Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it becoming clear yet?

Thousands of ordinary men and women like you across this land are being subjected to the most sustained and vicious political witch-hunt ever seen in this country. Their ‘crime’? Being concerned enough about the future of their country to join the British National Party!
Experienced political commentators from around the world have been shocked by the bigoted actions and biased reporting of our press. Independent observers such as leading libertarian Dr. Sean Gabb are comparing the onslaught launched against us to the political witch hunts in the early days of the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Others are comparing the campaign against BNP members to the ‘KRISTALNACHT’ pogrom against the Jews in 1930s Nazi Germany - and with good reason.
Remember, first the Jews were publically named, then they were barred from certain occupations, the press then tried to whip up hatred against them and their rights to express themselves politically were removed. Finally it was open season on them and anybody else who dared question the totalitarian political elite. Windows were smashed, firebombs were thrown, and innocent people were hauled off to prison.
Is this not exactly what we are witnessing now, here in Britain, in 2008? The leaking of our members’ details was not the mere rash action of a disgruntled ex- employee. No! It is part of a co-ordinated campaign to stop our progress and rapid growth. The Powers That Be know that we stand a good chance of winning European seats next June, and that they have lost the battle to stop us politically, so now they are turning to intimidation, violence and mass arrests.
You see, the British National Party is gaining widespread recognition as the only party that could ever pull this nation together, the others have failed and now millions of ordinary Britons are looking towards the BNP as their only hope. The Establishment know that we are close to a massive political breakthrough.
This is too much for the ‘Troughminster’ politicians, and that is why they have unleashed the attack dogs of the media and the legions of the PC fanatics, trade union Marxists and every other hater of Britain they can muster.
Shame of leftist bullies
Yes, the attacks are hurting many good people, and yes, the sensationalist press coverage, the late-night threatening phone calls and the hate letters have been a source of anxiety to many. One poor lady (not even a member) came home from her husband’s funeral last Friday to find death threats against him on her answer phone because he was ‘on the list’.
However, the enemies of this country have badly misjudged the British character and our famous fighting spirit. Are we not heirs of those who stood, against all odds, at Agincourt? Did not our forebears hold fast the ‘thin red line’ on every continent in the world? Were not our ancestors those bold heroes who stood at Tilbury dock with good Queen Bess against the assembled hordes of Europe, and served heroically with Nelson and Wellington?
Unlike our fathers and Grandfathers, we have no Somme, Paschendale or Dunkirk to test our metal, but none the less we have our own battles to fight and this is a major test for us as Nationalists and British democrats. If our courage fails at the first sound of battle, then all is lost.
Our Finest Hour?
But I believe that the indomitable British spirit now stirring within the hearts of our people will cause them to rise in defence of liberty and our proud British heritage. AS A PARTY, THIS COULD WELL BE OUR FINEST HOUR! Being ‘on the list’ is a mark of honour, and people are now clamouring to join and be on it too!
Down through the travails of centuries many have tried to bully and silence the British people. ALL HAVE FAILED. Our enemies have always made the mistake of confusing the British love of fair play, decency and peace with ‘weakness’. They never understood that this was the secret of our strength. It takes a lot to rile the British, but when we are stirred from our slumber there is no dictator, people or force on earth that can suppress our spirit.
We never went looking for this fight, but now it has started we must stand fast in defence of every single member who feels threatened, harassed or intimidated. Employers who attempt to victimise our people will be challenged in court. Newspapers that deliberately whip up hatred against our people will also find themselves on the wrong end not only of legal action for receiving and misusing stolen property, but of well-thought out actions denied to hit their owners in their pockets. Police forces that fail to protect our people, or even worse try to join in the intimidation, will be called to account too.
Our people ARE the Party; therefore we will vigorously pursue all and every unlawful attack upon any individual. Our members will be protected and defended and I ask you now to donate to our People’s Defence Fund in order to provide the necessary means to secure our people proper legal representation and protection as they require, and to allow us to go on the campaign offensive.
Preparing our counter- attack
I have already held two intensive conferences with heavyweight lawyers and with an expert in peaceful direct action. Over the first couple of days of this all-out assault on the BNP’s very existence, senior colleagues and I were together forced to work flat out on what, as you know, turned into a very effective defensive action in the media. Now it’s time for us to counter-attack!
As well as our coming legal fight-back, we’re going to be organising hard-hitting political action too. We’ll make Liverpool’s politically correct police bullies wish they’d never tried to stamp out the BNP. We’re designing new Truth Truck ‘skins’ and we’re going to visit the owners and big shareholders of the Daily Mirror and tell their neighbours about their vicious campaign of intimidation, lies and incitement. These swine started this fight, but we’re going to win it!
Helping defend democracy
The campaign of media demonisation, police repression and intimidation by gangs of leftist thugs mobilised and endorsed by Labour cabinet ministers is not just an attack on the British National Party. It is an attack on the very essence of our democratic system and British way of life.
If you value this country and want to protect your children’s future, do not let our people stand alone. The Last Battle for our country is now raging; will you do your duty and rally to the brave old colours of the red, white and blue? You can support the Party, support democracy, and support the victims of Establishment bullying, by giving generously to the PEOPLE’S DEFENCE FUND...TODAY!Please use the form below to donate as much as you can afford to the Fight For Freedom:


