Sunday, September 07, 2008

Who is, Mike Smith?

"From: mike smith Time: 08:21 AM

Last night I received personal thanks (and a drink) from Nigel Farage MEP and also from UKIP's new Lancashire-based National Chair for personally unmasking the NF infiltrator Cartwright. Another far-right buddy of Alan Harvey bites the dust!"


mike smith 4519

01-09-2008 07:54 AM EGT (US)

For the avoidance of doubt I have nothing whatsoever against former extremists who renounce and admit their past and support democratic parties. As most of you know I've been pretty extreme rightwing myself, athough more 'Monday Club' than BNP. Gregory Lauder Frost is an old friend. That doesn't mean I endorse his most extreme opinions, though. On the contrary I think he often does himself a great disservice by what he says. I have told him so as well.I see 'gc' has been posting for years and apparently he attended a CDA (Conservative Democratic Alliance) meeting with Damian Hockney in 2001. For whatever reason, however, I didn't 'clock' him until a few days ago. As far as I can make out (and please do correct me if I am wrong) cg is upset because I am suing his close friend and fellow ex-NF member Alan Harvey for libel. Harvey hates GLF almost as much as he hates me so I guess GLF's recent appearance on this forum - not encouraged by me - has also inflamed him.Harvey is not only a former NF member but he has been a Holocaust Denier who called Jews 'Kikes' on the front page of the racist pro-apartheid rag he edited in South Africa. He also advertised and stocked copies of every Holocaust Denying publication going. Yet this man publicly accused me of supporting the (so called) 'War on Terror' in a ludicrous conspiracy which allegedly includes the BNP, the African National Congress and Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist Party.Harvey has stated that Nelson Mandela is a terrorist who should be executed, but he hates Nick Griffin as well, and has called for the BNP to be banned. Please...don't ask. The fact that he is crazy is no excuse. He received a writ earlier this year and his lawyers are floundering...Apparently Cartwright likes Harvey and thinks I am persecuting him. He also claims that CDA is/was racist because he allegedly heard some racist conversation at a CDA event. I think you might hear similar conversations at many UKIP and Conservative events also. Anyway, why should that shock a former official NF candidate and a keen supporter of the vile homophobe Frank Maloney? The key fact here is that Cartwright has taken due care to conceal his past although there are of course, 'men who know' and he has upset a few. That's why it didn't take me long to uncover his past.A few years ago I fell out with a stupid Tory cow in Bournemouth who accused me of being a fascist. Maybe it was even true at the time but I wasn't having that. I spent a whole day researching her past in the bowels of the Evening Echo building and soon hit pay dirt. Years before she and her father had been council candidates for the National Frost! Not a good idea in Bournemouth which has a very high Jewish population. Now I wouldn't know how this happened of course but within a week her name was all over the Echo (front page this time) and Private Eye, and the Conservative Vice-Chair of Candidates 'regretfully' requested her to withdraw her name from the parliamentary candidates' list. (She would have been kicked off anyway had she refused) Her planned career lay in ruins and her Jewish friends wouldn't speak to her. A great shame in many ways. I always thought she was quite shaggable, but sadly she was one of those strange people who believes in monogamy. She must be over 60 now. As Clarendon said to the Duchess of Portsmouth (or was it the Duchess of Cleveland?):'
Madam, if you live, you shall grow old'

You're not out of the woods yet, Tracy. The CPS declined to take the case against you further purely because they decided that it was up to me to use the injunction. I can have you imprisoned for £75, and maybe I will.

We'll keep you on the back burner until all other outstanding matters are cleared up.

Do you know why I despise people ike you, the grubby Nazi Harvey, and that pitiful inadaquate SI - the man who was booted out of the Royal Marines because he was no good and then spent the rest of his miserable life posing as a 'Royal'?

People like you and he create nothing and do nothing for our great country.

Shall I tell you a couple of stories?

