Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three arrested after city marches

Three men have been arrested for public order offences during marches held by British National Party members and anti-racism supporters in Liverpool.
The men are aged 20, 22 and 32 years, and from Prenton, Wallasey and Liverpool, Merseyside police said.
About 100 people from each campaign group were kept apart by police as they marched through the city centre.
Extra officers had been drafted in to cover the events, a police spokesman said.
Ch Supt Tony Doherty said: "The force liaised with both groups earlier in the week in a bid to minimise disruption to members of the public and to ensure that congestion was avoided where possible.
"Extra officers were brought in to ensure that everything ran smoothly and to reassure the public through highly visible policing."

Three men arrested as hundreds take to the streets of Liverpool in opposing marches

THREE men were arrested for public order offences during two opposing marches which took place in the city today.
Hundreds of people took part in British National Party and anti-racism marches in the city centre. There was a huge police presence throughout the day as BNP supporters and their opponents took to the streets of Liverpool. Three men, a 20-year-old from Prenton, a 22-year-old from Wallasey and a 32-year-old from Liverpool, were arrested. Nick Griffin, BNP chairman, flanked by at least six burly bodyguards, made a speech to a crowd of hundreds on the steps of St George’s Hall at lunchtime. The two groups were kept apart by Merseyside Police officers on foot, on horseback and in CCTV vans. Last weekend 13 British National Party (BNP) members were arrested on suspicion of giving out racist material near Whitechapel, Liverpool. On Saturday Merseyside Police said they had been released without charge after consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.


Richard Chadfield said...

I understood ,perhaps incorrectly, that the BNP 'leadership' several years ago had decided that street demonstrations were an incorrect tactic since they gave the violet(and thereby, by my reasoning, criminal/terrorist) opposition the opportunity to mobilise against the BNP and create mayham on the streets for which the BNP would be blamed in the media. (the media is state controlled and has no interest in truth) As a result of the medias ,not impartial, coverage of the street disturbances the BNP vote would decline.Hence ,as I understood it the BNP 'leadership' had concluded that street demonstrations were an incorrect tactic.(playing into the enemies hands) But here we are having a steet demonstration in contradiction to what I understood was BNP policy. What is the result? Apparently street disturbances and arrests. Does this help the BNP?
The truth is the police and those above them don't give a toss for an essentially impotant street demonstration. In fact they probilly love it since it gives them the opportunity to photograph and arrest and finger print and take DNA samples. It helps them fullfill their quoters and please their masters.
Surely a better procedure in such matters would be to use some of the money raised in the many, many financial appeals ,which have been trumpeted as super successful, to engage the best professional legal advice in the defence of those arrested. That, I would sugest would be real help and it would frighten the state. Street demos are show but not help.
Get professional, raise money ,buy the best legal advice, prosecute in the courts those who abuse you and seek maximum compansation.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

You're right, Richard, Griffin stated that marches were for the idiots of the NF.

Cllr Chris said...

There's a difference between a march in support of the party through the streets of any town (which Griffin was rightly against) - and a demonstration for or against a particular event or issue -essentially an open air meeting - which is very much a part of the British tradition (and long may it remain so).

Having said that - you are right of course that the media would seek to use any opportunity to discredit the BNP. Hence the "three arrested" statement which predictably failed to mention that none of those three were in any way connected to the BNP - thereby making it appear that the BNP demonstration was marked by criminality - when the opposite was the case. Indeed even in this article here on NWN that is NOT made clear. Why not?

But think - those left wing extremists will use whatever opportunity to harrass the BNP. If they can't do it in the streets or the fields of the RW&B then they will bring it right into their homes - and still the media will blame the BNP. You know this is true. So why bother about it? The BNP should just make sure that what it does is right - trust in the good sense of the British people - and then b***** the media!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the ethnics so frequently sue the police for wrongful arrest and get huge compensation, yet BNP victims of wrongful arrest do nothing and get nothing?

The ethnics get legal backing to 'beat' the police and thereby denigrate another white British institution.

The BNP members get no backing from the BNP and must fund any civil suit against the police by themselves.

Bill Jax

tell me why said...

If BNP members get no help from the BNP arrested when putting out BNP literature, why do they do it? It shows scant regard for the activists.

Anonymous said...

richard you do talk bollocks.we was there to support our 13 men and women who were wrongfully arrested.and it worked as the police have now drop the investigation and nobody will face charges and rightly so .so three cheers for all the nationalists who went to liverpool on saturday and a big loud cheer for our leader and nationalist figure head nick griffin without which we would have no hope and would still be stuck in the dark days of the tyndall constitution and dressing up as ss stormtroopers.if we wanted to dress up we would go to a fancy dress party .sieg hail

Anonymous said...