Anonymous said...


We know it was you who gave the order to have it leaked. Donate money yourself you fat bastard. Take some from your Trafalgar Club personal pension pot

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the defence appeal for Collett and Griffin when they were at Leeds Crown Court? They didn't need any money, the cunts were on Legal Aid.

Anyone remember the whip round for extra security for the case? They all slept in a double room that cost £45 and you muttons handed over £9,000 for them. I echo the person above.


Anonymous said...

MI5 must be laughing their heads off. Don't give him any money.

Anonymous said...


I disagree, it should be


Anonymous said...

Well yes, it does seem to be another appeal for money.

On the list but out the BNP said...

But what people will it be defending?

More secuity for Griffo? More for Colette?

What about the oridnary members who are the backbone of the party. What about compo and security for them?

What about an apology?

Not a penny piece will I send ever again to a BNP that cannot even keep its membership list safe.

We are all owed an apology, stuff the publicity what about our security?

Griffin and Colett get PAID to take the risks , we DONT. Why should we be stool pigeons

Its Over and Im Out said...

Bye bye BNP. You've let us down. You dont care about our names going up you just want our money sent in.

No more. No more laying our necks on the line whilst funding you lazy careless twats at the top. How could you lose our details? We're owed an explanation? We deserve an apology. We dont need to be take for a ride.

I had been a member since formation but this is the end of the road for me.

BNP = Rip Off City said...

Our details are splashed all over the internet and you want money for allowing that? Are you effin serious? You want US to pay for YOUR mistakes? I dont think so.

We've paid a high price for joining the BNP, the risk of attack, vandalism, losing our jobs, our friends our homes. And you want us to pay financially now?

Why the hell should anyone fund a party that has shown it cannot protect its own membership? Can Mr Griffin tell us that?

If the party can get its membership list nicked how can we be expected to belive these funds wont be either? If this wasnt so serious itd be bleedin hilarious.

The chutzpah of the top bods, it would make a Jew blush.

You have to earn our trust all over again, and this aint the way to do it.

Towards A Higher Man said...

You should be ashamed of yourself, barker. A grassin litte toad for searchlight.As time goes on you can't help showing your obvious searchlight credentials.

What would your parents think?

Joe Owens

Anonymous said...

Will Griffin (Fuck Off and Die)apologise to Kenny Smith when yet again the truth is revealed as to who did leak this list.
This was leaked to try and gain the fat Welsh fuck some sympathy in the courts.

The fat Cunt has been trying and trying to delay the case because he knows he is fucked and that everyone will find out what a corrupt dick he is.
This should be a window of opportunity for the BNP, with the Euros coming up, bet your bottom dollar the Pig Farmer will whip the mat from under the parties feet.

The simple fact is that if this was Kenny Smits doing, and we all know it was not, he would have been charged by now. in fact has Griffin posted any details as to which police force is investigating the leak, or is that another lie from the fat Welsh Fuck.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen what they're saying about "leading libertarian Dr Sean Gabb" on Lancaster Unity? Can Nick Gri££in do ANYTHING right??? It's almost like his continual fuckups are deliberate.

back to life back to reality said...

