Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama brother accused of UK sex assault

Samson denied British visa after incident with teen girl in Berkshire

AMERICAN president Barack Obama's half brother was REFUSED a visa to enter the UK after being accused of an attempted sex attack on a young girl in Berkshire.

The News of the World can reveal that Kenya-based Samson Obama tried to get into Britain on his way to Washington for his family's big day, the historic inauguration in January.

But eagle-eyed immigration officials at East Midlands Airport, using the latest biometric tests, discovered he was linked to an incident here last November. The hi-tech database revealed that Samson - who manages a mobile phone shop just outside Nairobi - was the same man arrested by British police after he approached a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly tried to sexually assault one of them.



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We were sad to receive the news yesterday that veteran White Nationalist, Colin Jordan passed away peacefully at his Pately Bridge home on Thursday 9th April. Colin Jordan (or CJ as he was affectionately known) had a long standing heart condition and at 86 years of age, this finally took a great campaigner for truth and justice from us.

The son of a postman, Colin Jordan was educated at Warwick School from 1934 to 1942, and then Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, graduating with 2nd class honours in history. He then became a mathematics teacher at a Coventry, Stoke Secondary Modern Boys School, where he earned the nickname of "Jumbo" by the pupils. He joined the League of Empire Loyalists and became their Midlands organizer.

At Cambridge Jordan had formed a "Nationalist Club", from where he was invited to join the short-lived British Peoples Party, a group of former British Union of Fascists members led by Lord Tavistock, heir to the Duke of Bedford. Jordan soon became associated with Arnold Leese and was left a property in Leese's will, which became the base of operations when Jordan launched the White Defence League in 1956. Jordan would later merge this party with the National Labour Party to form the British National Party in 1960. He would eventually found BRITISH MOVEMENT which is still going to this day, but in the late 1970’s, CJ retired from active politics but kept up a lively correspondence with White Nationalists across the world. He produced a newsletter GOTHIC RIPPLES, which was always incisive and uncompromising in promoting the bedrock principles of White Nationalism.

Colin Jordan lasting legacy is his promotion of Pan-Aryanism in the United Kingdom.

He leaves behind a wife to whom Nationalist Week, the National Front and Nationalist Alliance extend their heartfelt sympathy.

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Scroll down for good pic of Blair at his best.

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Meaning no disrespect for the dead, but in this case I'll make an exception. CJ or 'cock-jockey' as he was commonly known was always viewed with suspicion after rumours of unsavoury incidents at the school.

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EU trains a new diplomatic corps - without waiting for Lisbon Treaty
The European Union was accused of "contempt for democracy" on Sunday after it emerged that hundreds of members of a new diplomatic service are being trained - even though the Lisbon Treaty that creates it has not come into effect.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
Last Updated: 3:05PM BST 12 Apr 2009

Five hundred and thirty staff from the European Commission have already begun training to build a "shared diplomatic culture and an esprit de corps" for the EU's putative External Action Service (EEAS).

Irish voters blocked the Lisbon Treaty, which provides the legal basis for a new Euro-diplomatic corps, when they rejected the renamed EU Constitution in a referendum last June.

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Czechs 'have obligation' to pass Lisbon Treaty despite government's collapse
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Caroline Flint, Europe minister, hasn't read Lisbon Treaty
Forget the G20 mob, coping-class fury is about to reach boiling pointThe disclosure that the Commission has simply pressed on regardless and begun training the euro-diplomats infuriated Irish politicians. Ireland is expected to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in October.

Declan Ganley, an Irish campaigner for a "No" vote, said: "It is cause for serious concern that, by implementing the Lisbon Treaty, EU institutions are manifesting outright contempt for democracy."

Privately, EU officials are aware of the sensitivity of going ahead with training a euro-diplomatic corps. "We are trying to push the envelope as far as we can within the current environment," said one official in "European Voice", a Brussels weekly.

Staff are being discreetly trained, "without being too obvious", on 59 courses with the help of foreign ministries from 17 member states, according to EU sources.

The training aims to foster a "specifically European dimension of diplomacy" and to "create a sense of common European purpose" for the new service. Ireland is one of four EU member states - the others are Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany - which have yet to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Under the EU's founding rules, no treaty of this kind can come into effect without the unanimous approval of all member states.

The Conservatives demanded to know whether the Foreign Office was among the national governments aiding the training courses. Mark Francois, the Conservative spokesman on the EU, said: "This project shows just how much more power Brussels would gain over our foreign policy. It is outrageous that the British people are being denied any say over it. That's why the Conservatives will be campaigning for a referendum in the European elections."

Secret negotiations, revealed last year by The Daily Telegraph, have agreed that the EEAS will take over the EU's existing representative offices - there are currently more than 160 across the world - which will be granted the same legal diplomatic status as national embassies.

The new EU service will rival established national diplomatic corps. Britain, with one of the world's largest diplomatic services, maintains 139 Embassies and High Commissions. Britain narrowly blocked a proposal to call the EU's representative offices the "Embassies of the Union" during secret talks last spring.

The EEAS will be overseen by a new European "foreign minister", renamed the "High Representative of the Union". If Ireland's voters approve the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum, this official will be selected, along with a new EU president, at a summit in December.

Privately, officials are concerned that disclosure of the EU's pre-emptive moves could sway Irish voters and make a "Yes" vote in the referendum harder to achieve. Secret minutes on the EEAS negotiations recognise the need "to remain cautious in presenting these issues" ahead of the second Irish vote.

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This is Dissident Congress

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Reading through the older blogs on this site, I came across several comments about our Joey Owens. Has this silly boy actually been on talking terms with that loathsome self hating scum bag Nick Lowes of Searchlight fame. If this is the case he will not be invited again to our humble home for spicey chicken stew made from the finest yams and chilli peppers from a secret recipe by old Aunt Purple Rosa Parkes I'm talking voodoo food here. I dont want any begging phone calls Joey. Publish your response on this blog site or never ever darken my doorstep again.
Mrs Doris Purple Aki - Patriotic Chairperson of Buy Only British Ganga Weed with the Lion Stamp on it.

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Lying, Thieving, Money Grabbing Pigs: Labour’s Geoff Hoon and Tories’ Greg Barker Swindle Tens of Thousands from Taxpayers in Housing Scam

The public have been swindled out of tens of thousands of pounds in “allowances” for a house lived in by homosexual Tory Shadow Minister Greg Barker’s estranged wife, and for a constituency office which Labour Cabinet Minister Geoff Hoon rented out from his wife using her maiden name on the invoices.

The shocking revelations follow hard on the heels of what seems to be an endless list of immoral money grabs by the criminals in Westminster who have “legally” stolen millions from the taxpayers, as detailed on this website last week.

Tory MP Mr Barker has ripped off an incredible £43,400 from the taxpayers in a second house allowance which is used by his ex-wife - whom he left two years ago for his homosexual lover.

Mr Barker, a close personal friend and confidant of Tory leader David Cameron, ended his fourteen year marriage to his wife Celeste in October 2006 when he told her he was actually a homosexual.

Mr Barker, who represents Bexhill and Battle in Sussex and is already a millionaire, has, however, continued to claim the full housing allowance for his former marital home, insisting that it is his main residence — even though he moved out over two years ago to live with a string of homosexual lovers in other residences in London.

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Any tribute to Colin Jordan should not grace the same page dealing with a rapist coon.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...