"we was there to support our 13 men and women who were wrongfully arrested.and it worked as the police have now drop the investigation and nobody will face charges and rightly so ."

The charges were dropped an hour before your demo you moron. As for the SS, why not ask Griffin why he attended B&H concerts and sieg heiled along with the rest of the crowd, or ask him why he attended a Hitler party in the 80's?

You don't have a fucking clue about Griffin. He'd shoot you as soon as look at you, to him you are scum you moron. Griffin only believes in the elite in society, and he'd despise you on your grammar alone. Wake up and kick him out.

Anonymous said...

Some people seem to believe Griffin is some kind of benevolent squire up at the manor looking after the peasants.

"Without squire where would we be? Ooh aah".

I just can't believe people can be so naive.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe people can be so naive.

01 December 2008 19:13

They wake up in the end, but by then its usually to late.

Anonymous said...

onwards and upwards with nick griffin and the bnp the only game in town.i can almost taste the bitterness coming from you lot .

Anonymous said...

So when will you be taking power exactly Mr Onwards and Upwards?

Anonymous said...

Onwards and upwards....

Yes that is happening, not because of Griffin's leadership, but in spite of it.

The BNP is getting more publicity because the problems of immigration can no longer be ignored. The problems keep bursting onto the headlines and even the most radicalised lefty journalist has difficulty spinning these events effectively without looking utterly ridiculous.

The question is why is the BNP not recruiting more people with more ability? So that they can turn the publicity into success at council elections....and then do a reasonable job once elected...and then keep the process going and get re elected with some more colleagues etc to actually gain control of some councils.

Instead, we get great spurts of publicity and enthusiasm, progress even, which then falls back.

The Labour government has wrecked the economy, but the Tory opposition does not know what to do and does not have the moral courage to say what it should do, even if it knew.

Two thirds of the public have no confidence in the government's control of immigration and crime, two of the BNP's best issues...yet still the BNP makes hesitant progress.


Because what newcomer of any ability would want to be associated with 'goofy'?

You all know who I mean.

Who, but the already committed diehard nationalist would work for Griffin and put up with his arbitrary ways?

So, no newcomer would work for Griffin.

So we are left with people who are already committed, people we have already recruited, yet we need thousands of NEW people.

Griffin is not a leader.

A leader fears not his rivals, but wants to attract people of ability because he knows he cannot do it all by himself.

Oliver Cromwell...knew that if he was a moral man, then moral men would follow him. He not only recuited and trained a professional army, he collected and developed a series of commanders who were...almost...equal to him.

We all know what Griffin does to any rival who might be better than him. We do not know what Cromwell would have done to a better commander...because there was not a better man than Cromwell.

The difference between men like Griffin and real leaders is that real leaders never have to cut down their rivals.

What example has Griffin shown?
Financially speaking?
What personal sacrifice does he make...first...before asking others?
What risk does he take?

The greatest risk for a leader with conviction is that none will follow. Real leaders do not shout "CHARGE!" and then look hesitantly behind to see if anyone is following. By being willing to charge, alone if necessary, they inspire others to follow.

It is apparent selflessness that inspires confidence in others. Has Griffin demonstrated that?

Griffin has introduced new ideas, such as 'national renewal' as the BNP's main theme, but he fails the leadership test.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

we will take power in time maybe not soon so you dont have to worry yourself too much just yet your safe for now .just leave the activism to us in the bnp led by nick griffin .i think its you lot that are naive .you blub on about how hard done by you were but thats the nature of politics in all partys its dog eat dog when you get near the top in any party .you should have just stuck to leafleting if you couldent stand the heat.politics is a hard game mate someone should have told you.sorry about my grammar im just a poor white boy

Anonymous said...

Well done Bill Jax!

An excellent analysis.

Well we know why the BNP is unable to accumulate capable people who could move it forward don't we? Griffin does not want them. They are a threat to him and it would displease the government agents.

The message after Bill's is classic nationalist meeting pitchfork waving bravado. We'll show 'em!

It reminds one of the Peasants Revolt when all it took was one person to be stabbed and a few lying words from the King for the rebels to shuffle off home.

Bravado gets deflated. Relentless political organisation does not. The left understand that but the political peasants who Griffin likes since they are no threat to him and his income do not.

Griffin makes no sacrifices. He makes damn sure everyone else does.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...