Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breaking news - BBC website about to have story link on the BNP membership lists online
Link when we get it..............
From NWN reader:
Griffin puts out a statement and lies to BNP members.
"The timing and actual aim of this leak story is blatant: It was set running on Sunday evening, when the clique who co-ordinate virtually all anti-BNP campaigns would have been confident that the following day’s kangaroo court at the General Teaching Council would take away from Adam Walker his right to teach.

Had that been the result, the verdict would have been a big news story, which would have set things up perfectly for the follow-up publicity storm about thousands of BNP members being ‘exposed’ which would have broken over the rest of the week. Without a single person on the leaked list being persecuted purely for their views (because to do so is illegal), the public would have been left with the impression that the two stories were connected and that all of them would be hounded out like Adam was supposed to be on Monday."
No, it wasn't set running on Sunday. Look at the blog, it took 6 whole days for whoever it was to upload the data, and the blog URL was not handed out untill 9pm Monday night. Long after Walker had gone home from the Kangaroo Court.
Griffin is grasping at straws because the rebels are about to put him back in court for his disgraceful behaviour. The court case could cost the BNP a fortune, and by pointing the finger at the rebels, Griffin, is covering his back.


Anonymous said...

For info.

BNP activists details published

A list showing the full contact details of British National Party activists has been published online.

The BNP says the list, which includes home phone numbers and e-mail addresses, dates from 2007 and some people are no longer members.

The party also claims the names were published maliciously, but it has not said who may be responsible.


Anonymous said...

Is this another Griffin spoiler operation?

Big Mistake said...

The list is a bit out of date its true as I am on it but am no longer a member, nor in the circumstances do I feel much like rejoining. Someone or some people at the highest levels in the BNP has/have to take responsibility for this, if a local organiser had been lax enough to entrust local party members details to someone who leaked them, I bet a pound to a penny Nick Griffin would not hesitate in making an example of them to restore confidence.

Let him show leadership qualities and bear the burden. Resign now Nick, that is the honourable thing to do.

Anonymous said...

The list is certainly not more than 4 months old, the last dated entry is July 2008.

Members details remain on the membership list for years after they either fail to renew or resign, just ask any organiser.

Collett to Go said...

Why the hell did Collett LIE and say it was all a "hoxe" when Darby states in the Guardian the BNP knew this morning the list was up on the web? Collett has to go, he has just shown he is an habitual liar willing to treat party members concerns for their safety with total contempt, its okay for him he gets the protection of security.

Dont knmow if Griffin should go but Collett has to. Least thing he oculd of done was be a man, an honest man, and admitted it was true. How can anyone in the BNP trust him ever again? Least we would have known from one of our supposed own rather than let the reds break it to us.

Fellow members can never ever trust another thing he says, so his position is untenable. He must be sacked. Lie to opponents but never to your own

Anonymous said...

"Is this another Griffin spoiler operation?

18 November 2008 19:08"

I'm glad you've raised that point. Time for Griffin to finish off the BNP, and be able to blame others?

Anonymous said...

Not finish it off but knacker it so there is no chance of progress since there is no internal confidence.

Think about it. Frighten off activists who want to do things and that leaves the armchair squad sending in their cash for entertainments. Activists are a thorn in Griffin's side.

Cui bono?

Anonymous said...

You know this list is saved, soon there will be a database to allow people to look names up.

No company will ever want to employ anyone on the list ever.

Class action?

Anonymous said...

If that's true about employment then look for false postings of inconvenient people.

Ditam said...

I'm sure the rebels will take this further. Griffin has shot himself in the other eye as google will have it recorded as to who set up this blog - everyone is traceable or didn't his South African spook squad tell him that.

Anonymous said...

"This will be a publicity bonus" is Gri££in some sort of Cunt?
People's names and address and tel numbers are up on the web for the whole world to see, epecially violent Reds and he thinks it's good for publicity!!!!!!

Fluenco said...

Griffin is trying to blame Kenny Smith for this leak, without presenting evidence of this as per usual.
I cannot see Smith releasing any details of fellow Nationalists and I truely believe this has been set up by Griffin as he knows he's about to lose out to the December rebels as they are forcing him back into court.
Griffin claims on the BNP website that he has taken legal action on the company hosting the website should this be the case then they will have evidence of who set up the site and I'm sure it won't point to any of the December rebels.
I believe that individuals can make a complaint regarding Data Protection and that members of the BNP must do this to ensure that a full investigation into who published the membership list is carried out.
I'll bet my life that this has been set up by Griffin & Co.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, this appears to be a typical Griff setup. He is backed into a corner over this court case and is getting ever more desperate.

