Monday, November 17, 2008

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The Evil Mother of Baby P

• Eight broken ribs and a broken back, with another area of bleeding around the spine at neck level.
• Numerous bruises, cuts and abrasions, including a deep tear to his left ear lobe, which had been pulled away from his head.
• Severe lacerations to the top of his head, including a large gouge which could have been caused by a dog bite.
• Blackened finger- and toenails, with several nails missing; the middle finger of his right hand was without a nail and its tip was also missing, as if it had been sliced off.
• A tear to his fraenulum, the strip of skin between the middle of the upper lip and the gum, which had partially healed.
• One of his front teeth had also been knocked out and was found in his colon. He had swallowed it.
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Anonymous said...

I've just responded to this on the NWN forum. Words really can't express how this makes me feel.

I really hope someone murders her, and her boyfriend, by dropping them slowly into a vat of boiling fat after they've been slowly tortured. If they weren't so heavily guarded, I'd do it myself.

Filthy evil bastards.

RIP Baby P


S Ebanks

Anonymous said...

Having a small baby myself I can say that seeing the artist impressions of the injuries upset me a lot; it totally got to me. The scum that did this almost leave me speechless, the evil filthy monsters.
RIP kiddo.