Monday, April 13, 2009

The BNP's secret weapon?

As headlines go, Harriet Harman warning about people turning to the BNP is a bit like Fred Goodwin sounding the alarm about socialism. Doesn't she realise that she and her friends are the Far Right's secret weapon?

Hattie is very media-friendly at the moment. As well as giving the Independent interview, she was also profiled (brilliantly, by Nigel Farndale) in The Sunday Telegraph yesterday. This suggests that, as the Allies surround the Bunker and the leader's ultra-loyal sidekicks use increasingly desperate black propaganda tactics, Harman is busying herself with taking over what's left of the New Labour party.

Remember the last time Harman went on a publicity drive? Labour ended up fifth in the Henley by-election, behind the BNP and not that much ahead of "Bananaman Owen" of the Monster Raving Loony Party. (I didn't even realise they still existed. Does anyone still find them funny?)
Hardly surprising, when Harman's Equalities Bill, announced just before that by-election, allows firms to discriminate on grounds of race and sex – as long as it's against white males of course. Anti-fascist campaigners accuse the BNP of lying over ant-white discrimination in housing and benefits. I'm sure that's true, but they hardly need to, when Labour has gifted them Harman, who so effortlessly personifies a liberal elite that hates suburban Daily Mail readers and absolutely despises the poor.

Like the enemies of any powerful female politicians, Harman's detractors run the risk of being accused of sexism or misogyny, but the widespread Harmanophobia is closer to class hatred. The Minister for Women and Equality wasn't born equal. Her father was a Harley St doctor. She went to St Paul's, which in life-is-a-game-of-cards terms is like being given four aces. After a politics degree she got a job with Liberty, the human rights group which in those days used to support nut-job Marxist paedophiles (seriously. Try reading a 1970s pamphlet by the Paedophile Information Exchange). After that she walked into a safe Labour seat in Peckham, where she famously strolls around in a flak-jacket.

Right-wing commentators like yours truly drone on about the liberal elite, but Harman's family has been prominent in liberal causes for over a century. Her great-great-uncle was Joseph Chamberlain, one of her great-uncles was a Liberal MP, and a great aunt was a Victorian feminist.

I'm not dismissing them – the English side of my family were very much part of the same class: nonconformists, Liberal merchants who thought capitalism should and could help everyone, rich and poor, and that the twin engines of physical and moral improvement – by individuals and governments – would take people out of squalor and enslavement and into respectability.

Their descendants, however, steeped in university ideology, have replaced Christianity with socialism, albeit a watery version, and cling to this ideology as irrationally as their forefathers clung to their religion. Socialism is a much less dynamic and flexible belief system than Christianity, which is why they are so unwilling to change course once a system fails. They cannot understand why putting more money into the welfare state is making poverty worse, why sex education is not reducing teenage pregnancy rates, nor can they see that more equality legislation is not going to bring equality, but instead will set people apart.

The key difference between 19th- and 21st-century liberals is that, while Harman's Victorian ancestors were paper merchants and so, like the vast majority of 19th-century Liberals, had experience of the private sector, their descendants have almost no experience of capitalism, except spending its revenues, going straight from university to pressure groups to quangos and into politics. It is no wonder, then, that the last time the English people felt so distant from their ruling class our leaders spoke French.


"The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a UK pro-pedophile activist group, founded in October 1974. It officially disbanded in 1984[1] though it was not until many years later that the Paedophile Unit finally arrested the last of its members on child pornography charges, with activist David Joy warned by his sentencing judge that his beliefs may preclude his release ever from jail.


Anonymous said...

What sick filth we have running this country. Evil bitch

Anonymous said...

The entire Labour party are parasitical whores. Her past employment should go on the BNP's GE leaflets.

Anonymous said...

After a politics degree she got a job with Liberty, the human rights group which in those days used to support nut-job Marxist paedophiles (seriously. Try reading a 1970s pamphlet by the Paedophile Information Exchange).

Many thanks for that info

tonydj said...

"Her great-great-uncle was Joseph Chamberlain, one of her great-uncles was a Liberal MP"

He was Colonial Secreary during the Boer War of 1899-1902 and together with Alfred Milner conspired to cause that war during which tens of thousands of Boer women and children died in Concentration Camps (a holocaust which CAN be denied)

The aim being to gain control of the GOLD of the Jo'burg mines as opposed to oil.

Hmmmmmmmm nothing changes!

Anonymous said...

"The aim being to gain control of the GOLD of the Jo'burg mines as opposed to oil."

Always a pleasure to read your posts Tonydj.

Oil of course has helped keep the dollar afloat. Countries moving off the petrodollar "standard" incur the wrath of the Usraeli bankers. When Iraq moved towards denominating its oil in Euros, many think this was the real reason for Saddam's real "sin".

Money, oil and gold etc are the real political deal and the BOTTOM line consideration of all real decisions in the world. Those who think and argue over ideology are irrelevant or are used as tools by those who really know what makes the world go round.

Simon Smith

Anonymous said...

I well remember old East London NF activist Derrick Day leading many hundreds of people in a demonstration against the Peadophile Organisation in London in 1977.

The national dailies published quotes by Derrick . DD used to say it as it was :-)

Anonymous said...

"It is no wonder, then, that the last time the English people felt so distant from their ruling class our leaders spoke French."

