Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Austrian jailed for denying Holocaust

VIENNA - Austrian Holocaust denier Gerd Honsik was sentenced to five years in jail late Monday, but his lawyer said he would appeal.

Honsik, 67, who was extradited from Spain in 2007, was found guilty by a court in Vienna of denying the Holocaust and the existence of the gas chambers in a number of publications between 1987 and 2003. But Honsik again insisted that the existence of the gas chambers was "not a fact."


Anonymous said...

This is pure madness, the truth will eventually prevail and the holohoax myth dispelled.
Mr Honsik, was found guilty of "Wiederbetaetigung" - which means "re-engaging" in Nazi era beliefs." The lying Mirror reports below states 1.5 million killed, even the court historians say it was 1.1million, "Brown stepped into a Gas Chamber," wait a minute, the court historians says they were blown up as the Red Army approached, what utter nonsense! Incidentally what's the £100 Million Auschwitz fund for?

Gordon Brown's Anguish at Auschwitz

By Bob Roberts 29/04/2009 Daily Mirror

Gordon Brown and wife Sarah stand before a symbol of Europe's darkest hour, profoundly moved by their sombre visit yesterday.
The couple wept as they toured Auschwitz concentration camp where up to 1.5million people were killed by the Nazis.

Afterwards, the PM said: "Nothing, no film, no book, no documentaries, can prepare you for what you see here." And he vowed never to let British children forget the lessons of history.

He said: "We are determined such events will never happen again."

Mr Brown placed a lit candle at the death wall where SS guards gunned down prisoners. He then stepped inside the gas chambers.

In a book of remembrance, he wrote: "What I have seen is a harrowing testament to the murder of so many who suffered here the extremes of terror."

He called it a "perpetual reminder of all the darkness" in the world.

He added: "But it is also a story of what the world can endure and survive.
"In this place of desolation I reaffirm my belief that we all have a duty not to stand by, but to stand up, against discrimination and prejudice." Mr Brown is to back a £100million fund for Auschwitz to remain as a war memorial in Krakow, Poland.

He also wants to increase the number of pupils who go there to learn about the Nazi genocide of 12 million people in the Second World War.

So far 8,000 pupils have visited under the Lessons From Auschwitz scheme run by the Holocaust Education Trust.

Mr Brown's emotional visit came at the end of a two-day tour of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Poland.

In Warsaw he was lectured by the Polish Prime Minister on how to run a successful economy. Don Tusk was asked why Poland's economy was growing while Britain's was shrinking.

Mr Brown glowered as Mr Tusk said: "Responsible public funding and budget deficit. And no living on credit."

Anonymous said...

What is that freak wearing the strange glasses ?

Hated for being British said...

Well there we have it, if Gordon Brown says it happened then we all know it did not.

richard Chadfield said...

Hated for being British said...

Well there we have it, if Gordon Brown says it happened then we all know it did not.

29 April 2009 16:22
Correct. All politicians are currupt liars. a very,very small example.(this is a digression from the theme --sorry) MP's Fiddle their expenses. A crime for which they should be expelled from the Commons and punished under the law. Just like unemployed people who claim additional benefits to which their are not entitled are punished under the law. But Gordon Browns response is : pay MP's an attendance allowence of , about ,£150 a day (thats about £750 a week or £39,000 a year) and then the fiddleing will stop. Lets get something clear an Mp is a worker just like any other worker. He/she should not receive expense allowences for attending work --what other worker receives an attendance allowence just for turning up at the work place? Lets get something else clear we must not give individuals additional income in the hope that they will then cease to fiddle (ie steal). Those who 'fiddle' must be made an example off and this is especially true if they hold high office.
The British political system is utterley currupt. It is currupt at every level--it is beyond redemption. So what are we to do? The best answer that I can give at the moment is that every British man and women should withdraw from the political process. Do not vote: not at local level, not at national level, not at European level. The system needs your participation to give it it's legitimatcy-deny it.Not voting (ie not playing their game ) is a powerful weapon and they fear it. We know they fear it because in the face of declining voter turnouts they are considering making voting a legal obligation. If no one votes for them they have no legitamatcy and the mask is off -the con trick is exposed.
Not voting is a guenuine political act when done as part of a stratagy. You are powerless--your vote is meaningless. therefore you have nothing to lose by not voting and nothing to gain by voting. Not voting is a powerful political act.So ,for the moment, don't vote but do campaign and educate within your local communities.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

I know that the BPP people are not particularly popular on this forum, but this is worth knowing about.

From the BPP website, dated 28th of April 2009.

“After the BPP applied to carry out a 'Rights for Whites' demonstration last year in Bradford, we were informed that all public events must now comply with the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 and in accordance with this legislation, organisers must adhere to certain criteria. One of these is that if there is a possibility that opposing factions may clash the organisers have to make provisions for medical staff. The entire application is overseen by the Public Safety Liaison Group committee [PSLG] so when I discovered the Searchlies event was announced as a public event in Bradford, I officially informed those representing the PSLG that the BPP would be attending the event to protest, thus opposing factions became a public safety issue and so I applied under the Freedom of Information Act for all paperwork relating to the application for the event to ensure all legislation had been adhered to.

It became apparent quite quickly that no application had been made by the organisers of the event, so two weeks ago I lodged an official complaint. This morning I was notified that the Hope not Hate tour will no longer be visiting Bradford!!

I shall now of course be checking the organisers have complied with legislation in the remaining areas they plan to visit and if they have not, I shall be lodging more complaints.”

Keine Ruhe.

Anonymous said...

AEG are now making gas cookers capable of seating a dozen a time.

Set to regulo 10. And be quick about it.

Anonymous said...

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...