Anonymous said...

Catch yourselves on......

Loads of headline grabbing publicity, BNP web site under seige,

hard core activists even more determined,

a major recruitment drive for solidarity union.

Every man and his dog looking to see who is a member and suddenly finding they are all decent people.

Its a win win situation.

Loads of people saying... I am Spartacus...

Well done BNP.

Anonymous said...

The site owner will have the posters details, and if it's Griffins clique, well....

All members should ensure we find out by calling the police and demanding action. My money is on Darby :-)

Anonymous said...

The socalled rebels are too patriotic to publish the BNP membership list. As stated by Cadmus elswhere on this site, journalists who wrote the book on the Shayler Affair revealed that MI5 penetrated the BNP in 1990 and 1991 - no doubt at the highest level. Collet is one of the front runners for being the leaker, Griffin, Darby, and former South Africa government intel officer Kemp being the rest of the front runners. Griffin has good cause to leak the membership list just to discredit the rebels in the eyes of the court the rebels are going to drag him back into.

Anonymous said...

A number of BNP members have rung me, telling me a woman claiming to be a Daily Mirror reporter rang them to quiz them on their BNP membership.
My advice to anyone receiving a similar call from a hack is first ask the hack its name, the rag the hack works for and the hack's return number, then tell the hack you have a list of left-wing pedophile labour MPs and pedophile left-wing House of Lords members, and you also have a list of Labour MPs and House of Lord members who were and are card carrying communists, and would the hack like the lists for publishing in their rag.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin should resign for this.

Anonymous said...

TS20 2HU
Activist. Donation £30 (08)

As was found on the membership list as you can see a donation was made in 08 after Kenny Smith and co had gone. so this is yet another Griffin lie.
I have removed the ladies address and phone but check the lists yourself look up her name. and you will see this one along woth others have been updated in 08.

griffin you are a lying traitor to all BNP members.

Cant wait until the rebels get you in court.

Eavesdropper said...

Well it solves one mystery:

Lee Barnes is NOT a BNP member.

Anonymous said...

If Griffin stubbed his toe on his back doorstep I think he would blame the December rebels. It's an easy way out for the lax BNP security. Immediately after the 'invented' rebelion was the encryption code was changed, as it should be every so often, to avoid this sort of problem. The rebels argument, I feel, is with Griffin and his immediate entourage and not with the rank and file. In the meantime I'll watch and wait to see who, though not guilty, eventually gets the blame. If it is discovered to be a publicity stunt or designed to discredit the rebels, the most likely, then I hope Griffins balls fester and drop off. That bastard will do anything to get what he wants or get his own way, that is why there are more ex BNP members than there are members.

Anonymous said...


Was 10063 (card lost in post). Donation £5 (08)

here is another that clears the rebels. Just think griffins love of money is proof of the greedy cunts lying.

Anonymous said...

It would be relevent to mention that Sadie Grahams computer, containing her membership list, was taken by the security team in the illegal entry. Something is starting to stink. Inside job, set up. MMMmmm

Anonymous said...

Eavesdropper said...
Well it solves one mystery:

Lee Barnes is NOT a BNP member.

I'd like to disagree with that, he is, and a big one, and I'm not talking arms & legs.

Anti-gag said...

A newly uploaded response to Griffin's accusations made by the December six can be viewed at:


Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Well spotted Cris, and a good response it is as well.

Anonymous said...

You cannot campaign in European elections using activists. They are too big. It has to be done by mailshot. Activists are now irrelevant to Griffin's ambition. All he needs is cash in the post not a lot of people complaining about the fact the BNP is not there to save the country.

Anonymous said...

The information itself is largely meaningless, as the state has all this information anyway, as do their friends on the Left.

What IS of interest is the timing and the motivation.

Anonymous said...

Good point >anonymous<. Gri££in no longer cares about the BNP . All he is interested in is a seat on the Euro gravy train. The BNP is a launch pad, that's all. He is relying on the anti-EU vote to get him in. And that has very little to do with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

This morning I awoke to an email from a friend saying that one of the members of staff at a local mosque he sometimes attends services at has downloaded all 91 pages of the BNP membership list before it was removed from the internet. Attached to my email is a zipfile of the entire membership list as proof of this.

