Sunday, April 19, 2009

£1 a litre and not a protest in sight!

Petrol prices motoring towards £1 a litre - despite flat world oil prices

Petrol prices have hit a five-month high thanks to an increase in fuel duty and the rising cost of oil.

Drivers face an average of 95.01p a litre at the pumps - a figure not seen since November.
What is more, prices are going up faster than they did during last spring's surge, the AA said.
A rise of 4.45p in a month coincided with a $5 increase in the price of a barrel of oil, the motoring organisation added.

In the same period last year, when oil rose $10 a barrel, petrol went up just 1.3p, to 108.1p a litre.

And there are fears prices could rise still further. An RAC spokesman said: 'We shouldn't see the kind of prices we had at the pumps last summer. But it is a worry that petrol prices seem to be creeping back towards the £1-a-litre mark.'


Anonymous said...

Britain is on its knees.

Final Conflict said...

I paid £1.03 per litre yesterday... with tears in my eyes!

The government is out of order to add on its 2p rise in light of the "credit crunch" and its choice to bail out its bankster chums to the tune of multi-billions.

Also we should be told the price in old-fashioned gallons.

NOW THAT WOULD MAKE ALL OUR EYES WATER - because we'd understand how much we are being ripped off!

Anonymous said...

The government is out of order fullstop. But what are we going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Well we did used to have a leader of tha last fuel protests in the movement.

What happened to him ?

richard chadfield said...

Well we did used to have a leader of tha last fuel protests in the movement.

What happened to him ?
I heard he departed the party after a disagreement over money. I believe the parting took place at one of the RWB weekends. I was not witness to any of this--it is just what I heard.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

I heard collett slapped spence round the head so spence twated him one,collett then pissed off nearly knocking someones kid over.

NWN: Apparently this cretin Jasper was born in Oldham. Not much was made by the media in this tweet from him fairly recently. So 'the...