Saturday, November 29, 2008

BNP Infiltrator?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Facebook BNP Supporter Linked To Party Officials Was Among Those In Plot To Fireball BNP Members

FURY erupted last week after vigilantes launched a website to plot firebomb attacks on BNP members’ homes. Police were called in to investigate after 52 apparently willing arsonists signed up to “Let’s Firebomb Every BNP Household In Britain” on Facebook.

The website included a link to 12,000 names and addresses on a leaked BNP membership list.
It called for bomb attacks on followers of the far right party, who were branded “racists, fascists, thugs and Nazis”.

The website declared: “Let’s show these scumbags that they will not be tolerated!’’ The site administrator, using the name Camilo Cienfuegos, ranted:

“I have attended ‘secret’ BNP meetings in the past and have heard their opinions and the things they would try to enact once they gain power – and let me tell you they are evil!

“By the way racist scum, I am as English as fish’n’chips and a pint of Bulldog.“ It doesn’t matter how many of you come on here and whine like scared little bitches about the terrible Red Army coming to firebomb you out of your houses like fleas in an old rug, it won’t change anything.

“F*** off and wait patiently for your houses to get fire-stormed, you scum.”

The internet rallying cry came only 48 hours after bungling vigilantes firebombed a car outside the home of a man whose name appeared on the leaked list.But the motor blown up in Liversedge, West Yorks, belonged to a neighbour of a former BNP member.

Last night horrified Facebook members called for the group to be axed. One calling himself Rob Darwin, from Wales, left a message on the website saying: “Come and get me, Camilo, you gutless idiot. Egging on other people because you can’t do the dirty work yourself.“ “What a pathetic excuse for a man.” Last night a spokesman for Facebook said the website was investigating and was likely to shut down the group.

And a senior detective told the Daily Star:

“This would certainly be considered an incitement to violence.’’ Daily Star

Here are some of the members of the group including one BNP supporter, Epona Vals, who lists Mark Collett and Simon Darby as friends.
Epona Vals, Bristol
Ian Mays, London
John Richard, Calgary
Richard Will Harrison, Nottingham
Guy Avni, Israel
Levski BorussiaAmanda Arnold, London
Panagiotis Mavros Johan SpitenSteven Singh Leil, West Midlands
Bal Singh, West Midlands
Callum McCord, Leeds
Dodge Palmer, West Midlands


Anonymous said...

Trust ANTIFA to use the name of a Cuban arsehole.

We need to start ripping their face masks off, photographing them and sending the images to their employees and universities. Lets see how brave they are when they become fully exposed the braindead drop outs.

Anonymous said...

Epona Vals is mentioned here

"An Important Message To Iceland!

Ef þú vilja fyrirgefa minn fremur grófur tjáning. Ómerkingur geta viðurværi hlýja við hland á þinn eiga fótur.
My Norwegian friend told me that expression, so I may have lost something in the translation!

heiðarlegur og vingjarnlegur , því í England there er svo mikill óheiðarleiki á meðal ungur fólk. Þeir did ekki vanur eitthvað sem gert var oft vera svona , en nú við hafa 30,000 hnífur hestvagn óþokki og það er getting verri allur the tími. Þeir ert ekki slæmur barn við náttúran , það er the vegur okkar þjóðfélag hefur þá. Við did ekki vita óður í the raunverulegur áætlun af the Evrópubúi Verkalýðsfélag , og þeir hafa holræsi the sál út af okkar Þjóð. Einn eini hefur til líta á the glæpur tala the siðspilling og the massi innstreymi af fólk hver ert óvinveittur til okkar menning. Við this ÉG er ekki tal aftur a lágmark láréttur flötur af innflutningur. ÉG went til skóli með Hindúi Sikhs og Vestur- Indverji , og þeir varúlfur minn vinátta , en í 60 ár við vilja vera ofurliði borinn við islamskur , og þriðji ásetningur ert ekki góður. Okkar innri borgari ert nú neitun - fara svæði , og það geta eini gera verra. ÉG ást þinn and- , ÉG réttlátur gera ekki vilja það til endir upp eins og okkar. The EU er óákveðinn greinir í ensku til siðmenning. Guð Blessa , Epona Vals.

Here are some photographs we took during our visit."

Anonymous said...

There's been comments on the Democracy Forum about BNP members having been subject to hate-filled, abusive phone calls, all made by Muslim cowards. At least one person under the name of Quintrix has some brain cells by saying that it's a bunch of stupid reds posing as Muslims as a dirty tactic to direct the energies of harassed BNP members onto the wrong target whilst the real guilty culprits get away.

Notice how none of the names on the list appear to be Muslim.

Anonymous said...

The reds have used these tactics for years. They even daub swastikas about the place to blame BNP members.

Anonymous said...

Here are two nutter for the police to look at.

Re: WHOOPS- BNP mistakenly list all members details online....
by barlowmoorroadbhoy on Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:14 pm
I predict a riot!! I predict a riot!!

burn the facist scum.

This leak has really put a smile on my face! It's sent all these scum scurrying under rocks where they belong.

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BNP members, relational to fourbanks crossroads
by tilly bud on Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:52 pm
Excellent. I want burning cars by mid-night... call outselves a hippie dystopia? Time to prove it.

[go ahead and follow the above link to search for them, but please don't publish the names/addresses on this site - admin]


Anonymous said...

The person calling themselves 'Tillybud' lives at this postcode-M21 9AF

Anonymous said...

What a brainless cunt. What true Englishman uses a filthy dago moniker of Camilo Cienfuegos (Translation: fire dog, alt: dog of fire, but read, pox-ridden flea infested multicultral no-good mongrel)

Cunt claims he his "English as fish n. chips and a pint of Bulldog" ..... oleous little bastard's not fit for cooking fish and chips in, and is closer related to a pint of Mexican Hairless dog's piss.

Go hump air, fuck-dog Cienfuego, before Nationalist dog catchers lasso your nuts.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...