Shows how serious this is,darby has been writing about his king size yorkshire pudding ? Membership renewal reminder has come through the post.listen ! zzzzzzzz thats the sound of paper being ripped to bits.the party gets rid of anyone with a brain(danger signs)with all the activists quitting its going to be the case of too many chiefs and not enough indians !

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is lower in the social order than a dog turd steaming on the pavement. Using an comparison of the 'oppressed Jews' to described the genicidal pressure the white race is enduring under the NWO, who wish to utterly exterminate us. GRi££in must be got rid of NOW!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BNP members should be calling for the arrests of

Nick Griffin, Mark Collett, and Paul Golding.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

"You should be ashamed of yourself, barker. A grassin litte toad for searchlight.As time goes on you can't help showing your obvious searchlight credentials.

What would your parents think?

Joe Owens

25 November 2008 08:47"

Is that really you, Joe? Barker doesn't run this blog, you should know that.

I'd like to thank you for all the advice you gave me re Griffin, I even purchased the book 'Snakes in Suits' that you said was Griffin to the core. You were right about him being a liar, a thief and stealing the TC money, but tell me Joe, why are you now supporting Griffin again? Have you forgotten what Lecomber asked you to do, and how Griffin still hasn't gotten rid of him?

Anonymous said...

I see Griffin has sunk to an all time low in Quoting Sean Gabb, a man also responsible for writing this

" can be argued that it is less harmful for a child to be photographed in a warm studio over several hours than to be worked day after day in a factory with unguarded machinery all around.'"

What an absolute disgrace

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got Gabbs address?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sean Gabb

Email this bastard and let him know what you think.

"it can be argued that it is less harmful for a child to be photographed in a warm studio over several hours"

Dirty filthy stinking bastard.

"Warm room"

How does he know? I'm calling the police.

Anonymous said...

It's not actually aimed at members, it's aimed at people who are outraged at what has happened. The thousands of ordinary people that read the website.

Note it says "Their ‘crime’? Being concerned enough about the future of their country to join the British National Party!"

Not "Your ‘crime’? Being concerned enough about the future of their country to join the British National Party!"

Lost and Found said...

who needs searchlight when the bnp itself cant safeguard its membership details. of all the damage thats been done to nationalism this has to be the bigggest ever blow. Under who's leadership was it? Griffins.

Griffin, either directly or indirectly has done what searchlight or the uaf or antifa never could. Expose the entire membership, former membership and donors and sympathisers. Any one else whod managed that would have resigned by now.

Entrust the BNP with power when they cannot look after their own? Only a complete sap would join the bnp, let alone give it money or vote for it when its still lead by those responsible for this catastrophe.

Can Mr Nicholas Griffin tell us what measures have been put into place to prevent this ever happening again? That should be the priority plus a full scale internal enquiry, will there be one? Before handing round the collection bucket.

Who knows even that might get lost by these 'leaders' of the bnp.

Can we have a vote of no cofidence in Griffin, Collett, Darby and the Wingfields. Does anyone have any confidence in them blithering idiots.

Anonymous said...

who needs searchlight when the bnp itself cant safeguard its membership details. of all the damage thats been done to nationalism this has to be the bigggest ever blow. Under who's leadership was it? Griffins.

Griffin himself leaked the list

Mr Angry said...

The mystery of why hardline Islamics made no effort to assassinate Gri££in and his Zionist cronies for leading the nation's most powerful force against Islam has now finally been solved. They knew all along they were agents of the establishment.

Do us all a favour Nick. Bog off to your retirement cottage in Croatia and take your loyal henchmen with you. Us real nationalists have plenty of work to do and don't want traitorous wasters getting under our feet.

Anonymous said...

its pretty simple actually.

Who would support a government that cannot protect its people?

So why belong to party that cannot protect its members?

My membership is lapsed.

It will remain so.

Anonymous said...

"the police and establishment will regret making a scene in Liverpool"

Errmm well so might we when we come home on Saturday night to find our homes and cars have been vandalised whilst we have been away.

