Wednesday, April 29, 2009

English Democrats latest recruit - why it's Cllr.Johnson !

Cllr.Johnson from Blackburn is no stranger to this blog. But even we had to take a sharp intake of breath when we saw that the torylike English Democrats(EDs) had placed Mr.Johnson as it's North West Chairman.

So where does that place the previous ED North West Chairman Mr. Ed Abrams, whose very first statement to new recruits is "I am jewish !" ?

Blackburn councillor joins English Democrats to stand against BNP
10:31am Wednesday 29th April 2009
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A BLACKBURN with Darwen councillor is taking on a national role for the English Democrats Party.
Michael Johnson, who has represented the far-right England First Party, the For Darwen Party, and is the Fernhurst ward councillor on Blackburn with Darwen Council, has taken over the role of chairman of the North West English Democrats.
He said he joined the party to stop the British National Party getting a foothold in the area.
BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing for a North West seat in the European Parliament elections in June.
The English Democrats are a Euro-sceptic party which campaigns for England to be recognised and treated as a nation in its own right, as is the case with Scotland and Wales.

Here is a message that Mr.Johnson posted a couple of years back on STORMFRONT;

Today, 05:25 AM
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To day is my birthday, i am an elected councillor and i spend most of my time being pc. As today is my birthday my present to me is letting my self say what i think.When did the crusades come to Britain? we are at war. The asians have come to my country to try and take over. I say enough is enough, no longer should we sit back and let these people dictate to us what we do in our country. If they do not like what we stand for then F..K off back to the S..T holes they came from. I say no to intergration. I say no to mixing races. I say no to the islamanisation of our country. We cant have a real civil war but we can fight them in the polling booth. In fact they shouldnt even have a vote. I would love to say that in the councill chamber. And just incase any red is reading this. If you want to publish this post make sure you get it right. COUNCILLOR MICHAEL JOHNSON ENGLAND FIRST PARTY. Happy birthday England it is a new dawn, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ed Abrams is the English Democrats National Communications Officer nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Sambo Johnson has attended the RedWhite and Blue.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in tried to get him into the BNP, but he got a better offer from the Eng Dems. Gri££in is sh***ing himself now as he thinks the EDs will take votes off him and stop him getting into Europe!

Anonymous said...

Well ! what more can i say.
John Cronin

Anonymous said...

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seventhvictim said...

Its really a case of small parasites exploiting larger parasites.

Anonymous said...

I never fully understood why Cotterill and Johnson stood down as EFP elected councillors in Blackburn after just a short while, it seemed a completed wasted opportunity. I've only even seen the ED party as a pressure valve, they seem to put up non-White candidates as well.

Anonymous said...

The whole Cotterill/Johnson thing STANK.

Coterill spent his time slagging the bnp for selling-out, yet in elections his party was "softer."

There was more to that whole chapter than met the eye.

A temple tiff? A coppers' nark fistycuffs over the wonga?

SD said...

Chi Chi Cotterill is SAtate, make NO mistake.

Anonymous said...

Cotterill has always been state. He just thinks no one really believes it. He hangs around all the different groups gathering the gossip and plying people with drink for info. He does it all under the cover of being a badge seller. Speak to Rushton and Cotterill at your own peril. Rushton even spies on Renouf to make sure he gets any info on Iran.

Anonymous said...

State operatives ?or not
The point is we are not clandestine if we are or we have a non political agenda we then stay away from those we suspect of being state as loose lips sink ships ,other than that what are we afraid of as we are legitimate as we operate within the law.

The man in room 17

Anonymous said...

Of interest.

Bol said...

chi chi is state.

Tyndall was warned and knew it.

JT said his one regret over 1982 and the founding of the BNP was letting in MC.

Ever since his return to the UK [after blaming whites nats for the Wshington shootings to the feds] he has smeared and split and spied and lies on virtually EVERY nationalist/racialist group.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that my first comment when I meet new folk is I am proud to be ENGLISH as this is my nationality.
Pray tell me who said I always tell folk I'm Jewish first. Need to check your sources mate as they've got it wrong
Ed ( I'm English ) Abrams

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...