Last week I unearthed a fine studio portrait of my father taken in the early 1930s and dedicated to his father, my grandfather, an architect and a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 3rd Bn (TA) of the Hampshire Regiment (as it then was). Only last week did I realise that Dad was wearing his lightning-flash BUF badge as a member of the Mosley Fascist organisation.

No doubt you will find that highly amusing.

Today I found a group photo of 32 young officers in uniform captioned 'Concert Party, "E" Company, 20th Officer Cadet Bn August 1917'.

Remember the date. My father, looking like a much younger, much slimmer and altogether much more handsome version of myself, is in the third row back. A 2nd Lieutenant aged just 19.

A year later he was seriously wounded in France, invalided out of the British Army and consigned to the Indian service.

He was one of the lucky ones. A year later most of the boys in that photo were dead.

Dad didn't stay long in the BUF either. Although a retired Major he returned to England in 1940 and joined the RAF as a signals Aircraftsman (ie equivalent to a Private Soldier). At demob he was a Flt Lieut.

What have you and your miserable brood done to equal that, eh? And he was by no means unique in our family.

Is there any wonder that when so many brave men have fought and suffered or died for England the conduct of lying scum like Wells (SI) turns my stomach.

Have you really sunk that low, Tracy, that you need friends like that...

...or the foul-smelling unwashed Nazi Harvey...


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Mike Smith, is a Tory, and said this

" London is ENGLISH, not diverse, vibrant, eclectic or FOREIGN"

"Because I bloody said so 4511
hear hear, Mike. Now get before a BBC camera and say " I'm Mike Smith from the Tories and London is ENGLISH, not diverse, vibrant, eclectic or FOREIGN" and see what happens.

As for getting paid one million quid for this rubbish well, that's why these committed multiculti, arty farty type and socialists are in this caper. Private profit at the public expense.

Threy also take commercial advantage of aboriginal artists whose work sells for thousands by getting them in a room and getting them to paint and paying them in alcohol. The the arts dealer gets a big quid.

Disgraceful. And you thought the Nazis were crook!"

Anonymous said...

Another Tory wanker pretending he's not racist LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Clearly nobody cares who he is, but he appears a major player in bringing down UKIP/BNP for the euros. I also read somewhere of a female outing some UKIP members as BNP? Might have got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

I see he's added this

"From: mike smith Time: 01:26 AM
He's been enjoying a job as a UKIP/EU Civil Servant at our
expense posing as a 'moderate' and attacking 'racists' and

Unsurprisingly he's a Harvey clone who is obsessed with
attacking the BNP and supporting 'The War on Terror'

Oh and he's big on Israel..."

RS said...

I have met Mike Smith several times. He is a former Tory (and a right wing Tory at heart) who resides in Fareham in Hampshire. He was (and may still be) a member of UKIP. In 2005 he contested Portsmouth North for UKIP.

Mike Smith is leader of the CDA which claims to promote traditional conservatism. In reality it is his personal vendetta against the Conservative party for the way it treated him and his fellow members of the Monday Club. I have attended several CDA meetings in the past and they just go round in circles as very little materialises in practice. The CDA isn't a true patriotic or nationalist organisation but a battle for the personal interests of Mike Smith.

The CDA runs a discusion forum on QuickTopic that is used by about half a dozen people. The quality of discussion is quite low apart from cultural stuff that turns up every now and again. This forum used to be frequented by a few members of the Populist Party and Dissident Congress but they no longer use it. One user of the forum is Robin Carmody a liberal lefty who is believed to be a collaborator and a journalist - possibly for the BBC.

rs said...

Mike Smith has now enthusiastically accepted David Cameron’s reform agenda and returned to the Conservative Party from UKIP. He is closing down the CDA at the end of 2008.

This has resulted in many disappointed people who have put much time and effort into building the CDA as an effective patriotic movement. Gregory Lauder-Frost, another CDA member, wrote "As a Traditional Tory I cannot support Mike's choice and I doubt many others who supported the CDA would either!".

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...