Sunday, April 19, 2009

A degree in spin:

PM's sacked adviser's Cambridge theory of how to use rumours and riots

If Gordon Brown wanted to know how dangerous Damian McBride was, all he needed to do was study his university thesis.

The Prime Minister’s former special adviser wrote a 30,000-word opus in praise of rioting – and the devious means used to incite crowds – when he was a history student at Peterhouse College, Cambridge.

McBride argued that:

The American race riots in the Sixties showed that violence is needed to bring political change.

The rumour mill is a good way to spark riots.

And in academic language he even appeared to suggest that riots increase the amount of sexual activity and drug-taking.

McBride, 35, lost his job after a series of emails about ways to smear top Tories which he sent to fellow Labour spin doctor Derek Draper – the husband of GMTV’s Kate Garraway – were leaked.

The extraordinary riot thesis was written shortly before McBride joined the Treasury, and four years before he started work for the then Chancellor Gordon Brown.

He examined the rampant civil disorder in the black ghettos of the US for his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree.

In his 1996 thesis – Far More Important Than Politics? Public Policy And The Impact Of Urban Riots, 1964–68 – he showed a positively alarming understanding of how to use disinformation.

McBride said that the spark for riots was ‘most often a single, symbolically significant act of white abuse or exploitation, rarely in terms of what actually happened as in how the act was perceived through rumours’.

And he cited a book by Patricia Turner called I Heard It Through The Grapevine: Rumor In African-American Culture, which sounds like a political saboteur’s handbook, listing a number of riot-inciting rumours, including the unprovoked clubbing to death of a pregnant black woman and the shooting of a black teenager with his hands up.

McBride approved of violent tactics, arguing that ‘lacking meaningful political representation, rioting was the only means by which ghetto blacks could protest their grievances’.

And, in a bizarre aside, he suggested that the riots led to ‘good humour, community bonding and temporary lapses in normal rates of sexual activity and substance abuse’ which ‘suggests communal exhibitionism derived from feelings of pride and freedom’.

Despite McBride’s wild views, his old Cambridge tutor, Professor Tony Badger, now the Master of Clare College, remembers him fondly.

He said: ‘We disagreed over the value of the riots – I thought they were counter-productive – but he was very focused, and it was an excellent thesis.

‘He was so good that I tried to persuade him to go and do a PhD in the States. It doesn’t surprise me that he has had such success in the political arena.’


We know all about the propaganda above. The Labour party practices it against the White people of Britain everyday.


Anonymous said...

"The American race riots in the Sixties showed that violence is needed to bring political change."

Proved by the Labour party freeing the IRA and assisting the terrorist Mandela to freedom.

Time to riot then?

Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh reading this. I've just peeped at LUAF and they're slagging off the BNP for half of what these sick fuckers get upto. Incredible when you think the Labour party funds LUAF. Bunch of evil cunts.

Anonymous said...

"McBride approved of violent tactics, arguing that ‘lacking meaningful political representation, rioting was the only means by which ghetto blacks could protest their grievances’."

Thats because they're a bunch of under achieving tree hoppers. Look at Diane Abbott the thick ugly shit. She would be nowhere without the Labour party. MWHA HA HAA

Anonymous said...

Maybe NG can give him a job?

2nd class citizens unite. said...

This comes in the wake of a Labour Candidate refusing to debate with the BNP candidate at a hustlings in Wanstead, London.
Violence and intimadation is all Liebour know.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the filthy scum. That picture looks like the opening scene in 'Reservoir Dogs' and the Labour Party are just as thuggish and crooked.

Anonymous said...

You mean this one :) Looks like Tony Blair on the back seat

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Tony Blair on the back seat"

I wish!

Anonymous said...

Reading that it makes me wonder whose idea it was to spread the last rumour in Handsworth when the riots kicked off.

A black radio station broadcast that a black girl had been raped by an Asian. One man died.

I wonder if the Labour party thought it would galvanise the ethnic community, or may be they just wanted the old shops demolished by the baying crowds to save on the demolition fees.

Trust no one



GH said...

It's a shame that the BNP's very own training handbook calls many of its members "liars", "thieves" and "oddballs.

Nick Griffin is all three!

Anonymous said...

Labour ...... Bunch of evil cunts.

????? .... didn't think Labour were that good.

Anonymous said...

McBride is no more than Arse-eye Brown's lying beer-bloated bum-clinker.

He's one of the traitors at the top of the deportatiobn list for a future nationalist party to harshly deal with.

Anonymous said...

So that scummy lard-arsed fat pig recommends violence? That good, because the day will come when he will experience first-hand some of his own philosophy.

If the bastard survives, he should be able to publish a revised editon on his thesis onn violence and public meyhem. Some lefty marxist arse jockey cambridge professor might award McPissed-Shithead a PHD for adding to the knowledge on what makes Labour the real biggoted fascist thugs admired and encouraged by Harriet Whoreman.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...