The mosque staff say they have disseminated the BNP membership list widely amongst the Muslim community both in the UK and abroad. Every mosque in the Britain should have a copy ready in time for the forthcoming Friday prayers.

Anonymous said...

The UAF seem to be at odds over this.

Could be a publicity stunt.


Anti-gag said...

Looking at the list again, I strongly suspect this is the work of Griffin and his cronies. A few dates in 2008 added (without what appears to be a lot of thought), ie why would anyone reissue a lost 07 membership card in July 2008? And clearly anyone altering theses date would realise the contradiction and change the card date to 08 as well. Also added to the list is (or so I’m told) is a Scottish footballers name, who is not a party member. So why a Scottish footballer? Answer is clear, to add a Scottish connection to the scam, ie. to incriminate Kenny Smith.

This whole thing blows up now just before Griffin has to go back to court (this time without proper legal representation) to face the December six. The rumour is that Griffin can’t pay his own legal fees let alone those of the six people he’s persecuting, and he knows that a judgement against him will bring him down, so this may well be a desperate last ditched attempt to save something from that case and win a contempt of court order against them.

Was this either directly, or indirectly, Griffin’s doing? I don’t know, but I certainly suspect it may well have been.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I saw Griffin on BBC News24 today. When questioned about the NUJ saying BNP members gave info to Redwatch he replied by saying Redwatch was run by neo-nazi lunatics who would stab him on sight for being a moderate and BNP members were banned from viewing the site.

Stab him on sight? Is this bloke nuts or just a habitual liar? Probably both.

Anonymous said...

It's beginning to look like Lancaster Unity were behind the release of the list.

Over on the manchester unity site there are calls for Ketlan to resign for going too far.


Anonymous said...

This has gri££ins grubby fingermarks all over it.

Anonymous said...

I can categorically state it was not me, but I'm sure you all knew that anyway. I was the one who had to fight tooth and nail at AC meetings to get security procedures tightened up (Form 3, encryption, secure e-mail addresses etc) for membership and enquirer lists against a fair bit of opposition by some of Nick's cabal it has to be said; Mark Collett and Simon Darby (and Eddy Butler too) being most vocally opposed I remember at one AC meeting in Leeds.

I cannot say too much obviously with the court case on going, but it should be obvious to all that it would serve me no good whatsoever to have done this given the really strong case that we have. I want my day in court and to be able to tell the world the truth about Griffin and his gang. I also want my membership back unbroken and the wages/expenses owed to me too.

Griffin names me publicly without a shred of evidence - he's now removed my name, but left my job title up instead. The sheer arrogance of the man is astounding. With Griffin at the helm the hierarchy in the main will remain rotten to the core. I feel deeply sorry for those named and have nothing but distain for whoever leaked the info. I have taken calls from comrades across the country who are already getting hate/press calls and it makes to sick to the stomach given the effort I've put in protecting members details since I first became a regional official back in 1995.


Hi all

Likewise I can categorically deny that it was me who leaked the membership database. Whoever leaked/published the database has made a serious error of judgement and it is obviously very regrettable. My thoughts are with those members who will now be harassed by far-left violent thugs.

Best wishes to all
Ian Dawson


Hi All,

Those of us who are currently still in legal action with Griffin and Darby have to be careful what we say in public re: sub judice.
I can categorically state I would never entertain the idea of such a malicious and damaging act.

Furthermore as my job was web editor I never had or needed to have a BNP membership list. Any suggestion that I was somehow involved in this appalling action by anyone; Griffin or any one else will be rigorously pursued.

I echo what Kenny has stated - I want my day in court and to be able to tell the world the truth about Griffin and his antics. I also want my membership back unbroken, my reputation restored and to be able to take my place once again in the forefront of the struggle to win our country back. Time is running out for our people, we need to be working as hard as possible to ensure our kids have a future.

My thoughts are with those good people who never dreamed that their membership status and personal details would end up in the public domain. Let's hope some positive outcome results as the press dwell on the existence of all those Doctors, teachers, and other professionals in the ranks utterly contradicting the usual lies about the BNP being full of knuckle draggers but let's hope no one losses their jobs, homes or livelihoods out of this.

kind regards


Anonymous said...

