Friday, November 07, 2008

Worthy Voices


I hope that our political masters who take the trouble to read my ramblings about the current state of the UK dairy industry, do something positive in their actions to assist it and not hinder.

Why is a once profitable industry and obviously a major contributor to the UK’s balance of payments, being allowed to wither and die? To those of you who don’t know or would not wish to know, 2 dairy producers per day are leaving the industry which now only totals approximately 20,000 hardworking, underpaid individuals.

For the uninitiated, it was a politician who dismantled the co-op set up to take over from the defunct Milk Marketing Board. What made this notable female take such action? It certainly has seen the demise of a once great industry.
It has seen some of the highest suicide rates of any industry. Why? Probably because government departments continue to pile on the bureaucracy form filling, for what? It brings no respite for the cash starved dairy sector.

These economists who continually tell us we have to benchmark against the best should look further than their Whitehall corridors, we are the best but are still starved of cash, while a government looks on and sees their balance of payments within dairy products rise higher and higher. Please oh please politicians, tell us your master plan.
Leading ministers tell us its supply verses demand, then ministers why are we continuing to see our imports of dairy products rise. Those who wander around the corridors of power cannot be so naive to think that we mere peasants cannot understand how a balance sheet operates but then again most political manikins spend most of their time looking up their own rear.


How much do you pay for your milk? Farmers get just a penny a litre. The FFA still hold protests, and these people are worthy of our support.

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Anonymous said...

The UK dairy industry is not dying, it is being KILLED OFF. Not quite the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Everything British is being killed off. Thing is, what are we British going to do about? If the skills of our British farmers are lost, this sick and evil government will bring in foreigners to do it.

I want to know why dairy farmers don't start their own milk delivery service straight from the cow to the customer. Tell the supermarket giants of greed to eff off.

Anonymous said...

Farmers would love to sell direct to the public, but they aren't allowed to.

The supermarket crap generation probably wouldn't be interested anyway. They would much rather have some chemical gunk out of a carton.

Anonymous said...

"Farmers would love to sell direct to the public, but they aren't allowed to."

Why not?

Farm shops and farmers markets are booming like never before. Yes, we have a generous raised on crap, but many youngsters don't want GM etc and they prefer to buy at source.

With the state of the economy and oil, I can't see many products coming from abroad for much longer. We need our farmers, and their generations of experience.

Anonymous said...

Why don't farmers run a scheme called 'Adopt a Cow'

I'd happily adopt a cow, advertise it to my friends, and hand out leaflets.

Is there any info on how much milk Britain gets from abroad compared to British sales?

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