Monday, November 17, 2008

Land Kill

'Frankenstein' crops could be grown in secret to halt GM trial sabotage

GM crop trials should be carried out in secret or behind security fences in a bid to prevent saboteurs from ripping them out of the ground, it is claimed.
UK scientists and biotech companies are putting pressure on ministers to implement special protection measures.

They are understood to have support in government from Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who is keen to support GM science and farming.

However, the proposals have been slammed by critics who say secret trials would expose vast areas of the country to disastrous GM contamination.

Conventional and organic farmers could find their crops are contaminated with GM pollen without any idea who is responsible.

The vast majority of consumers, supermarkets and food manufacturers in Britain and Europe have made clear they do not want GM crops and food.

Questions have been raised about GM farming techniques and their harm on the environment and beneficial insects such as bees.

Just last week, a study funded by the government of Austria suggested GM corn could harm fertility following a feeding trial with rats.

Experts at the University of Leeds claim they are being prevented from carrying out trials on GM potatoes and other crops for fear they will be wrecked by protestors.

They claim the only way to go ahead is either to keep their precise location a secret or spend many thousands of pounds on security fencing and guards.

They are considering asking a Government funding body, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, to stump up £100,000 for fencing.



Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops

When Prince Charles claimed thousands of Indian farmers were killing themselves after using GM crops, he was branded a scaremonger. In fact, as this chilling dispatch reveals, it's even WORSE than he feared.

The children were inconsolable. Mute with shock and fighting back tears, they huddled beside their mother as friends and neighbours prepared their father's body for cremation on a blazing bonfire built on the cracked, barren fields near their home.

As flames consumed the corpse, Ganjanan, 12, and Kalpana, 14, faced a grim future. While Shankara Mandaukar had hoped his son and daughter would have a better life under India's economic boom, they now face working as slave labour for a few pence a day. Landless and homeless, they will be the lowest of the low.

"Shankara's crop had failed - twice. Of course, famine and pestilence are part of India's ancient story.
But the death of this respected farmer has been blamed on something far more modern and sinister: genetically modified crops.
Shankara, like millions of other Indian farmers, had been promised previously unheard of harvests and income if he switched from farming with traditional seeds to planting GM seeds instead."



Anonymous said...

"Indeed, in a bid to promote the uptake of GM seeds, traditional varieties were banned from many government seed banks."

What an absolute disgrace. While nationalists bleat on about Muslims, what are they doing to defend the land in this country? Zero, that's what.

I suggest everyone start buying seeds and growing their own. Make friends with the elderly on allotments who have been saving and re using seeds for generations. Heirloom seeds are the most valuable of all, they've been growing on our land for generations.

Everyone should be signing petitions, lobbying MP's and telling the global destroyers to eff off.

All of these should be bombarded with emails and told to go to hell.

National Centre for Biotechnology Education
University of Reading

Irish Biotechnology
Information Centre
University of Limerick

The Sanger Centre

Cornell Institute for Food Science

The John Innes Centre

Science and Plants for Schools
Homerton College, Cambridge

Biotechnology SouthWest Limited University of Exeter

Biotechnology and
Biological Sciences Research Council

Conservation Technology Information Center

ISAAA (Intl' Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications)

International Rice Research Institute

Anonymous said...

At least the Phillipino nationalists have some balls. 1000 of them stormed the US embassy.

Anonymous said...

A pity the BNP don't know how to close on the green divide. The Greens have some very smart people who view immigration as an ecological disaster, but not a racial one.


Genetically modified Foods:toxins and reproductive failures.jeffery Smith(2007).
"The cells in the pancreas of mice fed "round up ready soya"had profound changes and produced significantly less digestive enzymes;in rats fed a gm potato,the pancreas was enlarged;in various analyses of kidneys,gm fed animals showed lesions,toxicity,altered enzyme production or inflamation.Enzyme production in the hearts of mice was altered by potatoes caused slower growth in the brains of rats,In both mice and rats fed round up ready soybeans,thier testicles showed dramatic changes.In rats,the organs were dark blue instead of pink.In mice,young sperm cells were altered.Embryos of gm fed mice showed temporary changes in thier dna functions,compared to those whos parents were fed non gm-soy.
This is why the administration and big business wishes to hide these current tests,the physical evidence alone would convince any rational person that gm is poison,quite apart from the fact that all of the seeds are only good for one season,after which one must buy more ,surprise surprise,from monsanto who will even own the means to produce our food,no wonder that they have recently built a seed bank in icy wastes as an insurance for when it all goes wrong,READ THE LABEL!

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