Im not going on saturday, feel sorry for the people arrested, but itd be a little like telling all the local robbers you have money in the house and it'll be vacant all day saturday. in other words: itd be DUMB

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember these emails?

“----- Original Message -----

From: "Deputy Treasurer"

To: "Mark Payne"

Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 6:56 PM

Subject: Rumours

> Dear Mark,
> It has come to my attention that there is a rumour circulating that i
> downloaded Animal Pornography to your computer.
> This issue has also circulated on a certain extremist website i understand.
> We both know what incident you are referring to, as we have spoken about
> this twice before.
> At that time, myself and John Walker were helping you with your audit.
> John Walker, not myself i might add, was putting bizzare searches in the
> computer. This was done as a humorous joke, of which you were aware of
> at the time. However, you broached the subject up awhile later and
> stated that Kay was not happy about it been on the address history, of
> which i can understand.
> But you are wrong in thinking it was me, it was not. I myself can not
> stand to watch those types of movies, simply because as you know, i keep
> animals and find such things disgusting. I also now live on a farm and
> keep countless animals of all varieties, but at the risk of becoming a
> complete butt-of jokes, i obviously won't be letting that one out of the
> bag too
> Regards,
> David”

Former Deputy Treasurer Mark Payne confirms John Walker downloaded ‘horse’ pornography and also points out a few more of Walker and Hannam’s failings at the Treasury office.

“-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Payne
Sent: 04 October 2006 09:30
To: Deputy Treasurer
Subject: Re: Rumours

Dear David,

Whilst I realise this is not necessarily a slam at me for anything, I did have to read it a couple of times before replying sensibly. On first glance I thought "Oh no, here we go again, what crime have I committed this time?" (lol).

In response to your correspondence on the animal porn caper.... yes, I'm aware that it was a joke and just done mainly out of boredom, and to amuse the bizarre sense of humour of Mr. Walker.

You are quite correct in saying that Kay was not happy, and in fact I never heard the last of it. You were mainly implicated because you are John's lap-dog, as many people see you to be. Therefore anything he does is a case of you both do. The same would apply if you'd done something; John would also be involved. Such is the closeness of your working relationship. I know it wasn't YOU per sé that downloaded the dodgy site known as (if I remember correctly - how could I forget it the amount of times I was reminded by Kay about it)! It was indeed John Walker during his moments of boredom.

I know you have a little more moral fortitude than John does, David. The two issues on that that sticks out is the time when you both came down for St. Georges Day, where John got hammered and decided against my better judgement and advice to go off with the drunken football hooligans risking all sorts of public order issues and bringing the party into disrepute by doing so. You, on the other hand, appeared to know better and thought better of it. That gave you a slighlty higher level of moral judgement than he did in that case. The other case is when John used to tell me in some schoolboy-like way that he'd been invited to the Chairman's house for New Year celebrations in a way that I was meant to be impressed. I was less impressed that it was persistently mentioned in some attempt to almost tell me that I wasn't invited. It smacked of nothing more than 'na naa naa naaa na' attitude. I was truly bewildered at the fact this person is in charge of financial regulations for the 5th biggest political partry in the country.

Plus, John also used to appear to see coming to my house as a mere social event rather than to do any serious amount of work. There are indeed several people who see John Walker as nothing more than a man out to feed his drinking habit by going round the country on the pretence of work for the Party. I could name them, but won't implicate anyone else in this. But when it gets round the Party that the National Treasurer is one step away from being an alcoholic, the Party must have to ask itself several questions. This is also the main reason for John Walker sticking up for Burnley constantly - as his long-time drinking buddy is the Organiser there, of course.

Yes, it's fair to say that it's difficult for three people to do auditing work on one computer. Though for the most part when you weren't replying to other e-mails and looking on message boards you were assisting me wherever you could with auditing and day-to-day treasury work. John on the other hand used to do little more than look at political news articles, message boards and occasionally do stupid things like look at controversial porn sites or something equally disturbing. Yes, we all chuckled at the controversy of it, but by and large I would have preferred not to see those sites. And Kay, being devoutly Chrisitian, didn't want to see them on her computer - understandably so.