What an excellent quote !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered, by the MP who spent a year investigating his death .By NORMAN BAKER

For Tony Blair it was a glorious day. He was in the United States being feted by the U.S. Congress and President Bush.
Their adulation was such that he was being offered the rare honour of a Congressional Gold Medal.
Naturally enough, Bush and his administration were hugely grateful for Blair's decision to join the United States in its i
invasion of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Surge in white collar applicants for seasonal jobs as Britons compete with migrants for unskilled work

The recession has seen a surge in the number of British applicants for unskilled temporary posts on farms and in factories
The recession is forcing office workers to compete with migrants for jobs as fruit pickers and farm labourers
Large numbers of white-collar Britons made redundant in recent months are applying for low-paid seasonal work previously left for Eastern Europeans.
Rural businesses say that over the past few weeks they have seen a surge in the number of British applicants for unskilled temporary posts on farms and in factories.
Thanet Earth, a vegetable supplier in east Kent claimed that when it advertised for 30 posts last month, all but three of the 217 were British.
The jobs pay the minimum wage of just £5.73 an hour.
Nicola Outlaw, director of Kent Staff recruitment agency which provides workers for Thanet Earth, said: 'A higher proportion of people applying for low-paid agricultural jobs are now British.
'Where last year they tended to shy away from temporary jobs, we are now getting good numbers applying.
'There has been no noticeable difference in the numbers eastern Europeans, they are still coming here too.
Sharon Cross, whose company employs 1,300 seasonal workers around Ely, Cambridgeshire, said: 'This time last year we were struggling to fill jobs, now we are having people calling up all the time.
'A lot of those who went home before Christmas have come back asking for work.

Anonymous said...


Senior council worker disciplined for sending 'racist' Irish joke e-mail

They are the oldest jokes in the book.
Gags about the Irish and their level of intelligence are as integral to the English sense of humour as quips about tight Scots.
But when a council housing official circulated a spoof internet exam paper mocking the Irish to local contacts in the community, one recipient of Irish descent didn't see the funny side.
Enlarge Enlarge 'Racist joke': The email contained a mock exam paper, from the 'Ministry of Education, Ireland', along with another complete with answers

A formal complaint was lodged and an investigation carried out into the actions of the unidentified Sheffield official, who was accused of 'racism.'
And the bizarre saga ended with the senior Sheffield Homes officer being 'disciplined' for having a sense of humour.
The joke email was a fake A Level exam sheet from the 'Ministry of Education, Ireland' containing four questions and the correct answers.
Liberal Democrat city councillor Frank Taylor was one of only a handful of people to be sent the fun email.
But instead of simply smiling and hitting the delete button on his keyboard he decided to take matters further.
Mr Taylor is a director of the council's housing management body Sheffield Homes and the authority's cabinet advisor on housing. His father was also Irish and he wasn't amused by the official's actions.
He said: 'This email went far and wide and the officer may have thought it was a joke but officers know the rules regarding racism.
'It's two-faced because on the one hand we are welcoming the Irish community to the city and then we're sending around emails like this.'
Sheffield's Irish Association were quick to back Mr Taylor's complaint.
Spokesman Kevin Meagher said: 'I'm very grateful to councillor Taylor for bringing this matter to light.
'It's extremely disappointing that a public body with a legal obligation to promote equality and diversity resorts to peddling stereotypes about the Irish.
'It's a safe bet this wouldn't happen with any other minority group, so Sheffield Homes needs to take a hard look at why we're seen to be fair game.'
Sheffield Homes said the matter was dealt with last September and they were also not amused.
Chairman Professor Tony Crook said: 'We conducted a thorough investigation immediately and the member of staff involved was disciplined.
'The investigation concluded that the email was inappropriate and should not have been sent.
'We will not tolerate use of email for this type of material and take all breaches of the email policy and code of conduct extremely seriously

Anonymous said...

Council spends £60,000 snooping through bins on early morning raids

On the hunt: A council is sifting through people's litter, saying it helps inform future bin collections (file picture)
A council sends snooping officials to rifle through the rubbish of taxpayers at a cost of £60,000 a year.
'Bin police' have been going through wheelie bins in 'dawn raids' in a bid to establish what type of rubbish was being thrown away.
Stunned residents were woken by council contractors emptying their bins into containers at 5.30am before driving off.
The scheme aims to find out levels of household recycling and what measures the local authority could introduce to improve waste disposal and treatment.
But residents have slammed the scheme run by Lancashire County Council as an invasion of their privacy and condemned it as a Big Brother-style intrusion.
Eric Green, of Chorley, Lancs, said: 'The council should be up front and if they want to check our rubbish then they should knock on our doors and ask to do so.
'The bins might be theirs, but the rubbish is ours and this is a form of snooping. I won't accept what they are doing - not at 5.30 in the morning.'
Another resident Melanie Wallwork said: 'I wouldn't be happy if I found them rooting through my bins - it's sneaky.
'If they want to check what rubbish I am throwing away then they should come at a normal time and knock on my door. I don't have anything to hide.'
Cllr Geoff Driver, Conservative group leader, said: 'I thought this was a wind-up. It actually beggars belief that county council officers will go round rooting in people's bins without their knowledge.
'In these days of identity theft, the officers are putting themselves at risk that some residents might take extreme exception to what they are doing.'
Cllr Mark Jewell, a Liberal Democrat who has campaigned against 'snooping' powers at Preston Council, said: 'It's an example of the kind of surveillance society we live in and it's ridiculous

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...