Uhmm.. curioser and curioser

http://www.bnp.org.uk/ claims there is record level of traffic to the site and that it is temporary offline......a nice spin off from the leak of the membership list of the entire party. Now call me cynical but was the massive publicity that the leak has attracted really the intended purpose after all. A very high risk activity but I expect the BNP will be bigger and stronger after this when the dust settles. Yes a few faint hearts might slink away but look at the hundreds if not thousands of candidates, election agents in recent years - all of who have had their names in the public domain. When it is discovered that this is a cunning plot by Griffin and co to generate massive publicity what next? What will be think of next? Arrange the kidnap his own daughter by a sponsored "Islamic extremist" gang to boost sympathy? There I go putting ideas into his head!

Anonymous said...

Members in London having been receieving nasty phone call from Blacks making threats! It's obvious now that the leaked membership list included new members who joined this year, the finger is very strongly pointing at piss head JOHN WALKER, this piece of shit should be sorted out good and proper!!!!! Incredibly Gri££in is backing this vermin up!

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the so called "VOC rebels" are making their voices known. I dont for one minute believe it was anyone other than someone VERY close to the top who authorised this knowing the helter-skelter of publicity which would result from it. A brilliant move but one not without some fall out and some danger to a handful of members in "sensitive" jobs. If this helps gets 2-3-4-5 MEPS elected next year it's a small price to pay, sorry to be brutally honest but that's how it is.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

The fact that the published list has donations from 08 on it clearly puts any of the real nationalists that Griffin calls rebels in the clear, not that any of us that knows the truth about the December fall out needed any evidence.
Will griffin have the decency to apologise to the people that he has lied about on the main BNP website? The fact that tens of thousands of people have seen these slanderous remarks by Griffin is truly disgusting. I mean how low can this so called man who has never worked a day in his life go.

What will Kenny Smith the most honest man who was in the BNP be blamed of next. What griffinesque fuck up will he next be tainted with.
You can just Imagine the pig farmer cooking his wife’s tea and burning the sausages, and the shout of “that Fucking Kenny Smith again” ringing out from the kitchen. Perhaps Griffin should look closer at some of the people he has surrounded himself with, including himself.
The publication of the membership list was and is a truly disgusting low life trick, that will have serious repercussions for a whole host of people, regardless of any political gain this should have never have happened.
If it was one of Griffins master plans to either give him a helping hand in the court case or as many are suggesting a leg up for the BNP in the euro elections it was not thought out very well especially blaming people who were sacked in early Dec 07, for a membership list that was updated in 08.

So who is the culprit, Griffin, Walker, Collet (weasel), I don’t know, but the one thing I do know is that it was not K Smith or anyone else that was sacked in December, because the simple truth is that they are all real nationalists, who care about our own people the BNP family. They would never betray them.
Can people say the same about Griffin, Collet and co.

So come on Griffin give us the name and number of the police station/Officer that you must have contacted by now to launch the investigation that’s needed to find the scumbag who posted the list. We are waiting. Or would the investigation be too close to home.
Come on name and number so we can check that a investigation has been launched.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Sharon Ebanks has been arrested?

truthful said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true Sharon Ebanks has been arrested?

19 November 2008 23:18

I don't know why they would arrest E-banks as the full membership list that she was given by Tony Lecomber when he was at her house setting up the BNP forum could not have been as recent as the membership list published as it was several years ago that E-banks recieved a membership list.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why they would arrest E-banks as the full membership list that she was given by Tony Lecomber when he was at her house setting up the BNP forum could not have been as recent as the membership list published as it was several years ago that E-banks recieved a membership list.

20 November 2008 12:05"

No, I haven't been arrested. Why should I? I haven't done anything wrong. If I wanted to publish a list to damage the BNP, I would have unleashed the Trafalgar List and done Griffin catastrophic financial damage. But, I haven't:)

Anonymous said...

So why didn't you publish the Trafalgar list and sink the swine?

Anonymous said...

The looney La Bomber Lecomber has one of the many full BNP membership list for 2007, and reason to stab the BNP in the back.


Why did balaclaver-wearing rabid Lecomber ambush Eddie Butler?

What reason did Lecomber have for attacking Butler? ((shame Butler failed to put that mad dog down when he had Lecomber floored)

Why did Griffin plead with Butler not to take police action against Looney Lecomber?

Did Lecomber leak the membership list?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...