Clearly through our repeating of it to people in a jokey way has now seen it repeated on 'extremist websites'. I don't know what websites you refer to, but I would guess that one of them might be the VNN message board that you used to go on and tell me all about Angela Clarke's rantings about certain matters relating to HQ etc. But either way, I haven't been on any such sites, and have no intention of doing so. Even though I have the time to, and possibly lots to say about certain issues, I have no desire to waste time on message boards where people supposedly of the same nationalist perspective merely argue about their respective parties/groups and gossip about members in them.

I'm happy to set any record straight that it wasn't you who downloaded the animal pornography materials for humourous controversial viewing. It was in fact John Walker.

However, David, I do have numerous complaints to make about your (and John's) handling of treasury matters since my departure from the job. Yes it may well sound like bitterness on my part, but the difference between my work and your work is somewhat different whether there's any personal bitterness there or not. Take the last few e-mails.

With respect, Sandra sent her petty cash book for your auditing about a week before you asked for them to be sent in so that she could be ahead of the game and because her book was full. This was in the hope you'd audit her book and send her a new/fresh one before all the other books came streaming in. We thought in the case of the latter we were doing you a favour. When 5 weeks later it still wasn't returned and Sandra has a FULL A4 PAGE (equivalent of about three or four PC Book pages) of entries to make into the new one when it arrives we begin to wonder if there's a problem. You then (more than a week after she's e-mailed you) reply to her saying her new book was sent to her a few days ago and to let you know when it arrived, only to get another e-mail the following day saying you hadn't even sent it because the newly printed ones had only just arrived. We both read in disbelief the general numptiness of it. It's not a good sign when the people who oust me out saying they could do my job easily and much better than me can't even get their facts correct in an e-mail because they don't know what they are doing generaly.

This is not an isolated incident, and as you know, spending TOO MUCH time away from your office does not get Treasury work done correctly or efficiently. You can say all you want about me being rooted to my office, but at least (albeit not to the best standards in the last couple of months before I left the job) I got the job done correctly, efficiently and regularly when I was in it. I didn't make excuses for people not being able see their bank deposits until two weeks later on their bank statements because you were not in the office long enough to do the online bank statement updates. It could be done every day and it takes about an hour each day if you did that, to download the statements and match them up to each group/branch and write it on their respective sections of the bank spreadsheets. And I never ONCE locked myself out of the online bank statements (and tried to blame it on someone else). I think its' shoddy and inefficient if you want me to be honest. David, if I were to sit telling everyone about the catalogue of numptiness at treasury level you'd lose numerous members of the Party due to them thinking that they want people in charge that can do the job efficiently.

However, I'm no longer in the job and wouldn't ever do it again if I was paid double and guaranteed life-security. Why? Beacuse I'm beginning to find that being employed by the BNP is a bit of a barrier in me getting suitable employment away from the Party - not quite in the Derek Beackon league, but not far short either, as employers don't really wish to see 3 and a half years work for the British National Party on a CV! I'm also enjoying what I do for Pendle BNP in a voluntary secretarial way far more enjoyable than I did Treasury work in the last few months or so of my tenure. Thats one thing I agreed with the Chairman on when I left - several personal things in my life had led me to be somewhat less 'into the job' in the last few months. But I still don't like the implication that I didn't get the audit completed and sent in on time. And I don't like the fact that I was blamed for the online bank statement security issue either. There was no forthcoming apology for either issue and a man who can't admit when they're wrong is not a man that I would want in charge of my treasury department, as far as I'm concerned.

That said, I hope you find my setting the record straight on the viewing of animal porn' satisfactory.



Blunt said...

You've got an article below this about spam and then this article gets through. How come the spam filter never caught it? This is like one of those Nigerian letters.

And chutzpah is the right word. Thse kents are cavalier with the party records and then want the grassroots to pay for their incompetence.

Or is the article a joke I'm not getting?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you and the Lancaster Unity site merge - you both look and sound the same already!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you and the Lancaster Unity site merge - you both look and sound the same already!!!!!!

25 November 2008 17:49

We don't need people like you in the nationalist movement, keep your dumb comments to yourself. If you are happy to remain silent about sleeze and corruption go and join the Labour or Tory party.

Anonymous said...

