, the BNP member will have to show that the BNP supplied the labour and materials free of charge.
That entitles the BNP to an interest in the property.
Griffin will have to show that the labour and materials were an outright gift.
This will be somewhat difficult. Remember that this will be in a civil court, not a criminal court.
In a civil court the burden of proof is the balance of probabilities and not beyond all reasonable doubt.
So, how will Griffin convince a judge or a jury 'on the balance of probabilities' that he speaks the truth....when his past can be thrown at him by the BNP member.
How will Griffin explain such an outright gift from a party that is not hugely rich?
The circumstances AND Griffin's past mean that the the balance of probabilities is weighted heavily against Griffin and the BNP member will succeed in enforcing his interest.
Griffin will then have to pay a proportion of the value of the property back to the BNP.
Griffin aint so smart after all is he?
Not all BNP members are complete only needs one to read this and file it away in his memory for the happy day the Griffin property goes for sale or maybe earlier.
Martin Webster!
Why not join the BNP and register your interest?
Get on with it!
Why not self publish?
Not so difficult now.
It can be published as a downloadable e-book.
That way the author gets ALL the money from book sales, not paltry % offered by publishers.
It takes a bit of research and investment to get a good website AND an internet marketing plan.
But it is well worthwhile, especially as you already have established pathways to a small, but significant customer base.
I refer here to all those in the BNP and other parties, plus all those who do not like the BNP (rather more numerous I fear).
These potential customers already read this blog and others.It is not a problem now to get this stuff published.


Anonymous said...

hope youve registered all youve wrote above pete. far better way to get back at the crook rather than just writing a blog

NorthWestNationalists said...

I got this sent by a reader, I never wrote it. It sounds very interesting though don't you think ?


p.s. The same post appears on a red blog too !

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