Personally I am just off to make a suggested donation of £2500!

Anonymous said...

John Walker tells an interesting story about the last fundraiser and what the money was really used for, just get him pissed and he'll telll you.

Purging the Cyclops said...

nice to see NG sucking up to the Jews in this fundraiser!

Anonymous said...

John Walker tells an interesting story about the last fundraiser and what the money was really used for, just get him pissed and he'll telll you.

25 November 2008 20:44

It was used to purchase double glazing for a house in London?

Anonymous said...

Personally I am just off to make a suggested donation of £2500!

25 November 2008 19:06

Excellent, let us know when you've done it. We'll look out for its declaration in the next set of BNP accounts.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I am detecting a little anger and resentment on this blog!

All hold hands and take a deep breathe...

Now, repeat after me...

"I am not a BNP reject, I am not a BNP reject".

There, doesn't that make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

"I am not a BNP reject, I am not a BNP reject".

You mean like Eddie Butler and Robin Evans? Rejects but now back in the BNP. The loss of this list to the enemy may mean the BNP has more places to fill and may welcome back many of those it has stupidly turned its back on.

If he hadnt used the courts Tydnall would have been a BNP reject.

Shame the BNP did reject the 2 paedophiles on the list, or Collett who was on a final written warning. How many chances do some people get?


Well MI5 have won again to judge by the comments,they do not need to do anything more ,just let you all destroy the hopes of the English people from the inside,politics seem to be a mystery to bnp members,mainly because they have not studied how thier opposition operate,they do not rant and rave causing division in thier parties,they do not let disagreements disturb thier public persona,so what is it then chaps,set up yet another party?This is the cusp of either undreamed of success or dis-integration,but success seems to be a too heady tonic for most,who would rather have failure and bitch about it in the pub and blame every-one but themselves.this is the biggest piece of self-deception i have encountered centering all of your hatred upon one individual rather than furthering the hopes and aspirations of millions of your fellow countrymen by squabbling amongst yourselves,and in this we truly see how deeply your love of race ,nation and the common good of your fellows goes,you seem to have forgotten what it is that you strive for,and if you were sincere,you would work within this party and challenge your hated objects position,and assume it yourself if you were capable,but it is so much easier being a victim.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is just a slip of the tongue but shouldn't it be British people not English people?
Regards from a British Lady. :-)

Anonymous said...

Another Gri££in money making scam.

baz said...


"This is the cusp of either undreamed of success or dis-integration,but success seems to be a too heady tonic for most,who would rather have failure and bitch about it in the pub and blame every-one but themselves"

I am sure he is right - whatever you think of NG and the BNP and the "Decemberists".......all of these things are petty irrelevancies in our mortal struggle to win back our own nation.



This may be the highest profile our movement may ever experienced

Be an ACTIVIST - NOW!!! or forever hold your piece (peace)

We must act - NOW!

We can sort out our differences later, but we must not miss this unique opportunity.


Anon.As the name implies i support only the ENGLISH,the other members of these isles are more than capable of prosecuting their own agendas.That is not to say that they are irrelevant,this will take all of us,but good fences make good neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I am curious - can anyone "in the know" tell me - Are there any of these people listed who are still "High Roller" donors to the party?

If their names have been excluded this would prove beyond doubt the source of the list.

Anonymous said...

At least ONE high roller who lives in Jersey is absent !

What the butler didnt want to see....... said...

"You mean like Eddie Butler and Robin Evans? "

Both are "Welcomed back to the fold" rejects for different reasons and tolerated by Griffin because it suits him and him alone. He cant stand either of them. Evans is brain dead and doesnt know what day of the week it is. Butler is a bit cleverer than that but puts up with the regular public humiliation of him by Griffin because he is a sucker for punishment and hasnt the balls to tell the one eyed pickpocket where to get off.

Anonymous said...

There's Martin Wingfield as well. Back in the mid 1980s, Wingfield and Gri££in had a major bust up which resulted in splitting the National Front in two. During the mid 1990s, Wingfield persistently slagged off the BNP in The Flag newspaper he edited for the NatDems saying the BNP was extremist and obnoxious.

Why then did Gri££in accept Wingfield with open arms?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...